Lexus to Feature Paul McCartney Single in Hybrid Car Ad


After seeing the new Lexus hybrid car, Paul McCartney decided he would lend support to the campaign by allowing Lexus to use his new single, "Fine Line," in the commercial. "When it was put to me that they wanted to sponsor the tour and when I actually saw the car and saw what it was all about, I said 'Yeah, sure, that's something I can definitely get behind.' It beats beer commercials." The single comes from McCartney's recently released album, "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard."

Lexus is sponsoring McCartney's 11-week U.S. concert tour along with Fidelity Investments. McCartney will appear in the investment company's upcoming ad campaign.

by Steve Hall    Sep-28-05    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity, Sponsorship

Graphic Designers Get Wardrobe Makeover


NewPage Corporation, today unveiled the winners of its TheTrueYou makeover contest in which contestants were given wardrobe makeovers. Out of 1,000 entrants, three were chosen: Erik Mace, Chicago; Frances Yllana, Dallas; and Jenn Richey, New York City. Each were given a complete wardrobe makeover: from regular hip guy to rock star, from fresh faced girl to forties femme fatale, and from cutie to 1950s kitschy. See the other before and afters here.

by Steve Hall    Sep-28-05    
Topic: Promotions

Amanda Congdon's Vlog Takes on Advertising


In her daily RocketBoom Vlog, the very attractive Amanda Congon, takes a look at some of our favorite advertising oddities such as the Honda Cog commercial, the Cog's spoof, the Homespun HP Photo commercial and Fidel Castro talking about beer. Very weird. Very strange. Very cool.

by Steve Hall    Sep-28-05    
Topic: Strange

CBS Takes Content to Web, Ads May Follow


In an OMMA keynote, CBS Digital Media President Larry Kramer said the webcast of "Everybody Loves Raymond" was an experiment to determine how many people watch the show online and what traffic is driven back to the Viacom site. The webcast carried no ads but in the future, Kramer said shows could carry ads which advertisers would pay additionally for and an option to view ad-free shows for a fee might be offered as well.

by Steve Hall    Sep-28-05    
Topic: Industry Events, Online, Television

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David Ogilvy Attends AdBumb OMMA Party


As promised, David Ogilvy made an appearance at AdBumb's OMMA party last night telling the audience "successful advertising in the future is about entertainment and value" and then breaking into a John Travolta-ish Stayin' Alive jig which party goers immediately began to copy.

by Steve Hall    Sep-28-05    
Topic: Industry Events

Jaguar to Introduce Gorgeous


It's official. Countdown sites are now a trend. This time, it's Jaguar who is insisting we watch their clock, maddeningly anticipating the launch of...well...something. The site is called Where Did Gorgeous Go, which, we're sure, in two days, 12 hours, forty-three minutes, Jaguar will tell us it hasn't gone anywhere. It's right here before our very eyes in the form of a new car model...and some travel specials. Oh, and of course there's hot babes involved too.

by Steve Hall    Sep-28-05    
Topic: Online, Promotions

Site Aims to Save Rats


Called Great Pointed Archer, this is-this-a-joke-or-not site aims to come to the aid of the lowly rat claiming they are a species, like humans, who are just trying to get through life as pleasantly as possible. The site contains rat facts, an "Archer Dash" game, humorous PSAs, a store with rat goodies called GPA - which strikingly resembles the GAP and a petition calling for the replacement of the term "rat" with "Great Pointed Archer."

Responding to an email inquiry, the effort was explained thusly, "Our basic goal is to help improve the image of the NYC rat. Every animal out there has a group that stands behind it. But for some reason nobody wants to take up the rat cause." Ok then. Moving along...

by Steve Hall    Sep-28-05    
Topic: Strange

Carlton Draught Follows Big Ad With Brewing Spoof


Ever the witty marketer, Carlton Draught, following the debut of its brilliant Big Ad, has launched another inward-looking commercial. This one pokes fun at brewers' fixation with their brewing ingredients, brewing methods and, in the case of Budweiser, its reliance on the Clydesdales.

UPDATE: In Comments, "Bill Gates" dishes on us for occasionally crapping on Ad Age by pointing out we are in error and that this ad was out well before the Big Ad. Remorsefully, we will crap all over our staff for this inexcusable transgression and force them all to bow to the feet of the Ad Age Gods.

by Steve Hall    Sep-28-05    
Topic: Commercials

Coke Gets Experiential With Coca-Cola Cruiser


With it's Coca-Cola Cruiser, a hyped up beverage cart to deliver Coke products to attendees of indoor and outdoor events, Coke is working to bring the "brand experience" right to the person instead of requiring them to slog there way to a concession stand. The unit is battery powered and includes a place for the delivery guy to stand. The cart was designed by Studio Red.

by Steve Hall    Sep-28-05    
Topic: Specialty

HP Launches TV Promoting Character Blog


Joining the character blog trend, HP has launched, to promote its high-definition TV line. The site is written by Ted who, keeps a rant-like blog which contains blatherings on how he chose his HP TV and how people can convince their reluctant other half to go for a big screen monstrosity. There's also a webcam for no apparent reason but the site does offer an interesting tool, called the Dr. Troy Meddleson's Persuasion Method, for convincing a reluctant romantic partner that an HP TV purchase is a good thing. Oh, and it would be a promotional site without the requisite sweepstakes offer. In this case, a chance to win, shockingly, HP products.

by Steve Hall    Sep-28-05    
Topic: Weblogs

Juan Valdez And Gecko Win Ad Week Vote


The results are in and consumers have spoken. Columbian Coffee's Juan Valdez and Geico's gecko named to the Madison Avenue Walk of Fame. Winning slogans were "When you care enough to send the very best" from Hallmark and "Imagination at Work" from General Electric. Life goes on.

by Steve Hall    Sep-28-05    
Topic: Industry Events