Applebee's Says 'Go Dunk Yourself'


Random Culture points to this Applebee's DunkTank online game in which you upload a picture of yourself, crop your face, dress yourself in a choice of clothing and dunk yourself like one of those carnival games. Random Culture says it's pretty funny. We'll take his word for it. When we realized we had to upload a picture of ourself, we decided it was too much work so we'll just show you Random Culture's pic instead.

by Steve Hall    Jun-15-05    
Topic: Online, Viral

Planned Parenthood Releases 'The G Spot'


Planned Parenthood has released a little video, called "The G Spot," which, you guessed it, talks about how babies are made. In a humorous manner and without holding anything back, including pre-ejaculate, the video features two characters shaped like sexual organs. Predictably, it's the male organ who can't wait to get busy and the female organ who says, "wait a minute," and proceeds to give a lesson in how sperm make their way to the eggs.

by Steve Hall    Jun-14-05    
Topic: Viral

Yawn. Game Console Undresses Hot Girl


Well here's more proof that, apparently, hot, nude girls are still seen as viable props to sell video games. Along the lines of the Touch deodorant spot which showed a guy undressing women with simply because he used the deodorant, these boys have a bit of fun once they realize their Juiced game consoles control the girl's clothing.

by Steve Hall    Jun-10-05    
Topic: Viral

British Hottie Says Hand in Pants Not Hard

It's Not That Hard

Handling a serious issue in a light hearted manner, British pop star Rachel Stevens, on behalf of British male cancer awareness group Everyman, seductively asks men, in an online video called Rachel Gets Fruity, to keep a close eye on her and to put their hands down their pants. While the video, at first, might appear to be England's version of self gratification education, it's really just a sultry invitation for men to frequently, and, if possible, in a non-sexual manner, check out the family jewels for lumps or bumps which could be signs of testicular cancer. After instructing men how to handle their balls, Rachel says, "See, it's not that hard, is it?" Then, peering intriguingly down into the camera, Rachel realizes some things are always hard for a man and exclaims, "Oh, it is."

UPDATE: Mirror site here. Apparently, that hand in the pants thing got exciting.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-05    
Topic: Celebrity, Viral

Paris to New York Undersea Train Hoax Revealed


While we knew the website that promoted an undersea train/subway from Paris to New York was a hoax all along, Adrants reader, Bruno points us to a story in LeJournalduNet which reveals the prankster to be a travel site called Apparently, a supporting campaign has been launched which, today, revealed the truth behind the hoax and includes online and transit elements.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-05    
Topic: Online, Outdoor, Viral

MTV Does the Viral Thing Again


MediaPost's Out to Launch covers the debut of a viral campaign for the MTV Movie Awards which contains cutting room floor footage of auditions and award category clips that didn't make the final edit such as "Best Almost Topless Scene," "Best Man-Dog High Five" and Best Man In A Pirate Hat." The guys behind Two Headed Dog, NightAgency, crafted this one. There's also an viral that poses as a casting agency, Sunrise Casting Studios, which contains horrific faux audition clips for Troy, Ray and Spiderman.

Other wonders that pass for ad campaigns this week include an iTunes MSN Music campaign, Maxim's Mantropy which we covered here earlier, an online campaign for HBO's Entourage, a Mountain Dew billboard campaign that somehow gets pictures of passersby on the boards, a Spanish language campaign for GMC that focuses on community heroes and a Scott's Fertilizer STEP program-like campaign for local California home improvement chain Orchard Supply Hardware.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 2-05    
Topic: Viral

Jib Jab Gets Jib Jobbed

jib jabbed4-080346.jpg

Either a bunch of pissed of bloggers really did create this "oh the horror of JibJab selling out" viral or Jib Jab created it itself to deflect criticism and reassert its wit. The clip is a spoof of the recent work Jib Jab did for Budweiser which some have called not great and an indication of sell out. We say shut up. Everyone sells out sooner of later. Sure Budweiser can be categorized as swill - as in the clip - but they have boat loads of promotional money.

Think for a minute. Do you want to see more lame beer babe ads or see something a bit more original from the likes of JibJab. Oh wait. Don't answer that. Of course you want more beer babes you hip, self important, Neanderthal advertising buffoon. Oh wait. We're all that too. We take that back. We want JibJab. Ditch the babes.

by Steve Hall    May-31-05    
Topic: Viral

Verizon Says Jobs Suck, Offers Cheap Messaging


Highlighting certain jobs such as portable toilet cleaner, nursing home nurse and nanny, Verizon sympathizes in this viral video saying you won't need a job to afford its $5 per month unlimited text and picture messaging plan.

by Steve Hall    May-27-05    
Topic: Viral

Viral And Word of Mouth Network Wants You

If you're interested in viral marketing, there's a business network you might consider joining. Hosted, as is the Adrants Network, on Soflow, the Viral and Word of Mouth Network is a network for people involved or interested in viral and word of mouth marketing. Launched at the beginning of May the network already has over 300 members including some of the top minds in the field. Join here if you're interested.

by Steve Hall    May-26-05    
Topic: Viral, Word of Mouth

Paris to New York Undersea Train A Hoax


A French website promoting TransAtlantys, an undersea train providing eight hour travel between New York and Paris, was launched March 2 by DDB France and is causing a great deal of debate on discussion boards. Very likely, it's another viral marketing hoax. The site, which claims construction will start in June and take 11 years to complete, provides the opportunity for visitors to register for tickets. But, according to French speaking Adrants reader Richard Ollier, when you look at the conditions of the "Register to be the first", you have to claim your price before September 15, 2005 and travel between June 15, 2005 and December 31, 2005. There is mention of another date period between May 23, 3005 and June 2, 2005 but it's unclear what those dates represent. We're sure our French speaking readers will provide comment. Not to mention you folks at DDB France. We know you read us.

While we're no engineer, there is quite a bit of discussion on boards about the practical impossibilities of building such an undertaking and the speeds at which the train would have to travel to make the eight hour journey. Snopes has nothing yet but we're calling this one a hoax and will wait patiently for the true marketing goal behind this to rear it's head.

UPDATE: In comments, Adrants reader Bruno points out the travel site is behind the hoax. A French story on the campaign is here.

by Steve Hall    May-25-05    
Topic: Viral