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Beards, Not Bears.

Bears not your thing? Try growing one for the team. If, your team is the Boston Bruins. Sorry Ranger fans. More info on this Cenergy work at Beardathon.com/bruins and in the clip below.

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by Bill Green    Apr-22-09    

Shark Attack in Britain Claims Sidewalks.

For, like, two hours. CURB and SEA LIFE London Aquarium went around spraying through stencils with salt water to temporarily promote their recent facility refurbishment. Great way to get attention without destroying the environment, innit? *Ponders as only I do* Like futbol in England needs promoting, but I was thinking, maybe another all-natural use for the stencils involves one with an EPL logo and a pack of very drunk hooligans in select locations. What. It washes off. Eventually.

*cue angry EPL representative emailing Steve and Adrants about disgusting brand association*

by Bill Green    Apr-22-09    
Topic: Guerilla

Woman Gives Birth To Drug-free Teen Without Drugs.

8 lbs. hurts from what I've been told. Full-size teen though? Yikes. Wondering what she's on because hardly a scream is heard in this drugfree.org spot after the jump from Martin Williams. Oh, and if slimy teens aren't your thing, try the print. It's much cleaner and safer! Sokay, apparently either there's an outbreak of SWSM (single white soccer moms) or only white suburban moms can keep a child off drugs. That shit takes two parents, planners. It takes two.

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by Bill Green    Apr-22-09    

Cool Tools For Non-Tools.

Because everyone needs tools, right?

- Level with me, you do be liking the new Stanley Tools iPhone app for their level. (From Mullen with Aurnhammer.)

- Hey, Tommy Boy, hit a deer? Make a claim on your iPhone with Nationwide's new app. (From Rosetta.)

- While not an iPhone app yet, mugshot finder should be.

- If only Powerpoint were this cool.

by Bill Green    Apr-22-09    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless

Contextual Sadness.

This stuff writes itself, doesn't it. *sigh* What's the penalty for being subhuman again? Oh yeah, eight years with time served. *double sigh*


by Bill Green    Apr-22-09    
Topic: Online, Strange

What the Un**** is This?

Free millions of something if you can figure this site out. Described as "In The Netherlands, Lily Allen's new single is called F*ck You!, a kind of tribute to former president Bush. You will probably never hear this song on the radio in the US and UK, so I guess that's why they came up with the Lily Allen Unf**ker, a online tool to manually censor or uncensor her new hit single."

I suppose. It's also NSFW.

by Bill Green    Apr-22-09    
Topic: Strange

Every YouTube Clip Ever Now in One Music Video.

Sorta. Using YouTube's annotation editor, director Dennis Liu and Krystalline Armendariz animated basically every clip they could find for this Kyle Andrews music video called Sushi. It's all technique tied to the rhythm of the song more than anything relating to the song's lyrical meaning. Wait, unless the feels so real lyrics actually does play off the artificial world of YouTube. But, YouTube is real I thought. Hmmm. So maybe there is a deeper meaning at work. Yeah, know what, just shut up and watch. Why?

Because that's a sick amount of editing here and sometimes a cool video is just that.

by Bill Green    Apr-22-09    

Can't We All Just Get a Blog?

There's decent amount of back and forth talk about a post Alan Wolk had over at Agency Spy. I came away thinking there are a lot of issues at work there lumped together under the single banner of why are ad people so damn angry. In talking offline with a few creatives about it, even more points were raised. At the risk of continuing the separation of church and state between creatives and the rest of the world, the focus for me becomes:

1) Why are anonymous comments overwhelmingly bitter/negative on ad blogs? (The flipside to why are ad people so damn angry.) Are we talking in the workplace? Or online. Two different things. If I was stuck in a lousy shop, I'd be angry too. I might even go online to vent about it anonymously. What if they're tired of reading fluff pieces about someone they know to be a prick. Sure beats the mall and rifle approach.

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by Bill Green    Apr-22-09    

Peter Murphy Channels John Lennon For Chase Bank.

Hmmm. I would gone with "Cuts You Up" and had someone destroying their credit cards. BUT THAT'S ME. Okay, besides the fact that Lennon and Los Beatles had generally been off-limits for years, or that Peter Murphy was Marilyn Manson sans make-up and obnoxiousity long before Marilyn was, let's take a look behind the scenes at the creative brief for this mcgarrybowen effort:

"Chase's objective was simple--they wanted people to know: we're Chase, we're a bank and we're in California. With WaMu being such a toxic brand--the largest bank failure in history--and with the country (especially California) hit hard with the recession, Chase also wanted the spot [after the jump] to provide people with a little hope and convey the dawn of a new day."

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by Bill Green    Apr-21-09    
Topic: Television

Calling All Illegal Canadians.

You may just be Canadian and not even know it. Americans must be sneaking into Canada and blending in at such a rate if they needed this spot. Well, if you're one of the sneakers, you're now legal, no matter where you came from. Check out more info at about dual Canadian Amnesty at their website. Although I would've thrown in some Rush instead of the C&W music. How long now before we get spots here for immigrants converting into Americans. (Not every Canadian among us is honest about like William Shatner. Hard to tell them apart. The guy pumping your gas? Could be from Ontario.)
by Bill Green    Apr-21-09    
Topic: Political, Television

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