Honda Behind Matthew Broderick Super Bowl Teaser


Mirroring the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, this long version of a RPA-created Honda CR-V commercial that will air during the Super Bowl follows Matthew Broderick throughout his day as he, like his character did in the movie, calls in sick and has a day of adventure.

The 2:20 video, directed by Todd Philips, has a couple dozen Easter egg references to the movie including a reference to Rooney's secretary Grace. See if you can count them all.

The video ties into Honda's ongoing "Leap List" campaign for the 2012 CR-V, which encourages people to do things they've always wanted to do before they make the next big leap in life.

A :10 teaser was released last week and all manner of speculation surrounded the shirt clip but Jalopnick got it right reporting late last week Honda was behind the tease.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-30-12    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials, Super Bowl 2012

Toyota Invents Baby That Doesn't Poop


Toyota is out with an extended version of its Saatchi & Saatchi LA-created commercial for the Super Bowl. Called Reinvention, the ad takes a look at what things might be like if Toyota didn't stop reinventing after it reinvented the Camry.

From a reinvented couch made of bikini-clad hotties or male Chippendale types to a baby that doesn't poop and can time travel to a blender that plays Lionel Richie to curtains...made of pizza, the world would be a very different place if cars weren't the only thing Toyota reinvented.

Witty stuff. We like.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-30-12    
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Commercials, Strange, Super Bowl 2012

Go Daddy Makes Every Geek's Dream Come True

godaddy_sb_2012_pussycat_dolls.jpg's yet another Go Daddy Super Bowl spot. This one's called Cloud and it features an angelic, leggy Danica Patrick along with a trio of Pussycat Dolls. In the ad, two tech heads are whisked away to "heaven" where Patrick tells them all about "making your internet dreams come true" while they drool like two highs school boys in heat.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-27-12    
Topic: Commercials, Racy, Super Bowl 2012

See the Priceline Super Bowl Commercial That Offs Shatner


So here's the Priceline Super Bowl commercial that says goodbye to William Shatner as spokesperson. See the story on that here. See the full :30 below.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-27-12    
Topic: Super Bowl 2012

Ferris Bueller the Super Bowl!


Oh yes, people! Ferris Bueller is back! And he's back big time. So big that he'll make an appearance during the Super Bowl. Well, at least that's what this teaser has us believe.

With teaser copy that reads, "We hate to be such a tease, but on a day like today, we just have to. Stick it out until the Super Bowl, or take a "day off" on Monday and catch the big reveal," a :15 teaser on YouTube features Ferris, otherwise known as Matthew Broderick, asking the camera, "How can I handle work on a day like today?'

Some say it's a promo for a sequel to the 1986 original. Others beg it's not a teaser for Viagra or Cialis. He's in a hotel room so it could be for a travel site. There are flowers. It could be for a florist. Who knows.

And this is why we love this teaser so much! Most teasers give the entire story away. This one...well, this one is a true teaser. It could be for anything. We are intrigued!

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by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12    
Topic: Celebrity, Super Bowl 2012

Audi Kills Vampire Trend With Super Bowl Ad


We think this Veneble Bell & Partners-created ad for Audi which will air during the Super Bowl will be quite well received. Especially by anyone who is sick or the tired vampire genre. In the :60, which touts Audi's LED headlight system, much needed blood is delivered to a bunch of vampires partying in the woods.

There's a problem though. The headlights' 5,000 Kelvin light power don't bode well for this group. And like a meme that really needs to die, so then do these vampires.

The ad became available after Facebook users solved the brand's Race the Light social media contest.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12    
Topic: Super Bowl 2012

Coke Polar Bears to React in Real Time to Super Bowl


Hoping to leverage the 60 percent or so of people who will be tweeting, Facebooking Google+'ing and just about every other form of 'ing you can think of, Coke, with help from Wieden + Kennedy and 360i, will launch CokePolarBowl, a site featuring two polar bears who will react in real time to the game and the ads. It's yet another example of the growing social TV trend.

One bear will be a Patriots fan. Another, a Giants fan. Controlled by a couple people at W+K, each bear will react accordingly as the game progresses.

This live reaction strategy will be applied to one of the spots, Catch. which will air during the game. Depending upon who is wining, a different bear will be featured in the ad.

Check out more on this story over at Mashable.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12    
Topic: Super Bowl 2012 'Confidence Appendage' Helps Man Buy Car


This is good for a laugh, albeit it a strange one. is out with its DDB Chicago-created Super Bowl ad and it's all about confidence. Confidence in the form of...a singing head that comes out of a guy's back while he's deciding whether or not to buy a car. This one will cause people to put down the Doritos and cheese wiz at least for thirty seconds.

The ad will include a promotion to tag the commercial using Shazam which will trigger the donation of $1 to one of seven charities. Charities can be seletcted following the game on the Facebook page through Feb. 13.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12    
Topic: Strange, Super Bowl 2012

Bank's Super Bowl Ad to Urge Bathroom Break


To illustrate just how much it cares about customer service, FirstBank will urge Super Bowl viewers - at least in Colorado - to take a bathroom break. The spot, created by TDA_Boulder, features a man in a recliner informing viewers, "At FirstBank, customer service is our priority. So if you're a FirstBank customer worried about missing one of the exciting commercials, or the game time, now would be a great time to go to the bathroom." The there is a long pause. And then he says, "Seriously." And then there's another long pause. The ad closes with a tag that reads, "Better customer service."

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by Steve Hall    Jan-26-12    
Topic: Super Bowl 2012

Bridgestone's 'Rulers of Rubber' Bring A Game to Super Bowl


As we get closer to the Super Bowl, the daily onslaught of brands releasing teasers and sneak previews of their planned Super Bowl antics continues to increase. The latest comes to us from Bridgestone who will pit its "rulers of rubber" against sporting superstars.

An entire series of behind-the-scenes lead up videos have been produced and can be viewed on the brand's YouTube page. A Facebook page will serve as the brand's digital hub of the new campaign. Visitors will find 3D animated versions of "rubberized" performance balls, pucks and tire models with interactive product demonstrations. Additional celebrity videos will be released leading up to the Feb. 5 game, as well as extra online entertainment which will debut Super Bowl Sunday.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-25-12    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Super Bowl 2012

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