Invites Users to Live Out Love Stories

match%20love.jpg swears if in six months you don't live out a love story with someone from its site, you can have six more months of free service to make up for it.

Not all tell-worthy stories end happily though. Sometimes you get locked out or hosed -- which, now that we think about it, isn't nearly as bad a fate as this one.

More print work by Hanft Raboy & Partners: Safari, Library and Pool.

Oh, but wait -- now that we've wasted at least four minutes of your time, watch the TV spots too. Slogan: "It all started with a look." You can probably predict the premises, but there's nothing wrong with a well-done cliche.

"Dating" is probably our favorite because it does that nostalgic/vintage thing that made Vanilla Sky less of a suckfest. But the other spots are good too -- "Vacation" invites an older demographic to come play, and "Baby" flashes back through the courting of a couple that's just had a baby.

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