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Old Spice Gets Off Horse, Mounts Raven Instead


Hmm.Not sure about this one. Actually, we're not sure about any Old Spice commercial that follows the amazing Isiah Mustafa series. This new work features NFL linebacker Ray Lewis on a quest to eradicate the universe of body odor with Old Spice's Swagger body wash.

"It's like a fantasy only it's real."

Hmm. Just doesn't have the same ring to it as "I'm on a horse."

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by Steve Hall    Sep- 8-10    
Topic: Commercials

MINI No Match For Grandma in Parking Space Race


MINI is out with a new campaign to tout its model updates for Convertible, Clubman and hatch. A TV commercial has the trio speeding through a parking garage in a race for the last space only to be beaten by, well, an entirely different sort of motor vehicle.

Supporting the campaign is a print effort.

We love the MINI and racing through parking lots but, seriously? Cool as this car is and it loses to an old lady? That's just not right! Just not right!

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by Steve Hall    Sep- 8-10    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials

Wii Saves Home From Wayne Gretzky


We all know most professional sports athletes aren't idiots. Though if you see them in commercials such as this Heat-created spot for EA Sports NHL Slapshot featuring Wayne Gretzky you'd think otherwise.

After a seemingly oblivious Gretzky goes Bull in a China Shop while watching a hockey game, the maid shows up and slaps him upside the proverbial head with what any non-idiot would do in a living room when overcome with the urge to play hockey: play NHL Slapshot on the Wii.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 8-10    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials

State Street SPDR Can Save Your Sinking Financial Submarine


Hmm. Here's an interesting approach to an advertising analogy. From The Gate Worldwide comes this new commercial for State Street Global Advisor's SPDR ETF brand. After :40 of underwater Das Boot/Crimson Tide/Hunt for Red October submarine trauma, the camera zooms out to reveal a boy in a bath tub playing with a plastic submarine. The announcer then intones, "do you know what's inside your investment?"

Yes, an investment can be as "small" as a toy submarine or as "big" as that child's imagination makes it. Or as strange as pretend men screaming inside a submarine. It's the same for adults. If you don't know what's inside your prized financial holdings, you're in a lot of trouble and you're at the mercy of the market.

This metaphor can, of course, be interpreted many different ways but we think gate has done a nice job making the point yet leaving it open ended enough for multiple interpretation.

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by Steve Hall    Sep- 8-10    
Topic: Commercials

Copywriter Risks Scooter-Induced Hemorrhoid Outbreak for Charity


On September 9, Lawson Clark, aka MaleCopywriter, aka Burt Reynolds look-a-like, will embark upon a 3,200 journey from Vancouver to Portland Maine...on a 150cc scooter...for ten days to raise money for Parkinson's disease.

Every two years the Scooter Cannonball Run is held and every two years hundreds of people choose to ride across country on a hemorrhoid-inducing scooter. Some do it for fun. Some do it for charity. Others do it, well, because they are just crazy...or stupid.

But Lawson, fellow star of the movie Lemonade, is doing it for his uncle who recently lost his battle with the disease. We wish him well. And you should too.

Be sure to follow his adventure over at his blog.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 7-10    
Topic: Cause

Production Company Seeks Agency to Star in Reality Show

Chiat's Girls of Chiat High

We've been contacted by the representative of a production company which is seeking an agency around which to build a reality series. The production company will do an eight week shoot with the chosen agency and air the series next Spring or Summer. The exact details are as follows:

"Major network television production company is casting for a new series surrounding the lives based around the hottest Ad Agencies in America. Looking for MAD MEN type of agencies full of larger than life personalities and creativity. Think "The Office", not in the scripted sense, but in the sense that the home base is the office and surrounding the office are unique, individual characters. Understanding client confidentiality is a must, we believe with the right cast of characters and the right agency this can make for a groundbreaking show! If you are looking for the most authentic and innovative outlet to promote your biggest clients - take this television series as a commercial branding opportunity to promote like no other."

Well, there you have it. If you think your agency has what it takes to look like a star on TV - and not fall flat on your face offering nothing but schadenfreude for the ad industry - contact Jackgoldenberg@mac.com for further questions or concerns.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 7-10    
Topic: Agencies

Philips Humors, Boobs Augmented, Interactive Gets Intimate


- Philips has released a romantic comedy called Nigel & Victoria. The first three episodes are on YouTube.

- Ladies with iPhones, want bigger boobs? Check out the iAugment app from Dr. Kinsley. Upload your photo and then choose your implant size to see what you'll look like.

- The Lingerie Football League is coming to MTV2.

- Intimate Interactive is now following us on Twitter. Intimate Interactive? Seriously? Is that like an interactive agency for lingerie clients?

- Well here's an interesting way to sell cars.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 7-10    
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Mobile/Wireless, Racy, Strange, Tools, Video

Coca Cola Happiness Machine Travels to England


Earlier this year, a Coke Happiness Machine with "magical powers" was placed in the middle of a college campus. It "magically" dispensed various items such as pizza, balloons and a 20 foot long sub sandwich.

Well, the Happiness Machine is back and it's crossed the pond to dispense happiness to college students in the UK. It's basically the same stunt - an actual human inside a Coke machine handing out goodies - but this time the grand finale is a 20 foot long platter of cupcakes.

But the stunt achieved its goal. There was much laughter and many smiles.

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by Steve Hall    Sep- 7-10    
Topic: Guerilla

Ali Larter Drops A Lemon on Kill Bill


Teased in early July, TBWA\Chiat\Day New York is out with its latest short film for Absolut. This one's called Lemon Drop and it stars Ali larter whom we've loved since she first starred in Varsity Blues. Playing a character named Lemon Drop, the movie's plot, which never takes itself too seriously, revolves around Larter using both sides of her personality to solve a caper involving missing kittens, an evil crooner, and a set of mysterious vials.

Directed by Traktor, the ten minute video can be seen here and also on YouTube and can be seen at where it is accompanied by a downloadable movie poster and wallpaper.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 7-10    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity, Video

Keira Knightey Mounts Ducati For Chanel


Keira Knightley, who some thought needed a digital boob job for her appearance on the movie poster for King Arthur doesn't need enhancement of any kind when she plants her ass on the seat of a Ducati for a Chanel photo shoot.

Clad in a beige suede jumpsuit, the Pirates of the Caribbean beauty spent this past Sunday afternoon at Concorde Place in Paris for the shoot. Previously for Chanel, Knightley stripped off all her clothing and posed with nothing but a top hat over her breasts and a shirt over her lap.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 7-10    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity

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