American Apparel Ass Begs to be Tapped


It's getting to the point where when viewing the latest American Apparel ad you begin to wonder if they are even real. That or some art director over there has a constant hard on and can't create anything that doesn't resemble a place in which to thrust his throbbing urgency. American Apparel ads have always been racy. They've always pushed boundaries. So this latest "OH MY GOD you are so huge - stick that thing in me right now, baby! " ad from the clothier shouldn't surprise. And doesn't. But it does make one want to stick...OK, we'll spare you and stop right there.

Appropriately and quite humorously, the ad is for the company's The Tap Panty. Cute. Witty. Ironic. And all that. Now it's time for that American Apparel art director to go jack off and get back to making ads that don't portray women as fuck objects. But, wait. An ass like this is always nice to look at. OK, kidding...but not really.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 2-08    
Topic: Racy

Gawker Editorial to Compensate Big-Traffic Bloggers with Big-Ass Bonuses


Sassy bloggers, take note: Gawker might be down to drop you a few thou if you can raise traffic amongst its sites, which include Gizmodo, Valleywag and Defamer.

Jason Calacanis, the golden child of Weblogs Inc., looks at the compensation process as whoring for ratings. And we know from experience that whoring of any kind sets blows against sector quality.

"People are coming to blogs because they are NOT playing the ratings game! What difference does it make if a blog gets 10% or 20% traffic [spikes] if it alienates the core audience by playing the ratings game?" he says.

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by Angela Natividad    Jan- 2-08    
Topic: Online, Publishing, Trends and Culture

Ad Tunes Releases Top Ad Music of 2007


Something for the true ad junkies: Ad Tunes' Top Ad Music of '07! Show-stoppers in the more musical component of advertising include Beyonce, who made appearances in ads from Armani, AmEx, DirecTV and Samsung; the Beatles, which enjoyed a revival via Target and Luvs; and retailers who whored their brick-and-mortar brands out with poppy jingles.

Songs that benefited media this year included Just Like You Imagined off the 300 movie trailer, and Dirty Laundry by Bitter:Sweet for the ABC network.

If you're just that bored, up your ad music quotient with the TV jingles quiz.

by Angela Natividad    Jan- 2-08    
Topic: Online, Opinion, Trends and Culture Dabbles in Cupid, Fate and Online Gaming to Draw Mucky Clients


Muck about with Muck About, a game for UK residents more interested in beer and french fries than "icky" things like flowers and chocolate, courtesy of TAMBA.

Because yobs need love too.

by Angela Natividad    Jan- 2-08    
Topic: Games, Good, Online

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One Reason We'll Remember Bob Saget More Fondly than He Deserves


To bribe -- oops, drive -- people to, a campaign subsite for Bongo gift coupons, Duval Guillaume gives us "There are better ways to be remembered!"

Here's a taste. Back at the subsite, users can upload humiliating videos of their own design. For best results, dub it with your own lame narrative. Painfully depressed host not included.

by Angela Natividad    Jan- 2-08    
Topic: Online, Promotions

Drudge Ad Looks Like Editorial, Adrants Seeks Comment


Does anyone read the DrudgeReport anymore? Apparently they do because Mediabistro's FishbowlNY called our attention to an ad that appeared on the front page of Drudge Sunday, December 30. Viewing the screenshot FishbowlNY took you might ask "what ad?" Your query would make perfect sense since the ad looks exactly like an editorial entry.

The ad, promoting a Portfolio magazine article, does carry a disclaimer of sorts which reads, "Support The DrudgeReport; Visit Our Advertisers." Nice, but the disclaimer doesn't specifically point out the editorial just above it is, seemingly, a paid placement. Display ads have appeared before with the disclaimer but ads created to look exactly like an editorial piece begin to straddle the line (if there still is one) between advertising and editorial.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 2-08    
Topic: Online

Anne Hathaway Finalizes Spokesmodel Deal With Lancombe


Radiating gorgeous beauty and steamy sexuality all at once, Anne Hathaway stormed the scene a few years ago in a little movie called The Princess Diaries which turned ouut to be not so little after all spawning a sequel. After baring all in Havov, the nailed the role of Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada. That recent accomplishment makes for a fitting role as Lancome spokesmodel.

Reported back in early October, the deal is now final between the star and the beauty brand who will harness Hathaway's impossible beauty for a new fragrance line. We look forward to seeing her in the new campaign.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 2-08    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity

Adrants Offers Massive Year-End Orgasm(s)


What? Groan... Hello? Oh damn, is it 2008 already? Do we really have to go back to work? All that eggnog, skiing, presents and endless repeats of Christmas movies was becoming an enjoyable norm. Oh well. One does have to get off the holiday couch after a while, take a shower and re-join the human race.

We're sure everyone's feeling a bit groggy this first day back to work so we're going to bluntly kick you in the ass this morning with 2007's Raciest Ads of the Year. After all, a bit of T and A gets everyone up, right?

So, here we go. And since there's no reason to limit one's pleasure, we're not limiting this list to top ten or anything like that. We're just sharing what we think are worthy (read lame use of sex when all else fails) entries in this category. No worries if you finish before you finish. The goodies will be here when you're ready to go again.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 2-08    
Topic: Racy