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Leaky Tampon Causes Shark Attack


OK, right up front let's be clear -- this is not a real ad. However, the message it sends -- sharks are attracted to blood -- is well demonstrated. The "ad" appears in the very rotten film Movie 43 and is for Tampax. It urges woman to make sure their tampons don't leatkso, ya know, they don't get sniffed out by a giant shark that will tear you a part with spooftastic, Jaws-style hilarity.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-20-13    
Topic: Racy, Spoofs, Strange

Bar Rafaeli Gets Love Note From Zion Baruch


Apparently in recent years, Israeli gossip columns have been busy covering the growing relationship between supermodel Bar Refaeli and the womanizing Israeli comedian, Zion Baruch. Are they just friends? Are they a couple? It's a question everyone seems to want answered

Sunglass brand Carolina Lembke stepped up to the plate and gives us an answer that just might put the whole thing to bed.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-20-13    
Topic: Commercials

Jenny McCarthy Unleashes Her Breasts For Carl's Jr.


In late June, 40-year-old former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy can be seen sporting a cleavage-bearing black minidress in a new commercial for the Carl's Jr. Cranberry Walnut Grilled Chicken Salad.

Of her participation in the ad, McCarthy, who appeared again in Playboy in June 2012, said, "I'm excited to be the new Carl's Jr. salad babe. I'm loving all the ingredients in their new salad. Each bite is scrumptious and a little nutty. Reminds me of a few exes I've dated."

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by Steve Hall    Jun-19-13    

Energy Noodles Make You So Hard Hotties Can Stand on Your Stiffy


It would be so awesome to work in the Japanese ad world. All their work is so whacked. Can you imagine writing a creative brief for this stuff? Can you imagine concepting this stuff? Shooting it? Showing it to the client?

With Japan's apparent fixation with sex (seriously, just go search for a few sex-related videos) we guess it makes perfect sense that this ad for Energy Noodles which, it seems, gives guys hard bodies, also gives them super sturdy hard ons.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-19-13    
Topic: Strange

Blog Hilariously Trashes Stock Photography


Apparently constricted by budgets that don't allow for original photography, two Vancouver art directors faced with using stock photography, Andrew and Bart, have launched Getty Critics, a blog on which they gleefully poke fun at the idiocy of staged stock photos. From poor framing to forgotten details to confusing messages to things that make absolutely no sense, Getty Critics has its way with the unrealistic world of stock photography.

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-13    
Topic: Weblogs

How This Explainer Video Increased Conversion 20%


In this case study from SwitchVideo, a company that develops explainer videos for barnds, the company shares how the creation and use of an explainer video increased online conversions 20% for social metrics company Rypple.

In the whitepaper, part of the Adrants Whitepaper Series, SwitchVideo takes you through the process of how it goes about creating a video including brand messaging, character development and animation.

Download this whitepaper now and find out how your brand can increase conversion with video.

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-13    
Topic: Research, Video

John McAfee Goes Ballistic in Super Strange, Brand-Trashing Video


We'd venture it's a sure bet the brand McAfee is none too pleased with a recent video released by founder John McAfee in which he trashes the software he created because the people who have run the company without him for the last 15 years have "fucked it up."

In the video, he hilariously reads profanity-laden emails he says he still receives even though he is no longer associated with the company.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-19-13    
Topic: Brands, Racy, Strange, Video

Is Your Brand Over-Sharing?


Sharing, sharing, sharing. It's all the rage right now among brands that have discovered the power of social media and what it can do for them. But is there such a thing as oversharing? Can a brand become too active in social media channels for its own good? Can this harm any bond that has been made between consumer and brand?

Author, speaker and social media consultant C.C. Chapman weighs in on that dilemma: "Everyone assumes there is a magic formula to answer this question and the truth is that there isn't. I have years of experience developing award-winning content for clients and for myself and the one thing I know is that if it is one piece of content or a million, it doesn't matter if it does not create an emotional response from your hoped-for audience. If what is created doesn't educate, entertain or inspire them, then nothing else matters."

And so it would seem, oversharing is relative and to be determined based on a individual situations in which the brand participates - as well as how that content connects with a brand's audience. A slippery slope of sorts.


by Steve Hall    Jun-19-13    
Topic: Brands, Opinion, Social

FANTA Gets Its Own Coke Happiness Factory


Is it just us or is this German Fanta commercial a whole lot like the Coke Happiness Factory commercials? Of course, Fanta being a division of Coke, we guess we can't much blame Jung Von Matt for giving us an homage. Alex & Steffen did the 2D and 3D work in the video.

The video gives us an epic, period piece battle in which a castle full of characters attempts to quell a giant, pillaging robot who, as it turns out, is just a cooler at a family picnic. Leave it to the hot princess to finally vanquish the mechanical foe.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-18-13    
Topic: Commercials

Red Trousers the New Trend at Cannes


Sapient Nitro is out with its second Cannes-themed inforgraphic, each of which highlights a decade of advertising memes and themes. What we have today, is a look at the sixties and, well, the fact that lots of guys now where red pants. Oh and the fact that Paula Green was a rockstar creative in the 1960's.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-18-13    
Topic: Industry Events

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