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These Guys Clean Their Apartment With A Skateboard-Mounted Mop Contraption


So you've just hosted a big house party. You're hungover. Your pad is a mess. All you want to do is sleep all day long, right? Well not according to Vileda, a mop brand that thinks you want to go to the trouble of customizing your skateboard with the brand's Easy Wring and Clean mop so you can board all over your apartment while mopping the floor.

Now who's going to clean up all those scuff marks made while boarding all over the floor?

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by Steve Hall    Oct-21-13    
Topic: Video

Women Are Just Eye Candy in This Y&R-Created Time Travel Montage For Valvoline


You've seen it before. You know what to expect. It usually comes from brands with a long history. And the concept is always the same. That said, somehow, this Young & Rubicam-created, MassMarket-effected commercial for Valvoline works well enough.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-21-13    
Topic: Commercials

7 Ways to Improve Your Ad Agency's Efficiency


Nothing loses an agency client faster than inefficient process and the frustration it causes. Not even Cannes-winning work can keep a client if the agency can't manage the relationship properly. Earlier, we wrote about the impact of industry consolidation and how it has affected the ability of the acquired agency and its holding company siblings to work smoothly and efficiently.

Here are seven tips you can put to use right now to ensure your agency is serving your clients swiftly, effectively and efficiently - like the proverbial well-oiled machine.


by Steve Hall    Oct-21-13    
Topic: Agencies, Opinion, Tools

This Cosmetics Company Thinks Putting on Makeup is Like Having an Orgasm


Nowhere near as funny as the original, Benefit Cosmetics is out with "Real Women Don't Fake It," a video whose subject matter is exactly what you think it is. But it doesn't come close to the hilarity of the original which actually kept you guessing a bit longer than does this sophomore effort.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-17-13    
Topic: Racy, Strange

Why Every One of Your Clients Needs to See 'Gravity' in 3D


You know you've made a staggeringly good film when the commercial director sitting in the audience sits slack jawed for almost the entirety of the thing.

That's Gravity, Alfonso Cuaron's 91-minute space blockbuster that everyone in the ad business needs to see, like, right now.

Like any good director, I've experienced hundreds of films in cinema, but as I sat in the 3D IMAX theatre, I struggled for a way to accurately and fully describe Gravity. "Spectacle" didn't quite cover the exceptional narrative tension. "Experience" just sounded understated.

In the end, I landed on "3D Cinematic Symphony."

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by Steve Hall    Oct-17-13    
Topic: Opinion

Is This Chainsaw Massacre-Themed Fuel Additive Ad Offensive to Women?


While this chainsaw massacre-themed ad for Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment may certainly be offensive to women it's also offensive on another level. It's a terrible ad. How do these things get made? Who creates them? Who approves them? What were these people thinking?

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by Steve Hall    Oct-16-13    
Topic: Commercials

The 3 Percent Conference Aims to Get More Women in Top Creative Agency Positions


At the Intercontinental Hotel today in San Francisco, the 3% Conference kicked off with a keynote by Cindy Gallop. The conference, as the title would indicate, addresses the fact that just 3% of creative directors are women. Gallop launched right into the unbalanced situation that exists in advertising agency creative departments especially, as she notes, since 90 percent of all electronics purchases are influenced by women. And that was just one of several categories given as an example.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-16-13    
Topic: Industry Events

Why Marketers Shouldn't Panic About Email Filters - At Least Not Yet


Email filtering is a hot topic right now. And it's not hard to understand why. We spend more time reading and sending emails than we do at almost anything else. How much time? The average person spends a mindboggling 28% of work time reading and responding to emails. No wonder we always feel like we can't get enough done.

The latest big headline comes from The New York Times, which recently ran an article about retailers who are freaking out about Gmail's new folder for promotional emails. The new feature automatically filters most branded emails into a separate folder but also places a "Promotions" tab atop the main in-box so that the quarantined emails are only a click away.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-15-13    
Topic: Online, Opinion, Research

Volvo Runs With the Bulls in Latest 'Live Test' Marketing Stunt


Following several previous stunts in which a hamster drove a truck ups a cliffsie road and a man allowed a truck to drive over his head, Volvo is out with its latest Live Test marketing stunt.

This time, the theme in running with the bulls. In the video, entitled The Chase, precision driver Rob Hunt maneuvers a red-painted Volvo FL distribution truck through the narrow streets of Spain's Ciudad Rodrigo while bull runners and bulls themselves follow. As the bulls run, the bull runners work hard to stay ahead and reach the fast-moving truck so they can hop on to safety.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-10-13    
Topic: Guerilla

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Wants to Help This Dad Avoid Embarrassment of Driving His Daughter's Pink Car


Heeding the fact that one in eight people will get into an auto accident this year and that, following those accidents, vehicles are in the shop for an average of 13 days resulting in vehicle owners borrowing family cars, hitching rides, or paying out-of-pocket rental fees of up to $400, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is highlighting the importance of rental reimbursement coverage.

Why? Well, because they want you to rent from them instead of using your daughter's pink car like the frustrated father in this hilarious new commercial.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-10-13    
Topic: Commercials

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