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Pope Boosts Beer Brand


Attending to very important things during his first 100 days in his new gig, Pope Benedict XVI, has, apparently given his approval, though while still Cardinal, of German brewer Stuttgart's beer. Pictures have emerged showing then-Cardinal Ratzinger enjoying Stuttgart beer. Now that he is Pope, sales have skyrocketed. In response to this, the brewery, last weekend, sent a truck, filled with 185 gallons of its beer, to the Pop in Rome.

by Steve Hall    May-12-05    
Topic: Promotions

Penthouse Cleans Up, Eliminates Dial-A-Slut Ads


Giving itself a nip and tuck, Penthouse, with its July issue, has decided to eliminate the cheesy, back of the book sex ads. Explaining the move, Penthouse Media Group CEO Marc Bell told the New York Post, "Traditional advertisers just didn't want to advertise with that in the back of the book. " Yes, Marc. Good call. It is a bit difficult to concentrate on, oh, say, a car ad when distracted by all those hot dial-a-slut ads. Editorially, the magazine is going all laddie book, adding sports, music and gadget columnists. Oh, for those pre-landing strip, saline-free, mag between the mattress and the box spring days of old.

by Steve Hall    May-12-05    
Topic: Magazine

Army Takes Recruitment Holiday Over Methods, Launches Campaign

Although it says it's not in reaction to recent accusations of over aggressive recruitment methods used by its recruiters, the Army will suspend recruitment on May 20 to have a nationwide training day, teaching recruiters the right and wrong ways to convince people to enlist. With recruitment shortfalls and not-so-attractive Iraq war, the Army has stepped up efforts and will launch an ad campaign this Summer in hopes recruitment efforts improve.

by Steve Hall    May-12-05    
Topic: Campaigns

Real Estate Agent Poses in Bikini on Billboard


Long Beach real estate agent Wendy Heath decided it was time to spice up her real estate advertising so she's running a billboard on which she appears, wearing a bikini, with her dog, who asks in a thought bubble, "Got Milk?" "Got Real Estate?"

While Heath loves the board, her real estate company, First Team, predictably, does not. First Team Manager Rich Rector was not pleased. "It is absolutely not something that First Team can be a party too. It is totally unprofessional. Would you look at this billboard, and ask, 'Is this the person you would want to represent you in the biggest purchase of your life?" Come on, Rich, live a little.

by Steve Hall    May-12-05    
Topic: Outdoor, Strange

Bavaria Beer Does Virtual Bartender


Adland points (with pics) to a Virtual Bartender knock off Bavaria beer has put together. This chic dances longer then the Virtual Bartender girls and teases quite nicely in her whit bikini. Go ahead, waste a few more minutes of your day on this one. You have to enter your birthdate, name, email and select location from the list (doesn't matter which one) to get in. She doesn't understand much English but she does understand "strip."

by Steve Hall    May-11-05    
Topic: Online

CareerBuilder First Super Bowl 2006 Advertiser


Yesterday, CareerBuilder.com announced its intent to advertise during the 2006 Super Bowl. It is the first company to make such an announcement. CareerBuilder.com's reports its 2006 marketing strategy will include national outreach and grass roots promotions in local markets. It will include primetime network and cable television, local radio, print, interactive and stadium ads. The campaign will be complemented with advertising support from the more than 130 newspapers, 48 television stations and Web sites of owners Tribune Company, Gannett and Knight Ridder.

And, yes, those chimpanzees will be back.

by Steve Hall    May-11-05    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Super Bowl 2006

Condoms Come to Prime Time

Ad Age reports Trojan plans to air its condom ads during prime time rather than the usual fringe and late night dayparts. Trojan CEO James Craigie promises the ads will be tame and safe for all dayparts. It's unclear whether the networks have yet accepted the ads.

by Steve Hall    May-11-05    
Topic: Brands

Agency Promotes Non-Client Game Release


Formerly developed by Rockstar and now, apparently, under the roof of bam! entertainment, street violence game State of Emergency 2 will be released this Summer. Someone sent us a link to this commercial, created by a company called The Phage, promoting the game which, according to a source at The Phage who recently posted the ad, was created a year ago. The source says Rockstar is still a client of The Phage but would not go into details as to why his company appeared to be promoting a game that is no longer "owned" by their client, Rockstar. Either there's some weird politics going on or, perhaps, bam! entertainment and Rockstar are combining forces in some way. We'll let the game blogs figure that one out.

by Steve Hall    May-11-05    
Topic: Agencies, Commercials

Proofreaders: Leave Us Alone

To all the anal proofreaders who keep asking us to hire you to proof this site and its newsletter. Stop. We are not hiring. In fact, we think the typos and grammatical oddities occasionally found here are part of the site's charm. Besides, what are you here for, the content or to compulsively over analyze (funny how the word anal is in the middle of that word) every letter of every word in every article? It's not like this is an annual report.

by Steve Hall    May-11-05    
Topic: Announcements

Trident Gum Saves Chattering Teeth


Sure to grab the attention of denture wearers, dental-phobics and kids prone to nightmares, this new commercial, one of three from Trident which feature a character called Little Mouth, will debut tonight during ABC's Lost.

In the new campaign, designed to make the 40 year old gum more contemporary, the innocent Little Mouth finds himself in precarious situations, sometimes coming into harm’s way. In each case, the heroic Trident pack always comes to the rescue. With the tagline, "Trident. A Mouth's Best Friend," Each of the three television spots will showcase the little guy in new adventures

by Steve Hall    May-11-05    
Topic: Commercials

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