Mushrooms Marketed, Frumputantes Invade, Olympics Opening Ceremony Trashed One! More! Time!


- At left: a French mushroom ad! OMG cute. Caption: "Paris mushrooms: it's when they're in your mouth that they're the happiest." Go make them happy. Our resident expat PT Ford isn't so amused.

- Nothing starts the day off better than a kung fu drink ad.

- Dario at Invoke sent us this shot of the Newfoundland-based Hits 99.1 FM van.

- Worthless but interesting tag cloud tool. This one lets you pick fonts and colors. Pop in a URL, see what your homepage mentions most. (Adrants loves itself some Leigh.)

- Public School Intelligentsia learns us a new word: frumputante. Think cash-money bag ladies in Juicy Couture sweats. Streaky hair a plus. Ugh.

- Street Boners and TV Carnage trashes Olympic get-ups from around the world. This made our whole day yesterday. After comparing Ukraine and the Netherlands to Harry Potter, dude goes, "Not surprisingly, Britain, France and America dressed like rich dicks." AND THEY DID! Via Copyranter.

- HuffPo Chicago goes live, marking the site's foray into local territory. Sinatra would (probably not) have wanted it this way.

- Need an ego (search) boost? See list of online identity searching and tracking tools.

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New Foundland? Wha? I know it's in Canada and therefore far, far away, but can we at least get a proper spelling?

Posted by: Emma on August 14, 2008 2:35 PM