Agencies Protect Their Turf Like A Baby Sucks A Binky


BigHeads Founder John Palumbo writes to tell of the trials and tribulations he goes through when trying to offer his services to agencies, many of which view anything other than their own idea as competition. We're just going to let John tell the story in his own words because we get a kick out of how it validates just about every fickle, nervous, running-scared agency mindset we've personally witnessed.

"I thought you'd find it interesting to hear how much bullshit we are running into when we speak to agencies about using BigHeads as a product for their clients As you know...we envision BigHeads to be both client- and agency-friendly (in other words...something clients could use and something agencies could use for their clients). Well...the agency approach is somewhat of a joke."

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by Steve Hall    Jul-28-06    
Topic: Agencies, Bad

Social Networking White Paper Promotes Social Networking Site


Cliff Kurtman, who has spent the last year closely following the social networking scene and segment giant MySpace has recently published a mini white paper, "Marketing to the MySpace Generation & The Economics of Social Networking," which examines MySpace's success path and the success of Kurtzman's own social networking entity, MyCityRocks. What? You thought white papers weren't thinly veiled promotions?

by Steve Hall    Jul-28-06    
Topic: Online, Research

Virgin Mobile Base Jump Game Offers Tiks to V Festival


Virgin Mobile, which sponsors the UK's Virgin Mobile V Festival, is offering a chance to attend the sold out event with a base jumping game. If you land on the tour bus, you are able to enter a drawing for a pair of tickets. We made it on the third try but we're not flying to England just for a concert. The game is simple enough and unfettered by bloat which, of course, we like.

by Steve Hall    Jul-28-06    
Topic: Games, Good, Online, Promotions

Wordologist Creates Rap For BluBlocker Sunglasses


Sometimes the ideas just don't flow when you're trying to come up with a really cool campaign for a product as mundane as sunglasses. Apparently BluBlocker had that problem and hit the streets in search of someone who could do the job their creatives couldn't. Apparently, wordologist Dr. Geek was hanging around Venice Beach, was approached by a BluBlocker employee who gave him a pair of the glasses and came up with a rap for the glasses which, after viewing, you'll have one of the following reactions: barf and bow your head in shameful realization you work in the same industry from which this work emanated or let out a big, "Dude, this shit rocks. We gotta tap some of that bad ass mofo juice for our next campaign."

by Steve Hall    Jul-28-06    
Topic: Commercials, Online, Strange

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Nicktoons Gets Retro With Flip Book Animations


Going a bit retro, Nicktoons Network is giving kids everywhere a chance to learn about animation through the distribution of flip books that play back full-motion clips from two of the net's new original animated shows.

The flip books will be distributed free to kids all summer during Nicktoon Network's first cross-country mobile tour, held at Comic-Con International and during the Nicktoons Network Animation Festival at Nicktoons Studios. The flip books are a product of Flippies, an Adrants advertiser and a company that's doing some interesting things with an old-school medium.

by Steve Hall    Jul-28-06    
Topic: Cable, Events, Guerilla

Aquent And Adobe Get You Out of the Office


If you just can't get enough out of Adobe's Creative Suite or you just need a reason to skip out of the office for half a day, Aquent can hook you up. The company, which teamed with Adobe, is launching a series of creative conferences called InDesign Inside Out which will offer product usage tips from Adobe and tips on finding great creatives from Aquent.

The road show will be held in the following cities: Charlotte, N.C., on July 25; New York City, N.Y., on July 26; Boston, Mass., on August 1; Washington, D.C. on August 2; San Francisco, Calif., on August 31; and San Jose, Calif. on September 14.

by Steve Hall    Jul-28-06    
Topic: Industry Events