Learn How Marketing Automation Can Improve Ad Campaign Effectiveness


OK so what the hell is Marketing Automation and why should you care about it? You like your job, right? You like working in advertising, right? But you hate the more mundane parts of it that you have to do over and over again, right? Well that's where marketing automation comes in. Marketing automation is the name given to software platforms designed for marketing departments and organizations to simplify processes by automating repetitive tasks.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-17-12    
Topic: Research, Tools

Facebook Average CPM Rates Increase by 41 Percent


Facebook's average CPM has increased by 41 percent since Q1 2011 according to the latest Global Facebook Advertising Report from TBG Digital.

The study, which was based on 372 billion impressions in over 190 countries for 235 clients from Q1 2011 to Q1 2012, indicates Facebook is earning more from Marketplace ads. Specifically, average CPM has increased by 15 percent in the last quarter with the US seeing an increase of 11 percent and the UK seeing an increase of 13 percent during the same period.

TBG also sees an increase in click through rates for news clients. With the rise of Facebook social readers from Yahoo! News, The Washington Post, The Guardian and others, TBG has seen a strong uplift in CTR for those in the news sector since Q4 2011 with an increase of 196 percent.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-16-12    
Topic: Research

Less Than 20 Percent of SMB Websites Link to Social Presence


A recent study rom SMB DigitalScape indicates just 19.5 percent of SMB websites have a link to a Facebook page, and even fewer have links to Twitter and LinkedIn.

"SMBs worldwide are falling behind consumers in the digital commerce arena," said The Kelsey Group's Neal Polachek. "There's a tremendous opportunity for SMB aggregators and resellers to bridge this gap, but it will require strategic commitment and solid execution."

Developed by vSplash, SMB DigitalScape has analyzed more than 1 million SMB websites around the world in 14 countries, including more than 700,000 in the U.S. BIA/Kelsey and vSplash recently announced a strategic partnership for the distribution of SMB DigitalScape data in the United States.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-16-12    
Topic: Research

How Google Analytics Can Improve Your Online Presence


This recent addition to our white paper series comes courtesy of MoreVisibility, a search, design and interactive marketing firm. The report, entitled Three Organic Traffic Reports From Google Analytics Every Marketer Need to Know About, takes a look at how keywords, referral source and landing page activity affect overall site metrics.

If your a brand struggling with how to get a handle on how people are coming to your site and what they are doing when they get their, this report will give you some insight on how you can determine that.

Download the report now.

by Steve Hall    Mar-30-12    
Topic: Research

How to Improve Your Brand's Facebook ROI


Want practical tips on how to get the most out of your brand presence on Facebook? As part of our white paper series, we'd like to offer this best practices guide for creating Facebook pages and and a media strategy for those pages.

Entitled Guide to Business Success on Facebook, you will learn the sixteen steps you must take to create a successful branded Facebook page, how to craft content for the page and how to involved your audience. Additionally, you will learn the 28 best practices used by brands in vertical segments such as automotive, consumer packaged goods, entertainment, financial services, retail, technology and telecom.

Download the white paper now.

by Steve Hall    Mar-26-12    
Topic: Research, Social

ROI of SXSW Brand Presence Measured


This SXSW coverage is brought to you by Red Square Agency. The agency that also brought you Nutella.

If you attended SXSW this year (or even if you didn't) you were likely aware the event has turned into a full blown brand parade. In every corner of Austin during SXSW there was a brand sponsoring something. Some hate this. Others love it. But the real question is did it work for the brand.

While this research from Spredfast doesn't necessarily conclude definitively that increased presence at SXSW pays off for a brand, the study does shed some light some interesting "what if" scenarios that tie tweets to sales.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-23-12    
Topic: Industry Events, Research

Discover Why Your Brand Should Focus on Earned Media


The over-saturation of advertising, and an ever-increasing distrust of ads has led to a decline in the effectiveness of paid media. Conversely, earned media is gaining ground.

Check out this whitepaper from Zuberance, previously offered last month, to see why earned media is so powerful and to learn how you can put it to use for your brand. In this report, you will learn:

1. Earned media is the most trusted and credible form on content for a brand
2. Social media has amplified the sheer quantity and reach of earned media
3. Conversion rates are higher and ROI is larger
4. Earned media lasts
5. Earned media is measurable

Download the whitepaper now and walk away with five reasons to shift your marketing focus towards earned media.

by Steve Hall    Mar-21-12    
Topic: Research

Five Best Practices For Social Media Measurement


More from our white paper series. In this white paper summation of a webinar, KDPaine & Partners Katie Delahaye Paine and SAS Global Customer Service and Media Intelligence Manager John Bastone outline three areas of focus and five best practices for getting the most out of social media measurement.

Paine and Bastone explain how and why brands must listen, process and respond in social media channels and put forth five tips for social media measurement success:

1. Consider how social media will drive profit
2. Know what you want out of social media
3. Be sure your social media participation is two way
4. Forget about impressions and hits
5. Blend social media data with internal data.

Download the free white paper and learn how to get your social media measurement house in order.

by Steve Hall    Mar-15-12    
Topic: Research, Social

How to be Agile and Authentic in Social Media


Entitled How to be Agile and Authentic in Real-Time Marketing and PR, this white paper includes practical, candid and irreverent advice from author, speaker and marketing strategist David Meerman Scott on what it means to be real time in marketing and PR.

In this white paper you will learn that long-term campaign planning is all well and good but if that's where you put all your focus, you will miss powerful opportunities to leverage success from what's going on right now. See an opportunity. Seize the opportunity. Do it now, while the story is still hot.

In this white paper you will learn the four steps of real time marketing along with strategies to deploy the steps and real world examples of the steps in action. Download the white paper now.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 5-12    
Topic: Research, Social

How Adele's Middle Finger Played Out in Social Media


On Tuesday, the Brit Awards celebrated the best in British music. Twenty-three year-old British singer Adele, already a winner of six Grammys, was honored with a Brit Award. However, she was cut off partway through her acceptance speech which left her fuming. She gave the middle finger before storming off camera. Controversies erupted over the Brit Awards' decision to cut her off (many felt it was so they could run more commercials) and her response. In Future of Engagement, Murray Newlands analyzes how people reacted on social media and discusses what businesses can learn from it.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-23-12    
Topic: Research, Social, Video