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Best Buy Celebrates Innovators


Good riddance to the Justin Bieber, Ozzy Osbourne idiocy of year's past. This year, Best Buy decided to celebrate what matters; people who innovate for the benefit of others. Fabulous spot. Great job. Meaningful.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-12    
Topic: Super Bowl 2012

A Blue Bottle Won't Get Anyone to Drink Bud Light Platinum


Not sure who would actually be caught dead drinking a Bud Light Platinum but someone over at Anheiseur Busch thought it was worth spending several million dollars to convince people to do so. Maybe they figured they could tap the last twelve hipsters out there.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-12    
Topic: Super Bowl 2012

There's Always Another Way at Hyundai


Everyone in this Hyundai All For One ad in which the theme to Rocky is sun are Hyndai employees. One Hyundai employee is a bit stumped but his co-workers come to his aid and motivate him by singing the theme to Rocky. It's uplifting enough. We think a few people will be humming this tomorrow.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-12    
Topic: Super Bowl 2012

Ford Asks Chevy to Pull Super Bowl Ad


Ford is demanding that rival General Motors pull a Super Bowl commercial that implies the Chevrolet Silverado pickup is more dependable than the Ford F-Series. But GM stands by the ad and says it will run during Sunday's game.

In the ad, a driver in a Silverado navigates a post-apocalyptic scene. When he meets up with some friends, he notices one is missing. It turns out that friend was driving a Ford.

GM says R.L. Polk data shows Silverados remain on the road longer than other pickups. But Ford says it has the most pickups with 250,000 miles on them.

Ford may have the last laugh. The F-Series has been the best-selling truck in the U.S. for 35 years, and outsold the Silverado by nearly 70,000 trucks last year.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-12    
Topic: Brands, Policy, Super Bowl 2012

Two Studies to Examine Social Qualities of Super Bowl Ads


There will be no shortage of online destinations follow Super Bowl chatter, social and otherwise. You can check out a fairly comprehensive list here. Two we'd like to touch on are the BrandBowl, a partnership between Mullen, Radian6 and Boston.com and Deep Focus' Super Bowl of Social Media.

In its fourth year, Brand Bowl will gauge the social chatter surrounding the ads in the game and rank each ad based on its social profile according to the number of tweets a brand gets along with the sentiment of the tweets.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-12    
Topic: Research, Super Bowl 2012

Beancast Podcast Takes on Super Bowl


Be sure to check out this special edition of The Beancast which takes a look at what to expect during the SUper Bowl in terms of advertising. We also took a look at the efficacy of the USA Today Ad Meter, agism in the advertising industry and Google's latest move which now defines ads as content in search results.

The podcast, moderated by Bob Knorpp featured The Martin Agency VP Account Director Tedd Aurelius, AdPulp's Dan Goldgewiger, Evol8tion's Joe Jaffe and Adrants' Steve Hall.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-12    
Topic: Podcast, Super Bowl 2012

Infographic Examines Design Trends


Cake Group created an infographic for Shutterstock that takes a look at the design and image trends in visual media. Not surprisingly, cat imagery tops the list of most downloaded files in 2011.

In terms of design trends, the kinds of files downloaded indicate a rise in the use of vectors, textured imagery and vintage photography. Check out the full infographic here.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-12    
Topic: Trends and Culture

You May Now Eat the Bride


Throughout the history of advertising, there have been thousands of ads that portray people having "relationships" with their favorite product. Sometimes these relationships are quite pedestrian. Other times, they're quite over the top such as the relationship portrayed in this new Jack in the Box commercial.

In the ad we have a son telling his mother he's getting married...to bacon. Yes, bacon. And the voiceover says, "If you love bacon, make it official." It's all for the chain's new BLT Cheesburger (hmm...just another name for bacon cheeseburger?).

And the "official" part comes when we see the bacon-loving son standing with his BLT cheeseburger in front of a priest who pronounces, "You may now eat the bride." Hmm, we wonder how long before there's a porn version of this one.

The spot, created by Secret Weapon Marketing and StruckAxiom, breaks February 5 in 30 DMAs in 20 western and southern states

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-12    

Clint Eastwood Rumored to Appear in Chrysler Super Bowl Ad


Rumors and reports indicate Clint Eastwood will appear in Chrysler's two minute Super Bowl commercial and give the country what some are calling a pep talk. That's all we really know at this point. We have to believe (and we hope) that any ad featuring Eastwood will be nothing short of awesome. Well, we'll know on Sunday.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 3-12    
Topic: Celebrity, Super Bowl 2012

Social Rewards Closes $600,000 Seed Round


Social Rewards, a social loyalty platform, has closed a seed round of angel funding totaling $600,000. The company was self-funded for a year with $250,000 from founders Joseph Morin and Mike Uesugi before raising any outside capital, and exceeded its original funding goal of $500,000.

Social Rewards provides a brand's customers with loyalty points for engaging in social media activity via Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and YouTube. Points may be earned, deposited, redeemed, donated, or transferred into a "bank" built on the Social Rewards platform. The offering combines social media, affiliate marketing, and loyalty rewards to help companies identify brand ambassadors and increase social engagement.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 3-12    
Topic: Social

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