Koch Media's Crusty Demons Culture Jammed


Heeding the culture jam call, Dr. Strangelove took it upon himself to have a little bit of fun with the recently launched Koch Media Crusty Demon online promotion by editing together the various tattoo strip videos the site enables people to make. If you want to get the full force of the Crusty Demon promotion all in one sitting, check out Dr. Strangelove's creation. It's good. The music bed is also the creation of Dr. Strangelove.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 9-06    
Topic: Good, Online, Promotions, Spoofs

Nike Shoes Survive Terrorist Blast


Here's a little bit of Middle Eastern, suicide bomber attitude all rolled up into a Nike ad or, more likely, a spoof of a Nike ad. (Nike reps have confirmed it is, indeed, a fake and they had nothing to do with its creation.) The copy reads, "You may not survive the blast but your shoes will." Our young, culturally connected correspondent, Ariel, says its a throw back to United Colors of Benetton advertising. Oh, and because we're using antiquated, low quality equipment following our Angry Advertising Aggressors Attack Adrants event. we didn't see this "ad" is from 2002. So those of you who hate when we cover stuff that's more than two seconds old, our apologies.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06    
Topic: Spoofs

Fuck Starving Kids, Have A Freakin' Delicious Starbucks Frappucino


Tick, tick, tick, That's the sound of the clock counting the time it takes Starbucks lawyers to get angry, contact YouTube and ask them to yank this psuedo-frappucino commercial that compares the cost of a "freakin delicious" frappucino to feeding a starving kid in Sudan for a week but that advocates opting for the frappucino instead. Consumer-Created Media at it's finest! Except when the table is turned on the brand.

by Steve Hall    Aug-23-06    
Topic: Commercials, Consumer Created, Spoofs, Video

Benny Benassi Bootie Babes Transformed Into Home Depot Ad


Not that it's likely we'll ever see women like this in an actual Home Depot but It looks like someone took our advice of of three years ago and went ahead and turned that Benny Benassi "Satisfaction" video into an ad by slapping the Home Depot logo on it along with some price and item graphics. It would certainly heat up Home Depot's image but, for some reason, we think they'll pass of this one. Get your jiggle-fest here.

by Steve Hall    Aug-16-06    
Topic: Brands, Consumer Created, Spoofs

Snakes On A Plane Does Snakes on Claire Danes


We were going to tell you to check out this Snakes on a Plane trailer spoof called Snakes on Claire Danes but it's so awful., we're not going to. Oh wait. The movie's crap so any spoof would have to be crap, too, right? Besides, the whole thing is a cheesy promotion for this site called SecretSauce.tv.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 7-06    
Topic: Bad, Spoofs, Video

Agency.com Video Gets Brokeback Mountain-Style Fist Bump


It just doesn't stop. No matter what we do, the Agency.com fist bump fest just will not leave the building. Not to mention those Brokeback Mountain Parodies Here's yet another spoof of the agency's Subway Pitch Video called Douchebag Mountain that mashes up Brokeback with the boys from Agency.com. We don't know what all this will accomplish for Agency.com or what harm will befall them but we do know this whole thing is officially a viral. We also know people in this insecure industry love to one up themselves by beating the shit out of their competition whenever the opportunity presents itself.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 3-06    
Topic: Agencies, Online, Spoofs, Strange, Video, Viral

Ad Mashup Leaves Creative Brief, Client Behind


Advertising for Peanuts has launched Ad Mashup, a site where Art Directors can throw the creative brief and the client out the window, mashup various ads into their own personal works of art and share the results with the rest of the ad community. This is a great site to play around with while listening to your traffic manager drone on about what's due when knowing full well nothing will ever be delivered on time.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 3-06    
Topic: Creative Commentary, Good, Spoofs, Weblogs

Exxon's PR Agency Possibly Behind Spoof of Al Gore's Film


Like everyone else, it's Al Gore's turn to be spoofed on YouTube. While Exxon and its PR firm, Washington-based DCI Group, deny having anything to to with it, the creator of Al Gore's Penguin Army, a video that spoofs Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, 29-year-old "Toutsmith" was found by the Wall Street Journal to be using an email address that tracked back to DCI Group. He would not tell the Journal who he was or why he made the video. Oh now let's see. Al's movie slams oil companies. Exxon in an oil company. Nah. There's no connection there.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 3-06    
Topic: Good, Spoofs, Video

Agency.com Gets Fist-Bump Love In Subway Pitch Video Spoof


Coudal Partners has delivered its own Agency.com fist-bump this week with a spoof of the interactive shop's Subway Pitch video. If Agency.com wanted attention, it's certainly getting it. Though we suspect they'd rather be getting attention from Subway than from other agencies tearing their efforts to shreds and creating spoofs.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-06    
Topic: Good, Spoofs

Snickers Campaign Gets Fat Assed


AdFreak points to several spoofs of the currently running, weird Snickers campaign. We like "Fatassopolis." AdFreak is looking for other to contribute their Snikerisms so head over to AdFreak or leave them here. We'll collect them all and send them over to the Snickers marketing people to have fun with in the next round off the campaign.

by Steve Hall    Jul-20-06    
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