Hot Blogger Calendar, 90210 Strip-Searched, Buffy Increases Church Abandonment


- Because what the world needs now is a hot blogger calendar.

- The CW's decided to let advertisers see snippets of 90210's content after all. I guess this means the PTC will be throwing itself a self-congratulatory cocktail party.

- OMG, OMG, a Facebook movie? the co-creator of West Wing? Does that mean there's a parity of significance between Mark Zuckerberg and the ruler of the free world?

- MySpace was the top display ad publisher in June; Microsoft the top display advertiser. Most of its ads were for Live Search.

- Audi ups ad budget.

- Toronto-based CFRB 1010 gets zig to pose provocative questions like, "Should panhandling be illegal?" -- then puts those questions in ironic places (like in the hands of a panhandler). Meheheheh. More shots of the execution at AdFreak.

- Fox claims -- and I shit you not -- there's a strong correlation between the proliferation of strong female role models like Buffy and church abandonment by female worshippers. Something about Wicca.

- Will Tim Hipperson fulfill his destiny as CEO of JWT?

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