Encumbent Avatars, Undecided Coffee Cups, Crocheted Shotguns


- Obama/McCain WeeMees! OhMG kyoooooot. Diggin' how the page reads, "Invite the presidential nominees to your Room." So naughty.

- Speaking of politics, that half-hour Obama ad pulled in an average household rating of 21.7. The top market was Baltimore, where it averaged 31.3.

- Still undecided? Sport it on your coffee cup. $10 says at least five election canvassers will make a beeline for you within minutes of exiting 7-Eleven.

- Zap bugs with Honda. Reminds me of a Stargate SG-1 episode where these giant bugs would prick you, then turn you into an egg sack.

- Merchant of death? Baby, Google's on your side.

- The UK's Advertising Standards Authority banned this Southern Comfort ad (a variant on this one) for making drinking look "essential to a good night out." Face it, ASA: you hit a certain age, and playing Uno sober just ... loses its luster. Off-topic -- I played Uno in a sauna once. It remains unclear why anybody thought that was a good idea.

- Pro-NRA with delicate sensibilities? Sugar, you could use a crocheted handgun.

- MelsLife is a social- and health-conscious social network targeted to Millennials. "Yikes!" on the pea green.

- Not sure how this improves blogging skillz, but it involves three drag queens in a bus. *shrugs*

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