Twitter Addicts Rejoice. Adrants Twitter Feed Launched


First there was the website. Then there was the email newsletter. Then there was the RSS feed. And then came the Adrants Twitter Feed. Yes, for all you Twitter addicts, we now have a Twitter feed. And since we have a Twitter feed, you can now get Adrants news via IM or on your mobile phone because that's all part of the beauty of Twitter. So go nuts. You know you love it.

by Steve Hall    May-10-07    
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Thanks And Why Do You, Don't You Advertise on Adrants?


We're curious. Well, we're always curious but this morning, we're particularly curious about why current and past advertisers have chosen to advertise on Adrants and why potential advertisers haven't. First, of course, we like to thank every advertiser who has supported Adrants over the past five years. We thank you for your support and, though it sounds cliche, Adrants would not be where it is today without you.

Secondly, we're interested in why you chose to advertise with Adrants. Was it our editorial style? Our readers? Our independent position in the industry? Our rates? The results you achieved? The business you gained? Association with the Adrants brand? Something else?

And thirdly, if you are a marketer and haven't yet advertised with Adrants, we're interested in that line of thinking as well. Again, is it our editorial style? Our readers? Our independent position in the industry? Our rates? Association with the Adrants brand? The perception we are something less than "mainstream media"? You don't feel you will achieve your desired goals? Something else?

While we may turn this into some sort of formal survey at some point, we'd love to hear any comments, positive or negative, from those of you who have advertised and from those of you who have not in our comment section. Remember, while it may seem to take several years for your comment to post, fear not, be patient, it will definitely publish. Thanks in advance.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-07    
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Diversity in Advertising Conference Hits Boston


Continuing our support of diversity in advertising, we'd like to let you know our traveling diversity conference in association with Business Development Institute will be making its third appearance in Boston Wednesday, May 16 at Boston University. The conference will discuss the pressing issues surrounding diversity in advertising, educate job seekers on life in advertising an provide those job seekers the opportunity to meet Boston-based hiring organizations such as Arnold Worldwide, Boston Globe, Digitas, Draft FCB, Mullen, Stop & Shop, TJX Companies and many others.

The keynote speakers will be Arnold Worldwide Director of Multicultural Programs Tiffany Warren and Digitas President Torrence Boon. The past two conferences held in New York and San Francisco were well received and well attended and there's no reason to believe the Boston event won't be just as successful. For all the details on the event and to register to attend, check out out the event site here.

by Steve Hall    May- 2-07    
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Adrants' Future of Online Advertising Pass Winners Announced


Last Wednesday, we put a call out to the readers of Adrants who were interested in winning a free pass to the upcoming Future of Online Advertising Conference to be held June 7-8 at New York's Gotham Hall. Well, a week has passed and after tremendous interest, we're ready to announce the winners of the five free passes.

And, the winners are: Healthy Web Design's Dawud Miracle,'s Darryl Newton, Intercept Interactive's Josh Kaner, Sullivan Higdon & Sink's Seth Gunderson and Burns Marketing Communication's Patrick Hunt. We will contact each of the winners individually to award them their free passes and we thank the organizers of the Future of Online Advertising conference for offering us the passes to give away to our readers. We hope to see you all at the conference.

by Steve Hall    Apr-18-07    
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Win 'Front-Row' Seats to the Future of Online Advertising


Because we love you so much, Adrants is giving away five free passes to the Future of Online Advertising conference held June 7-8 at New York's Gotham Hall. That's two days (a whoppin' $895 worth) of all the buzz-hocking and inspiration you can swallow -- for free. Nada. Zip. Nothing.

Conference topics will include search, online video, click fraud and online advertising basics. Many speakers at the conference are at the forefront of advertising's future including BlogAds Founder Henry Copeland, Co-Founder Mike Hudack, Feedburner's Steve Olechowski, Edelman Senior Marketing Strategist and uber-blogger Steve Rubel, Brightcove's Jeremy Allaire and many more. Apart from the serious stuff, let's not forget the fun-having! Every conference has it and this one will too.

The fun and games take place June 7-8. This is a new conference. It doesn't have a track record but it's shaping up nicely. We're pleased to offer five Adrants readers free passes to this event. If you're interested, all you have to do is send an email to We'll choose five people at random on April 18, providing you the penultimate experience of wallowing in the future of online advertising.

by Angela Natividad    Apr-11-07    
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Adrants to Rant About Social Media on ad:tech Panel


On April 24 at 4PM during the ad:tech conference in San Francisco, the topic of personal and social media as it relates to brand personality will be discussed on a panel led by Ogilvy PR Interactive Marketing VP Rohit Bhargava. The panel will consist of PodTech Director of Corporate Media Strategy Jeremiah Owyang, AskNinja Co-Creator Kent Nichols, N-Gage Web/Social Integration Manager for Nokia Karl Long and yours truly, Adrants Publisher Steve Hall.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 9-07    
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Diversity in Advertising Conference Series Continues


Last Fall on November 8 in New York City, Adrants and the Business Development Institute held its first Advertising Industry Diversity Job Fair and Leadership Conference. We had 500 job candidates show up to hear industry professionals talk about what life is like in advertising as a minority and how agencies are approaching the issue. The timing of the event was well planned as it closely followed hearings held by the New York Human Rights Commission at which New York City Councilman Larry Seabrook stated agencies "ran like chickens with their asses plucked clean" when asked to appear at the hearings during last Fall's Advertising Week.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-18-07    
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Adrants Loves Its Job, Readers, Advertisers, Holiday Ad Grunts


I wrote this exactly one year ago and it's as relevant today as it was one year ago so with he usual holiday week laziness in full force, I'm reprinting an edited version of this for your enjoyment with relevent numbers and facts updated:

Not that there's really any news this week nor any real reason to actually be working this week in the advertising industry, typically the time when upper management leaves the grunts behind to play pool and download music...uh...perform minuscule tasks referred to as work, but there are plenty of the usual 2005 wrap ups and 2006 pontification stories you can find floating about, some of which will be here on Adrants.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-27-06    
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Adrants Gives Thanks For Growth

Back in March of 2002, Adrants had one reader. We now have 30,000 every day. That growth would not have been possible were it not for every single one of you reading Adrants today. It would not have been possible without the early inspiration and wise advice from people like Tony Pierce, Rick Bruner, Elizabeth Spiers and John Engler or the education and guidance of Ask Wapling or the editorial and sales expertise of Tig Tillinghast.

Neither would any of this have been possible without the support of our advertisers which, in 2006, included ad:tech, AllBusiness, Aquent, Business Development Institute, Forbes, Exact Target, GOT, Flippies, Conde Nast, Lyris, Marqui, MSN, New York Times, Sprint, Tacoda, Thinkmap, Time, MarketingSherpa, WebAwards, iMediaConnection, Captains of Industry and many more.

The support is truly appreciated. We'd love to hear from you in comments about the things you like about Adrants. The things you hate. The things you'd like to see changed. The things you'd like to see added. Anything. It's your forum and we want to know.

Happy Holidays. We'll be publishing the site and the newsletter lightly next week but be sure to watch for our annual top ten lists. See you next year.

by Steve Hall    Dec-21-06    
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Adrants Offers Marketers 'Fake Blog' Apology Service


Since so many clueless marketers such as Coke, McDonald's, Walmart and others seem to have tremendous difficulty accepting the fact people absolutely hate being tricked and duped online and can't seem to manage the backlash properly, Adrants, today, has launched the Fake Blog Apology service. For any marketer who finds themselves at the mercy of forum freaks, blog purists and righteous cause group watchdogs, we promise to create a public apology devoid of marketing and PR babble that is contrite and actually reflects the honest acknowledgment of your idiotic mistake. To take advantage of this important, face-saving service, send an email to You'll be in good hands.

by Steve Hall    Dec-14-06    
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