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CougarLife Ad Banned For Putting 'Immature Girls' in Their Place


Oh somehow we'll get in trouble again for this one but what the hell. Young women in Australia are angered over a CougarLife ad which features porn star Julia Ann trashing "immature girls who think they're all that."

In the ad, she stuffs a hamburger in one girl's face saying, "you need a sandwich." She tells another catty lady "you fold sweaters for a living" after the girl spitefully says to her date, "oh, so you're a computer geek." Finally, after a third freeloader says "buy me a drink" to her date, Ann shoves the girl out of her chair and says to the guy, "How about I buy you a drink."

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by Steve Hall    Oct-25-13    
Topic: Commercials, Policy, Racy

Secrets of Successful SEO Revealed


Ever wonder which behaviors and practices define a successful SEO? With this latest research study, part of the Adrants whitepaper series, Conductor and Search Engine Land analyze responses to a survey of almost 400 SEO professionals to determine common practices that best-in-class organizations utilize to drive natural search success and why SEO is integral to content marketing.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-25-13    
Topic: Research

Salvation Army Places Street Signs on Homeless Homes Calling Attention to Plight of the Homless


With help from Toronto agency Cossette, The Salvation Army is making sure Canadians know that no one should have to live on the streets.

The agency has launched an outdoor campaign that encourages consumers to make donations that will be used to help the homeless. The agency placed typical neighborhood home address signs in a variety of public places where people normally eat, talk, read, relax, wait for the bus, or just hang out.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-24-13    
Topic: Outdoor

'Work Wankers' Highlights Annoying Agency Personality Types


If you've worked in advertising long enough, you come to realize there are some types who are, well, just annoying. Two creatives, Peter Cortez and Joe Sayman took it upon themselves to highlight those types in a humorous way. The pair created a site called Work Wankers which includes such wankers as the Shoulderbeast, the Idea Killer, the Clientron 2000, the Crappywriter, the Chief Accent Officer, the Moochie and...hahaha...the Pervoceros.

Check them all out here.

by Steve Hall    Oct-24-13    
Topic: Agencies

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Really? Really? A Bra That Tweets


Yup. OgilveyOne Athens, the agency behind the amazing Lacta Chocolate work, has created a bra that will send a tweet each time it is unclasped.

Why? Well to encourage women to perform self-exams from breast cancer detection. Sponsored by Nestle, The Tweeting Bra uses a mechanism that is connected to a smartphone via bluetooth and automatically posts a tweet every time it is unhooked. The campaign features Greece's popular and well known television personality/celebrity Maria Mpacodimou. For 15 days, Maria will wear the bra and each time she unhooks it, it will post a tweet to her hundred of thousands of fans/followers about breast self-exams.

Hmm. Seems parents of teens might want a device like this for their daughters to who may be taking their bras off for reasons other than to simply undress.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-24-13    
Topic: Racy, Social, Strange

Industry Legends Unite For Gigantic ad:tech Party


Clickbooth, CPAWay and adknowledge are at it again with their Industry Legends Unite Affiliate Nation Party to be held during ad:tech New York November, 6, 2013 from 9PM to 2AM. As is always the case, the party will be awesome and it's the only late night big party scheduled for the evening at this point. So it should be packed and rocking!

The party will be held at LQ which is located at 511 Lexington Avenue in New York City. the featured DJ will be Ghost and as is always the case, it will be open bar all night. Additionally, there will be dancers and there will be dwarves. And, we are told, other surprise entertainment.

Check out pictures from the last party they held during Affiliate Summit in Philadelphia.

RSVP here.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-24-13    
Topic: Industry Events

Infographic Grudge Match Pits Canadians Against Americans


While the differences aren't dramatic, they are significant enough to warrant attention from an American marketer pimping his wares north of the border. Or at least different enough to warrant the creation of an infographic discerning the differences between Canadians and American. Because, as we all know, the infographic is the new press release for whatever it is you're promoting.

In this case, it's Media-Corps, an American media sales firm specializing in Canadian media sales.

Did you know...

- Canadians spell differently than Americans (honour vs. honor, etc.)
- Canadians call a couch a chesterfield
- Canada has a higher concentration of Asians (11% vs. 5%)
- Most Canadians live near the American border
- Canadians watch less TV than Americans (24.6 hrs/wk vs. 33.6)
- Canadians download more illegal content than Americans (20% versus 10%)
- And they watch less Netflix than Americans (19% vs. 31%)
- Canadians watch less video on demand (18% vs. 28%) but more online video (24.8% vs. 21.8%)
- Canadians consume more print media than Americans (73% vs. 53%)
- While inflation and GDP are similar in both countries, Canada was not affected by the housing crunch due to its five strong national banks

Check out the infographic below.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-24-13    
Topic: Research

Blank Pages in The New York Times Promote Upcoming Film


For the first time in its history, so says the release, the New York Times has run two blank pages in the A section of its newspaper to promote the 20th Century Fox film "The Book Thief." The blank pages appear consecutively carrying only the Times' logo, date and page number. The second blank page also includes a link to the film's website in 12-point type.

The underlying message of the advertising campaign, "imagine a world without words," we are told, echoes the film's narrative which follows a young girl in WWII Nazi Germany who begins to steal books from war-torn areas and share them with others.

Way to innovate, Gray Lady.

by Steve Hall    Oct-23-13    
Topic: Newspaper

Terry Richardson's UK Kardashian Kollection Campaign Dubbed 'Less Pervy Than Expected'


You are likely all familiar with the Kardashian Kollection which is sold at Sears. A similar collection is being sold in the UK at British chain Lipsy. A new campiagn for that collection was shot shot Terry Richardson who loves to hang with and shoot Kate Upton and other super hot models.

Writing for The Gloss, Julia Sonenshein expected the campaign to consist of the Kardashians "naked and straddling heaps of the clothing" but was pleasantly surprised to discover the campaign is "decidedly un-pervy."

That didn't stop Sonenshein from dubbing the collection "something you'd wear to an 18-and-over club that takes place in an upscale funeral home."

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by Steve Hall    Oct-22-13    
Topic: Celebrity, Racy

Your Guide to Implementing Kick-Ass Social Media Programs


Every company wants to make social media an essential component of marketing, communications, lead generation and customer support programs. If you are responsible for social media efforts at your company, this means you will be running more initiatives, tracking results more closely and involving a whole lot more people in your efforts than ever before.

That is a whole lot of work heading your way. Fortunately, there is a a framework, Spredfast's Social Media Planning Guide, that will help you plan out everything from high level social media strategy and communication to day-to-day social media best practices.

Download the Guide now and ensure your social media efforts are top notch.

by Steve Hall    Oct-22-13    
Topic: Research, Social

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