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The Most Embarrassing CES Party List Promo You Will Ever See


As an entity that's often involved in party planning and listing at various advertising and marketing events, we're well aware of what it takes to host and sponsor a great event. We're familiar with what it takes to promote a party. We're familiar with the talent needed to insure party goers have a great time.

Which is why we are both amused and horrified that CES Partylist guy, Michael Terpin - also founder of SocialRadius - decided to appear in a promotional video drumming up sponsors for his Partlist Party. Yes, the entity that lists all the parties at CES also has their own party.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 6-12    
Topic: Industry Events

The Weirdest Toothpaste Commercial You Will Ever See


This is a really, really, really weird commercial. It's for toothpaste but you'd never know that when you first watch it or without having first seen the video's title. In what is likely NSFW (though no nudity), a man and a woman return home from an evening out and proceed to go at each other as if neither of them have had sex in over a year. The intensity builds, the passion mounts and...well...just watch it all the way to the end.

It's the furthest thing from a P&G commercial you'll ever see.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 6-12    
Topic: Racy

iStockPhoto Shares 2012 Stock Photo Trends


Either stock photography is getting better or creatives are getting lazier as indicated by the fact 98 percent of creatives used stock imagery in 2012 as opposed to 79 percent in 2000.

This nugget comes from an iStockPhoto infographic which explores stock photo trends for the year.

Also noted, an increase in the use of medical imagery. Hmm. Yet another indication of the growing and aging baby boomer demographic?

And who knew? Quality is the number one consideration when selection stock photography. Riveting, we know.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 6-12    
Topic: Research

Museum App Lets You Create Glass-Blown Art, Promotes Exhibit


As part of a campaign for the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Martin Agency, along with Unit9, has created an iPhone app to help promote a new exhibit; Breathe Art into Life from glassblower Dale Chihuly.

The app allows users to blow into the phone's microphone to create Chihuly-inspired glass blown art. Creations can then be shared on Facebook, Twitter, emailed to friends and saved to a gallery on the Museum's Facebook page.

The app is being promoted through social media and with outdoor and print.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 6-12    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless

Honda CMO Dumps RPA After Promising to Keep Them


As is always the case, the irrefutable CMO math has bitten yet another ad agency in the ass. This time it's Honda biting RPA. True to form, new Honda CMO, Michael Accavitti, after taking the job last year, said, dumping RPA would be "completely unproductive and unnecessary, RPA is an extension of the Honda family," flip flopped and uttered this mouthful:

"In the face of a changing media landscape and a hyper-competitive marketplace, our challenge is to create dynamic marketing campaigns that connect and engage consumers with our products and our brands. The review we have initiated will lead to a strong, long-term strategic plan for our brands"

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 6-12    
Topic: Agencies, Opinion

Harvy Nichols Proves Looks Can Kill


In a hilarious scenario that illustrates the horror a woman experiences when another woman shows up to an event wearing the same dress, this DDB Adam & Eve video for UK designer Harvey Nichols pits two women against each other in a Star Wars-style shoot out.

As one woman catches a glimpse of the other at the party, all hell breaks loose and the women engage in an all out laser fight that rips the venue to shreds and ultimately results in what appears to be the death one one of the women. Victory.

Well...not so fast...

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-12    
Topic: Video

Crowdtap Slaps the Crap Out of Social Media Idiots


In a hilarious speed dating-themed video created by Crowdtap, a company that promises to create real relationships, a parade of social media idiots representing how insanely stupid the space has become are taken to task.

Watch the video. We guarantee you've heard at least one individual or one company spew a litany or jargon akin to the silliness this video presents.

Please, can we stop the bullshit?

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-12    
Topic: Social, Spoofs, Video

Ann Sommers Sexes Things Up With 'Christmas For Grownups'


Christmas has always been a time of joy and celebration for families the world over but lingerie and sex toy retailer Ann Summers wants us all to know Christmas is also very much for adults as well.

In two new videos, one safe for TV and the other NSFW (though no nudity), Ann Summers celebrates the joy of lingerie and what happens when adults celebrate Christmas.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-12    
Topic: Racy

You Might Even Want to Vist Cambodia After Watching This Video


Cambodia isn't exactly a place that tops many people's travel destination lists but after viewing this beautiful time-lapse video, you might feel differently. The place looks almost as stunning as Vegas.

YouTuber Andy Blalock created the video using clips shot over a six week time period. While the video was not created for any official purpose, aside from the fact it's as good or better than most tourism videos, Blalock, in his video description, calls attention to the plight of child sex trafficking and points to a site that addresses the issue.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-12    
Topic: Cause, Video

Israel Fights 'Stigma Virus,' Ad Spend to Hit $518 Billion in 2013


- Israel wants to combat The Stigma Virus, a sort of reaction to the AIDS virus.

- How do you brew? Partnering with Boston-based strategic planning agency Blitz Media and its client, Breville USA, Struck created a :30 spot that features a colorful cast of characters that capture a particular style of coffee - bold, mild, intense, smooth, strong and light.

- ZenithOptimedia's latest forecast predicts global ad expenditure will grow 4.1% in 2013, reaching $518 billion by the end of the year.

- Talking cookies tout HGTV shows. Love It or List It. Property Brothers.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 4-12    
Topic: Agencies, Research, Video

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