Lopilato Gets Fruity, Gen Y Explained (Again), Bogusky Talks Social


- Random hot ad of the day with Argentinian actress, singer and model Luisana Lopilato

- All you ever wanted to know about Gen Y and why they're not victims of a coddled upbringing but victims of a poor economy.

- Check out this Huffington Post interview with Alex Bogusky during which he talks about the long term economic impact of social media on traditional media.

- Sounding quite a bit more blabble-mouthed than his "Beuller? Bueller?" days, Ben Stein is featured in a new commercial for online credit service FreeScore.

by Steve Hall    Jul-14-09    
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Mad Men Characters Conduct Online Survey


As part of his research project "about the future model of advertising" for thesis work at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, AlmapBBDO Creative Director Sergio Mugnaini created a Mad Men-themed online research survey that's very cool. The survey takes scenes from Mad Men and dubs the survey questions right into the scene. Way more interesting than page after page of plain text. Ingenious, actually.

by Steve Hall    Jun-22-09    
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For the Last Time, Don't Cut Your Budget During A Recession!


Research. You gotta love it. It can support whatever point you want to make and it can reiterate important findings even if an almost identical study has been done prior resulting in the same findings.

More than fifteen years ago, Fortune (as well as many others over the years, one would assume) commissioned a study which found the money spent on marketing directly effect brand perception, stock market prices, cash flow and bond ratings.

These studies are great for agencies pitching marketers on brand-building campaigns that are easy to create, easy to manage and make the agency a lot of money without having to actually move any product or prove the campaign had any immediate effect. [Ed. I know. I used this strategy many times to get companies to spend boatloads of money on frivolous "branding" campaigns.]

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by Steve Hall    Jun-12-09    
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Jezebel Gets Frisky, Malibu Bowls (Again), Google Bitch Slapped


- The Firsky thinks Gawker site Jezebel is engaging in double talk by lambasting sexist advertising while accepting money from advertisers who, according to The Frisky, make sexist advertising.

- Subway is out with a new Subway Kids game.

- More Malibu Rum Island Bowling silliness.

- adMarketplace would like us to know "For the second straight quarter, Google reported that it cut its Traffic Acquisition Costs (payments to AdSense publishers) in the first quarter of 2009. Their payout to publishers dropped 1.7% in Q4 2008, and an additional 2.1% in Q1 2009, costing AdSense publishers thousands of dollars."

by Steve Hall    May-19-09    
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Socials Party, Ludacris Presents, Recession Bridged, Fiesta Moves


- If you attended ad:tech (or didn't), here are the pictures from The Media Social party held at Roe in San Francisco. If you were there, see if you can find yourself.

- Famed hip hop superstar and Hollywood film star Chris "Ludacris" Bridges will present The One Club's first-ever "Green Pencil" award honoring excellence in the field of environmentally conscious advertising at "The 34th Annual One Show" on May 6th.

- Eric Karjaluoto of smashLAB wrote an insightful article offering up a Bridge Over Troubled Water for the low point we're all in (but don't have to be) right now.

- The Smartphone, Smart Marketing study sponsored by Platform-A concluded that 53% of Smartphone users are clicking on advertisements, 35% request more information and 24% make purchases via their smart phone.

- Jill Hanner tweets, "my goal is to get on the @jimmyfallon show and talk about the ford fiesta! we both tweet and i live in nyc! lets do it!! #fiestamovement"

by Steve Hall    Apr-28-09    
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Because Advertising Never Happens In Kansas.

As tipster Zeke suggested, asking ad people if they know cool strikes me as a good hook. I agree. So what's the problem I have with Little Black Book, a city and resources guide for creative folk? It only hits the same old international metro locations like London, NYC, Toronto, and so on. Maybe it's due to the ad royalty behind it, but really, not even San Fran or LA? Telling that there's no mobile feature? Well, that's the main problem. The other is that the Flash is real slow.

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by Bill Green    Apr-23-09    

But Wait, There's More...

- Is your company this clueless?

- Even the Yakuza are looking for work.

- Design LG's next cell phone, take home 20 large.

- The Saturn experience--ask for it by name!

- While you're at it, add Old Navy, Chrysler and Palm to the list of brands with a short future.

by Bill Green    Apr-21-09    
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iGRP to Bring Online Video and TV Metrics Together


Social media types and those leading the charge toward the new world of advertising aren't going to like this one. YuMe, in partnership with MindShare, has introduced the iGRP or Internet Gross Rating Point, a metric allowing advertisers the ability to compare their online video metrics with their offline television metrics.

OK, OK, so it's really not that bad. After all, everyone wants to be able to measure, right? But many will say this is just forcing old metrics on a new medium that really deserves its own set of metrics.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 7-09    
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Study Examines Performance and Affiliate Marketing


Examining the performance marketing industry/affiliate marketing, MediaTrust and eConsultancy recent released a study. Here are some of the top line findings:

- One in six affiliates surveyed (17%) is generating at least $600,000 a year in revenue for merchants.
- Paid search or pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is the most significant category for US affiliates (48%), marginally ahead of true content (search engine optimization) on 46%. Just under half of affiliates surveyed say each of these methods is important to them.
- Health, Sport and Fitness is the sector most widely promoted by affiliates, promoted by 41% of survey respondents. The next biggest sectors are Gifts / Gadgets (28%) and Books (27%).
- Affiliates are very positive about the increased use of the mobile Internet. The wider use of cell phones for accessing the Web is seen as an opportunity by 58% of respondents.
- The entrepreneurial spirit of affiliates also means they are also more likely to see the economic crisis as an opportunity than as a threat.

See the full study here.

by Steve Hall    Mar-23-09    
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ANA Study Reveals Recession-Induced Horror Show


We are loathe to report bad news because, you know, Adrants is all about the FUN in advertising, right? Who wants to be bogged down with minor details like tens of thousands of layoffs and millions of dollars of budget cuts? Right? No one but, hey, we wouldn't be doing our job if, despite all the FUN, we didn't offer up a bit of reality every once in a while. So, without further ado...

Um, how do we say this tactfully. The economy sucks and the advertising industry is undergoing decimation. A recent study from the Association of National Advertisers, in a follow up study to one completed in August, found 93 percent of companies are in cost saving/reduction mode (compared to 87 percent in August) and 37 percent are reducing budgets by more than 20 percent (compared to 21 percent in August.)

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by Steve Hall    Feb-10-09    
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