Says Love's for Everybody, Even You

match_blue-CF-Sm.jpg's Make Love Happen campaign pushes the notion that there's a match for everybody, no matter how quirky or off-colour. The lively prints come courtesy of Serge Seidlitz. Well, we said we were all for the unsexy in a primarily sex-driven industry so this is what we get: sexless Lego pieces in an Erect-a-Set city.

Check out a pink variation of the ad here. It merits a close look as there are a lot of details. Whether it will draw attention to said details is a story only time will tell.

by Angela Natividad    Feb- 2-07    
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Fergie Joins Celeb-Filled Candie's Campaign


Candies's love celebrities. From Hilary Duff to Jenny McCarthy to Kelly Clarkson to Ashlee Simpson Destiny's Child to the Dixie Chicks, it's all celeb, all the time. Now the fashion brand is hooking up with musical artist Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson) for its spring 2007 campaign which kicks off with a spot during the February ll broadcast of the Grammy's. Print ads will appear in Teen Vogue among others.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 1-07    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity, Magazine, Television

Dove Puts Women Back on Judgment Block in Debate Campaign


We're under the impression that the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty was meant to change existing standards about beauty by bringing real women to contrast. We're just not sure whether the debate portion of the campaign, in which we're asked to tick off whether a given woman is "wrinkled" or "wonderful," really continues down that vein. Isn't it just putting women back on the platform they strove oh-so-hard to part with?

Oh, well. Maybe consumer-generated ads will save the day. It usually does.

by Angela Natividad    Feb- 1-07    
Topic: Campaigns, Magazine

Bics So Permanent they Reincarnate with You


Adpunch points us to this clever campaign by Bic, who's attempting to break into Sharpie territory by pushing its own permanent marker.

Premise: that Bic sticks so well the ink will follow you into your next life. Copy: "Permanent. Even in your next life." We can only imagine what kind of guy the frog was. There's a snake variation too.

This reincarnating ink thing is something we've never considered before, and it might actually yield the answers to questions we've had for a long time. Like, perhaps the inked "MONKEEEEY WAS HERE!!!!" scrawled all over our ass is not from a drunken night we don't remember. Perhaps it's from a previous life as a less responsible person. That takes a big weight off our minds.

by Angela Natividad    Feb- 1-07    
Topic: Good, Magazine

Brazil Pushes Expat Education with Peer Pressure Prints


Santa Clara agency throws together several ads for Unifieo's Export Quality Courses, programs made to teach Brazilian youth global skills. The ads encourage them to take the courses, which could lead to positions better suited than under-the-table positions for the self-entitled and sexy. There's also an au pair and cook variation.

We think the imagery is gorgeous and mixed with subtle irony. While Brazil trains youth to find better jobs outside the country, American post-collegiates break the doors down in Europe and South America for plebe positions, aspiring to live out overseas fantasies that would do Marie Antoinette justice. Priority issue? Despite the uncute factor of underpaid all-hours work, Brazil sees no end to young hot foals willing to take them.

by Angela Natividad    Jan-31-07    
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Hottie-Covered Bed Linens the Next Best Thing


While we're not going to get all descriptive about what guys do alone in bed, we are going to marvel at how wonderful it might be to have bed linens like the ones here created by Duval Guillaume Antwerp for their client Che Magazine. On those lonely nights when you just can't get the real thing, a nice, soft set of sheets and pillows emblazoned with your dream hottie just might help you fall asleep more easily. And yes, we hope that's all you'll be doing with the sheets.

by Steve Hall    Jan-30-07    
Topic: Good, Magazine, Specialty

Maxim Parties, Voiceover Ruins, Deutsch Wins


- Maxim Magazine is doing it usual annual Super Bowl extravaganza. This year, the magazine has dubbed Miami's South Beach Hotel De Maxim and all kinds of European-style luxury will be in the house with sponsors including Cadillac, Absolut, Coors Light, Samsung, Under Armour, GoDaddy and others.

- Brent likes this Georgia Lottery ad and its Asian concept but thinks the voiceover ruins it. We tend to agree.

- Deutsch is celebrating today as GM announced the shifting of its account from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners without review.

by Steve Hall    Jan-30-07    
Topic: Commercials, Magazine, Promotions

Adidas Tracks White Stripes on French Monuments


To celebrate the opening of its performance store last fall, Adidas released an ad with its three telltale stripes running up the Arc de Triomphe. As a general rule we like the fusion of contemporary culture with traditional icons. So the ad is interesting in that way but there's not really much else going for it.

Unless you consider contentious social sentiment. The French, who just last month tweaked out over the rampant commercialization of the Champs, must not be too stoked about it.

by Angela Natividad    Jan-30-07    
Topic: Good, Magazine

Printer Colours Get Sloppy, Outlast Bartender


We laughed ourselves to pieces when we saw this ad for Brother Innobella's DCP-330 C printer. To promote the theme "Colours that stay longer," three oblivious wankers dressed like printer colours hang out past their welcome at a closing bar. Work is by Duval Guillaume, Antwerp.

The douchey be-suited hangers-on drew comparisons between Teletubbies and The Wiggles, two kid shows we find strange but obnoxiously watchable for a reason that lies beyond us. We generally just contribute it to dysfunction on our part but this ad made us feel better because we think somewhere behind Duval Guillaume's walls are a few creative directors suffering the same affliction.

by Angela Natividad    Jan-29-07    
Topic: Good, Magazine

Kid Toothbrushes Get Teeth White Against Colourful Odds


This series of ads for Condor Child's Toothbrushes gets the point across and probably attracts their demographic of choice in a big way.

We played with the idea of how awesome it would be to have a toothbrush with a crayon on the other end, then realized that initiative may result in a completely opposite effect from this ad. When you're a kid, it's amazing what seems worth eating. We preferred glue ourselves.

The agency responsible was OpusMúltipla out of Curitiba, Brazil.

by Angela Natividad    Jan-29-07    
Topic: Magazine, Poster