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Internet Week Summarized Infographic-Style


This Internet Week coverage is brought to you by ShareThis. The best content is hand picked.

Nothing, it seems, can occur these days without an infographic to explain it. So it is without surprise we have an infographic, courtesy of Synthesio to neatly wrap up Internet Week.

According to the infographic, the most buzzworthy keynotes were Tumblr's David Karp, The New York Times' David Carr and Brian Stelter and the Oakland A's General Manager Billy Beane.

Overall, there was a 100 percent increase in the number of tweets (11,000 to 20,000) from last year's Internet Week to this year's.

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by Steve Hall    May-23-12    
Topic: Industry Events

From Love to Bingo in 873 Images


To illustrate the power of the picture, Getty tells the story of life, from love to bingo as it were, using 873 images displayed in quick succession over a one minute period. Gathering the right images and creating the ad took AlmapBBDO six months to complete.

"It was a labour of love", says Paranoid BR director Cisma. "Although it uses still images, we tried to make it dimensional with movement and by playing with perspective. All images are 100% from the Getty Images archive. The only thing we did was change the scale and rotation to build the stop-motion sequence. There's so much in there that it's a spot that should be watched frame by frame."

Really nice work.

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by Steve Hall    May-23-12    
Topic: Video

Surfing Loves Its Hot, Bikini-Clad Beauties


Are there any men that surf any more? You'd never know if it you relied on advertisers for comment. Now, it seems, it's only hot, young women in string bikinis who surf. Check out this commercial for Tribord which lovingly caresses hot, young surfers and they become one with the water.

Created by Fred & Farid, it's beautifully shot and a pleasure to watch. And it makes you wish you surfed. So you could hang with these beautiful girls.

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by Steve Hall    May-23-12    
Topic: Commercials

Shocker! Playboy Uses Sex to Sell!


Ah, yes, the elevator. It's amazing how a little box held up by wires can conjur such elaborate fantasies. Sadly, they never happen in the real world but they do in Playboy commercials. Playboy commercial for a new line of Playboy Fragrances. Yes, the vaunted men's magazine is branching out. Hey, it has to. No one buys the magazine anymore. And who would when every last drop of sexual depravity can be had online for free?

So to promote a new line of fragrances, Playboy, unlike most other brands that use the gimmick to sell, is aligning itself closely with what it's brand stands for and is using it to sell this new product line.

In the ad, we see a man and a woman. The fantasies begin from there. Twins. Triplets. Parallel dimensions populated by 21-23 year old girls who have a fear of commitment and, well, other very weird stuff.

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by Steve Hall    May-23-12    
Topic: Commercials

With Ad Spoof, Group Protests T-Mobile's Call Center Closings


This ad could have been so much sexier. Really, it's just silly but it does make a point; at least at those who believe shipping jobs overseas (because it's more cost effective) isn't an acceptable method of doing business. In a global economy, one could debate that stance but, at the same time, no one want so lose their job.

This work, from The Communications Workers of America, mirrors the recent T-Mobile "bad girl" ad and protests T-Mobile's decision to close seven U.S. call centers and layoff 3,300 workers.

In the ad, we see a Carly Foulkes look-a-like (ok, hardly but it's not easy finding someone as hot as Carly) getting fired and, as in the original ad, rummaging through her closet to find some "bad girl" attire.

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by Steve Hall    May-23-12    
Topic: Cause

Sunglasses Offer Voyeurism of Sexy Axe Ads


As AdFreak correctly correlates, this new work from Axe in Australia which reveals racy videos to those who wear special sunglasses references the world represented in the movie They Live. For the outdoor installation, passersby are given sunglasses to wear. The glasses reveal scene of a dog swimming in a room full of water, a monkey and a pair of couples getting it on.

by Steve Hall    May-23-12    
Topic: Outdoor

'Shell' Wants Nigerians to Live With Its Oil Problems


It's truly amazing how easy it is to pull the proverbial wool over people's eyes. Witness these two videos from WorseThanBad.org, a group that aims to hold Shell accountable for spills in Nigeria. Last week, under the guise of promoting the Shell Live With It app, the group released a video that, to date, has received 25,000 views on YouTube and many comments that think the video is promoting a real Shell-branded app.

This week, the group released a second video that pokes fun at the first video's commenters - who believed the video to come from Shell. As they say, this stuff just writes itself.

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by Steve Hall    May-22-12    
Topic: Video

New Book Explains How Storytelling Can Save Advertising


Here is a wonderful promotional video for a new book, Winning the Story Wars. The book uses the bomb as a metaphor for a gap that was created between myth and reality. Myth being the stories told that gave meaning to life and that were based on religion and culture. The book discusses how marketers eradicated that gap becoming the new myth makers and how most have failed at the art of story telling.

The book's author, Free Range Studios Founder Jonah Sachs, argues marketers have abused their story telling power by pushing fear, insecurity and greed. But at the same time, Sachs explains how marketers can return to the glory days of story telling and how digital media can help spread empowering stories that instill motivation and aspiration and a positive mindset.

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by Steve Hall    May-22-12    
Topic: Publishing, Video

Beckham Plays Beethoven With Soccer Balls


Always impressive. Always interesting. But we always question just how "real" these videos featuring sports figure doing amazing things really are. The latest comes to us from Cheil USA and features David Beckham playing Beethoven's Ode to Joy by kicking balls at a vertical drum set.

Because this is an ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note, Beckham plans his routine on the phone and then uses it to send his completed feat into the social ether for all to enjoy.

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by Steve Hall    May-22-12    
Topic: Celebrity, Video

How Brands Can Use 'Big Data' to Improve Their Marketing


Heard of the term "big data?" It refers to the massive proliferation of data that, given the proper tools, marketers can use to better formulate marketing programs, media buys, social media programs and even more targeted creative.

This IBM white paper - produced in conjunction with the Interactive Advertising Bureau - will explore four data-driven use cases (audience optimization, channel optimization, advertising yield management, and targeted media buying) that collectively represent the foundation of how many are now seeking to leverage the potential of "big" marketing data.

Download this free white paper and find out how can use "big data" to improve your marketing and advertising.

by Steve Hall    May-22-12    
Topic: Research

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