Chrysler Launches Blog For Journalists Only


Completely misunderstanding the point of a corporate weblog, Chrysler has launched The Firehouse, a weblog for journalists which can only be read by those who apply and prove they work for a "known and established media organization." This is idiotic. This is stupid. This is insane. Completely illogical and non-sensical. Chrysler wants journalists to read the blog, get the "story" and then re-publish the same thing in their own "established" medium for general public consumption. Which will then, of course, if worthy, be blogged anyway. We just don't get it. Clueless Chrysler needs to go talk to GM, which has a clue about blogging, and get a few tips. Peek

UPDATE: Jason Vines, the man behind the The Firehouse weblog didn't like what we had to say and commented on another blog about it. Additionally, he explains the motivation behind the launch, which does make sense. Read his commentary after the jump.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-14-05    
Topic: Strange, Weblogs

IQinteractive, Zugara Win WebAwards


The Web Marketing Association has announced the winners of its ninth annual WebAward Competition for website development. Out of 2,100 site submitted from 33 countries, Atlanta-based IQinteractive won Best of Show for its work on the National Geographic Inside the Mafia site which was also awarded the Best Entertainment WebAward. LA-based Zugara was named Top Agency, taking home 20 awards, the most any single organization has won in the nine years of the awards. The agency won Best Music site for Red Bull Music Labs, 11 Outstanding and eight Standard of Excellence WebAwards.

by Steve Hall    Sep-14-05    
Topic: Industry Events, Online

JetBlue Hits Boston CollegeFest With 'CrewBlue'


Mr. Youth announced their newest client today, JetBlue Airways. The low-cost, low-fare carrier JetBlue Airways has tapped youth marketing firm Mr. Youth to develop the airline's first student ambassador program, CrewBlue. CrewBlue will launch on September 17th at Boston's 20th annual CollegeFest event. Nineteen CrewBlue student ambassadors will be at CollegeFest along with JetBlue's traveling Airstream mobile vehicle BlueBetty, a mobile marketing unit that looks like the inside of a JetBlue jet, to promote the airline to an expected 15,000 students.

by Steve Hall    Sep-14-05    
Topic: Promotions

Anheuser-Bush Uses Kids in Ad Campaign

Anheuser-Busch has revived its "Family Talk About Drinking Campaign" in a print campaign featuring children of the brewer's employees. Breaking in the Reader's Digest September issue, the ads, with headlines like, "In your kid's eyes, you still have all the answers" and "Preventing underage drinking is easier than you think. Talk now," aim to encourage discussion between parents and children.

by Steve Hall    Sep-14-05    
Topic: Campaigns

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Outdoor Campaign Teases


We know sex and advertising are great bed partners but add teasing into the mix and you've really got everyone's attention. Here's an out door campaign running in Chennai, India which, on one board has an image of a sultry looking female next to the headline, "I did it once a week, now I do it almost every day!" and on another has an image of an innocent, eager looking woman next to the headline, "I was anxious to start with, now I can't wait to do it." Some sort of pro-sex campaign? Of course not you dirty little ones. It's a campaign promoting a 30 minute Xpress work out at health club chain, Fitness One. Other images here and here.

by Steve Hall    Sep-14-05    
Topic: Outdoor

There Microsites Promote 'The Corpse Bride'


To promote the upcoming Tim Burton movie, The Corpse Bride, Boston-based Pod Design has created not one but three online microsites. Adverblog points to Post Mortem where you can ask the dead questions Ouigi board-style; Bonymail where you can create messages from the dead to send to your friends; and Sept23 where you can view a scary video of a graveyard and a quick trailer for the movie. It's all nice, quick and simple - just the way we like our virals.

by Steve Hall    Sep-14-05    
Topic: Online, Viral

Magazine Editors Unhappy With 'The New Yorker'


It seems the American Society of Magazine Editors - which, oddly, sounds like a bunch of old men sitting around in a smoke-filled country club lounge - didn't take too kindly to the recent stunt The New Yorker pulled with Target - selling all ad pages, exclusively, to the discount giant. The Society requires magazine's with one sponsor to include an editorial statement stating the advertiser had no influence over editorial content. The New Yorker did not include such a note. Whether or not lines were crossed here, Target, as always, accomplished a masterstroke of publicity with this move and is likely sitting back laughing at all of those who have raised issue with the stunt.

by Steve Hall    Sep-14-05    
Topic: Magazine, Policy, Sponsorship