Fawkes Talks, ad:tech Calls, Life Takes Shmuly


- Piers Fawkes talks to creatives from Barbarian Group, Undercurrent, Naked and Electric Artists at Good Ideas 2009.

- Premium Network has launched PremiumChannels, 45 category-specific sites offering contextual targeting.

- ad:tech has launched its Call for Entries for its 2009 ad:tech Awards to be held during the San Francisco Conference in April. Entries are due January 23, 2009.

- Jason Heller shares his not so pleasant recent experience buying a new BMW and how his experience relates to social media.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 8-08    
Topic: Industry Events, Spoofs

Laptop Tattoos, Adult SocNets Exiled, Wal-Mart Roves for Digital Agency


- Wal-Mart's looking to unload its $40 million digital ad account. The shortlist includes Resource, Digitas, MRM, R/GA and Razorfish.

- Digital Mad Men! Watch. Watch. Because Vince Kartheiser talking Caturday is probably the funniest he's been in his short career so far.

- Dell cracks open Design Studio -- where users can pay $75 to get a unique image "permanently tattoed" onto their laptop lids. o_O That's a slightly steeper commitment than the peel-off-friendly GelaSkins.

- Arby's brings hard-ons. I really hope they don't put this on TV.

- MySpace does video streaming on mobile phones. With ad support.

- As of January 1, adult social networks will not be permitted on Ning. (Pretty good) reasons listed in the link.

- YouTube cobbles together digital chamber music orchestra.

Bart Says Everything Steve Jobs Probably Only Says, Off the Record, to NYT Reporters.


Last Sunday The Simpsons took the piss out of Apple: the brand experience, the cult of the white earbuds and even Steve Jobs' sermons on the mount.

To incentivize the watch for hardcore ad-heads, wait 'til the end, when a dude with a mallet recreates Apple's "1984."

Magical. Experience Mapple -- "It's so sterile!" -- below the drop (courtesy of Hulu).

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by Angela Natividad    Dec- 2-08    
Topic: Brands, Good, Spoofs, Television, Trends and Culture

Stripvertising, Social Media Etiquette, Pot-Driven Cautionary Tales


- Hurtin' for love? Advertise on a stripper's apple bottoms. Dolla make you holla! (Via.)

- BU needs money too.

- Mind your social media Ps and Qs.

- The rumours are true: it snows in Switzerland.

- Ivanka Trump blogs for Brides.com.

- Bogus Nike discount code. Boooo. (Hoooo.)

- Maybe that dam is somebody's house.

- Possibly the best marijuana PSA evar. If you watch it while high on 4/20, the universe will fold in on itself. Also, just for the record, I have ironed my hair while under the influence. It is so, so dangerous.

Watching Toyota's Saved by Zero Will Kill You


Wow. Spoofs are getting better. Earlier today, we shared a hilarious rif on the Motrin babywearing commercial which highlighted the latest fad: really big boob jobs, the back pain they can cause and how Motrin can help.

Now, we have a great spoof of that incredibly annoying Saved by Zero Toyota commercial that's had everyone ranting for weeks. It's done ingeniously with scenes from the movie The Ring.

The Toyota folks must be loving all this hatred. Nothing like an annoying, shitty commercial that keeps going and going and going and...oh wait...that's kind of annoying too. And there's been plenty of spoofs on that one.

by Steve Hall    Nov-19-08    
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Motrin Eases Pain of Women With Giant Breasts


Motrin is getting its money's worth. In reaction to this past weekend's mommy blogger debacle which had babywearing moms rebelling against the company for its apparent belittling of the mommy/baby bonding practice, Motherhood Uncensored it out with a spoof of the notorious Motrin Babywearing ad.

The spoof, in perfect homage to the original, advocates for women adopting yet another "fad," the boob job. The bigger, the better. And no matter what kind of type of boob job a woman gets or how big she gets them, Motrin will be there for her just like it was for al those women who engage in the "fad" known as babywearing.

by Steve Hall    Nov-19-08    
Topic: Spoofs

Pay-Per-Tweet, Obama Goes FDR, Vespa Gets Web-Lift


- Transport for London spoofs Clue for cyclist awareness.

- Obama does fireside chat thing via YouTube.

- The churches are sorry. (But a billboard with italic print may not be enough for some.)

- Guerrilla naughty.

- Will businesses have to pay per tweet?

- Rallying for Starbucks. (TBH, I'm running out of faith.)

- The Matrix Runs on Windows. George Parker says CP+B should listen up.

- Snazzy new Vespa site. Includes big green section on Vespanomics. Um, yay...?

by Angela Natividad    Nov-17-08    
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Just Do(uche) It


No, this is not a real Nike ad. It's all part of a promotion for an international magazine. Our tipster tells us, "We prefer to keep the publication anonymous for now but this will be going to print in the very near future and we expect it to provoke some discussion and probably some threats of legal action."

Um, yea.

Just Douche It? That ain't goin' over well with Nike Oregonians.

by Steve Hall    Nov-13-08    
Topic: Spoofs

Because Beards Make Anyone a Badass.


No, it's true. I've seen it. From the halls of ad:tech comes a pretty cool find. No, not another SEO tip. Bigger Better Beards is a site for the free online dating service Mingle2 out of SF. Basically, CEO Matthew Inman made this and a few other microsites to get the word out. Cool idea but a tip from the halls of Adrants: Need more of a tie-in/pay-off back to Mingle2. But don't let that deter you from dating the bearded though. Date on, SEO Rock Stars!

by Bill Green    Nov- 4-08    
Topic: Spoofs

Microsoft Ad Campaign Crashes Televisions


As only The Onion can, a story reports an FCC study recently found Microsoft's $300 million advertising campaign has been crashing TVs across the nation. Apparently, millions of people have been experiencing critical errors after the ads have appeared on their television sets and many people report seeing screens turn blue with "terminal application error" appear in a pop up window.

"I tried to push the power button, but nothing happened," said Andover, CT resident David Lax, who claimed that his television has never had any compatibility issues with commercials in the past. "Luckily I called my buddy Todd, who's pretty good with televisions, and he told me that you just have to unplug it and plug it back in."


by Steve Hall    Oct-31-08    
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