'The Black Dahlia' Movie Promoted With Old School Newsreel


Just breaking on YouTube is this classic newsreel-style video promoting the upcoming movie, The Black Dahlia, about 22 year-old actress Elizabeth Short who was found dead on a vacant Hollywood lot in January of 1947. While many people confessed to the crime, it was never solved. Shot newsreel-style, the video chronicles the many crimes that occurred in that city from the Chinese Massacre of 1871 to the LA Times Bombing to the Parker Kidnapping to the "Zoot Suit" Riots and more. The work was created by Exopolis.

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06    
Topic: Good, Video

Jennifer Aniston to Sign With Nike, Eminem to Design Air Max Line


While it's been rumored for some time, a deal between Nike and Jennifer Aniston appears to be on the verge of signature. The deal, sources say, may be the largest sum ever paid by the sportswear company for a celebrity endorsement. The campaign is said to be international in scope and will, perhaps, include a Super Bowl 2007 spot. While Aniston may be paid a fortune for this deal, she says she will donate a large sum of it to Cancer charities of her choice.

Along with the imminent signing of Aniston, Nike is also working with Eminem who will design an autographed line of Air Max training shoes for Nike and which will be auctioned off for charity.

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Celebrity

Collage Video Fetches YouTube Fetch


If, for some reason, you've had your head up your....uh...been out of touch for a while and just don't what all the fetch (yes, we know we beat that Mean Girls not-gonna-happen word to death like Lacey Chabert - who we crush on - did in the movie, we can't help ourselves) is over this thing called YouTube, ad guy Shawn Waite and self-professed YouTube addict has gathered together clips from all the YouTube celebs and edited them into one, five minute video to get you up to speed. Go and learn. Or don't and reclaim five minutes of your life.

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06    
Topic: Video

Drunk 'Big Brother' Contestant in Red Bikini Leads to Fart Button


Having been sucked into YouTube once again after looking at Shawn Waite's video collage of YouTube celebrities, we somehow found ourselves watching this Big Brother video featuring a drunk Janelle trying to eat peanuts...or something. While watching a drunk blond in a bikini might seem exciting enough, that's not exactly what caught our eye. Rather it was the banner above the video labeled "The Fart Button" with an encouraging "push it" next to it. So like a kid in middle school enamored with the whole pull-my-finger thing, we clicked. We didn't find much other than a Joke Toolbar Download which we didn't think we really needed. Once again, YouTube accomplishes the time suck.

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06    
Topic: Strange, Video

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Maria Sharapova Extends Prince Deal to 'Life'


That new marketing tennis queen Maria Sharapova has signed yet another deal, this time with Prince Sports, whose she's alrady been with since she was 14. This time, it's a lifetime deal the AP reports to be $25 million over the next ten years. Her most recent marketing deal was with Land Rover for its line of SUVs. Anna who?

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06    

Doctor Says He Can Get Guys the Girl


The old double standard is alive and well in this campaign. If you.re a guy and think it's perfectly fine for you to be a little overweight but the woman at the bar you're trying to pick up better be hotter than an army of supermodels wearing thongs, then this series of commercials for a male pattern baldness is just right for you.

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06    
Topic: Campaigns, Good, Online, Video

Philips Provides 'Strippers' to Console FIFA World Cup Losers


Of course there are some things - but not many many - more intriguing than watching a collection of school girlie girls who strip down and show their appreciation for your hard work. Alright, so they don't strip completely and they're not actually school girls but Phillips thought it would be a good idea to provide these models to console those fans whose teams didn't do so well at the FIFA World Cup 2006. OK, so that was a while ago but this is still fun. What you we do without friends like Brent?

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06    
Topic: Good, Online

Moving Child Abuse PSA Accompanied by Johnny Cash's 'Hurt'


Brent points us to this impressive Australian child abuse PSA which features Johhny Cash singing the Nine Inch Nails song Hurt while images of a creepy old dude makes his way towards a sleeping child's room. The spot urges viewers to become a childhood hero since it's not so easy for an abused child to do so on their own.

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06    
Topic: Commercials, Good

Nike Shoes Survive Terrorist Blast


Here's a little bit of Middle Eastern, suicide bomber attitude all rolled up into a Nike ad or, more likely, a spoof of a Nike ad. (Nike reps have confirmed it is, indeed, a fake and they had nothing to do with its creation.) The copy reads, "You may not survive the blast but your shoes will." Our young, culturally connected correspondent, Ariel, says its a throw back to United Colors of Benetton advertising. Oh, and because we're using antiquated, low quality equipment following our Angry Advertising Aggressors Attack Adrants event. we didn't see this "ad" is from 2002. So those of you who hate when we cover stuff that's more than two seconds old, our apologies.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06    
Topic: Spoofs

YaleShmale, Wal-Mart Does China Good, Milk Does Body Good

- Lakehead University doesn't think it's important President Bush went to Yale.

- Wal-Mart really can do everything. After welcoming gays into its stores, the chain has helped establish a Communist Youth League of China, a branch of the Communist Party of China.

- Webshots gets a makeover. Now it will be even easier for sites like Busty Young Girls of Webshots, Myspace, & YouTube to troll for content. There's a niche for everyone, isn't there?

- A random dude does the consumer-generated media thing for Coke's Sprite Zero on YouTube and MySpace. Oddly.

- Milk gets back top its "does a body good" phase with a new $20 million campaign.

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06    
Topic: Brands, Online

Hotties And Six Packs Paint Themselves Orange And Green


No idea what this is promoting but it has to be something since no one wold normally paint themselves orange and green and roam the street smiling into the cameras. And can you say waist to hip ratio? Damn. See another here.

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06    
Topic: Guerilla

Amsterdam Celebrates Cross Media Week In Weird Ad


As if in a nod to the finer things about life in Amsterdam, this commercial promoting the city's Cross Media Week features such pass times as naked women, puking, bondage, marijuana and pigeon excrement.

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06    
Topic: Commercials, Good, Strange, Video

Mind Expanded With Zebra Head. No Idea What Ad Sells


What this is advertising, we do not know. Al we do know is that it's a freaky concept. Some kind of cartoonish representation of perverted bestiality or some kind of revers man horse. Whatever. Weird. Thought we'd share.

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06    
Topic: Strange

Angry Advertising Aggressors Attack Adrants


Yesterday, it seems, the ad industry had had enough of our uncontrollable whining, bitching and kvetching and attacked the depths of our IT department bringing our publishing operation to a halt. But, by the end of the day, we had beaten them back with some blow up Donny Deutsch dolls and a rolled up buff shot poster of Alex Bogusky we had on our walls until that Strawberry Frog kicked his ass off. While we were successful in beating back the throngs of those who have been scorned on these pages, we are running on crutches with old, outdated equipment left over from the Draft/FCB carnage - monitors the size of a rear projection TV but with screens the size of a TV in the fifties and laptops only one of those giant McDonald's kids could fit on his lap after consuming a 32 ounce Coke, two large fries, three Big Mac's and several apple pies.

So, we're back. We're sorry for the interruption though we're quite sure you didn't even notice since who reads this crap anyway? Despite Jeff Jarvis' Dell Hell, we are outfitting the office a collection of new Dell laptops which should arrive in a week or two. Hopefully we'll be able to fend off any other angry advertising agressors.

by Steve Hall    Aug-30-06    
Topic: Announcements