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Your Guide to Implementing Kick-Ass Social Media Programs


Every company wants to make social media an essential component of marketing, communications, lead generation and customer support programs. If you are responsible for social media efforts at your company, this means you will be running more initiatives, tracking results more closely and involving a whole lot more people in your efforts than ever before.

That is a whole lot of work heading your way. Fortunately, there is a a framework, Spredfast's Social Media Planning Guide, that will help you plan out everything from high level social media strategy and communication to day-to-day social media best practices.

Download the Guide now and ensure your social media efforts are top notch.

by Steve Hall    Oct-22-13    
Topic: Research, Social

This Mcgarrybowen Honda CR-V Ad Will Make You Say 'Huh?' And 'Cool!' All at Once


Hmm. All this just to sell a car. Well, this is advertising after all and not car salesmanship. With car salesmanship the goal is to move metal. With car advertising, well, the goal isn't always so clear. Sure, car brands want the sales needle to move but as with most advertising, there seems to be a lot of shenanigans on the way to that sale.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-22-13    
Topic: Best, Commercials

Benjamin Moore Haunted Hotel Stunt Ambushes Painters Prankvertising-Style


More entertainment than advertisement, this 2:44 video created by The Martin Agency for Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 paint spoofs painters by inviting them into an old abandoned hotel in Atlanta to paint a wall. The painters are welcomed by an elderly English butler type (which should have immediately tipped off the painters something was amiss) who ushers them through the hotel, past lowly-lit, decaying rooms.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-22-13    
Topic: Guerilla

Should Your Next Ad Be Funny Or Bash Your Competitor?


You don't require a TV to see a commercial these days. Thanks to the Internet, commercials can now be e-mailed, shared on Facebook and tweeted about - all potentially resulting in millions of additional views.

To receive more views and a lasting impression, companies are competing in this advertising arms race. Two tactics have risen to the top.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-22-13    
Topic: Opinion

UN Women's Google Autocomplete Campaign Gets Positive Spin


By now you've all seen the UN Women campaign that used Google Search's autocomplete feature to indicate how pervasive discrimination against women is in the world. Actual Google searches for "women should" were auto-completed with "stay at home," "be slaves," "be in the kitchen" and "not speak in church." Searches that began with "women shouldn't" were auto-completed with "have rights," "vote," "work" and "box."

One woman, Nicole D'Alonzo who runs Tastedaily, decided to turn the tables on that campaign and give it a more positive spin. D'Alonzo re-imagined the ad with her likeness and re-written copy. The ad now begins with "women will" and auto-completes with "empower women," "take credit for their wins," "lead more companies" and "be president."

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by Steve Hall    Oct-22-13    
Topic: Cause

This is How Big Data Can Improve Your Marketing And Creative


So everyone's talking about big data, right? We all agree it can be very valuable in delivering the insight you need to craft marketing programs and creative campaigns that rock. But how do you use all that big data to optimize and personalize your customer's digital experiences in a way that supercharges your marketing and creative efforts?

Why you sign up to attend a webinar on the topic this Thursday, that's how! Big data personalization company Monetate is hosting a webinar Thursday, October 24 at 2PM EST. During the webinar you learn how Brooks Brothers partnered with Monetate and conversion expert Brooks Bell to dramatically improve their online marketing efforts.

Sign up for the Webinar now to ensure your brand is properly leveraging data to improve your online marketing efforts.

by Steve Hall    Oct-21-13    
Topic: Research

The Dumbest Car Cover Ad You Will Ever See


Yes, it's dumb. But somehow it almost manages to be funny. In the style of the late night infomercial, this EmpireCovers ad pulls out all the cheesy stops. Cheesy dialog. Cheesy sound effects. Cheesy lighting. Cheesy acting.

Go ahead. Give it a watch. It will make you feel much better about what you're working on right at this moment.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-21-13    
Topic: Best, Strange, Worst

The Challenges of Lactation and International Advertising [Infographic]


You've got to love the way the online education segment markets themselves. They've jumped on the whole infographic thing and are producing copious amounts of infographic content customized to various industries. We've receive quite a few infographics from online colleges over the last several year and, for the most part, they are valuable and informative.

This infographic from International Business Degree Guide is all about the faux pauxs that can occur when translating work to and from differing cultures. The infographic takes a look at languages challenges (Got Milk's "Are You Lactating?") culture (black face is OK in Thailand but not in America) and color (black connotes expensive and powerful in Asia).

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by Steve Hall    Oct-21-13    
Topic: Strange

Overly Attached Girlfriend, Bad Luck Brian Hook Up in Haunted House


If you're into internet memes, you'll likely love this video, out late last month, from RealNetworks entitled Meme Hunters. It's got Overly Attached Girlfriend, Bad Luck Brian, Good Girl Gina, Sheltered College Freshman and others who appear in the haunted house-themed video that aims to tout RealNetworks RealPlayer Cloud, a service that supposedly makes it easier to share videos.

The video is filled with an endless litany of internet memes that qill keep you giggling all the way through. How sharing a video can get any easier than sending someone a link we know not. Nor do we care. But, dammit, someone needs to find OAG a boyfriend!

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by Steve Hall    Oct-21-13    
Topic: Video, Viral

Doritos and College Humor Deliver Unbold, Unfunny Lunchtime Stunt


Hmm. Is this even funny? Is this even good advertising? Check out all that product placement! And how about that stupid red sticker covering the Apple logo on the guy's MacBook. We'll be placing this squarely within the forced fun category and not really all that worth of College Humor work. Alas, that's exactly what it is. Doritos might be bold but this stunt isn't.

by Steve Hall    Oct-21-13    
Topic: Bad, Video

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