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Tour Markets Tech Gadgets to College Students


Co-produced by The Consumer Electronics Assocation and college marketing firm Mr. Youth and sponsored by NVIDIA, RCA, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, HP Lightscribe, Nintendo, Logitech, Gibson Guitars, Geek Squad, Sony, and Audiovox, the TechKnowOverload will visit 24 college campuses and two college festivals placing the latest gadgets in front of 60,000 technology-voracious college students. As part of the tour, students can enter to win a $10,000 "Ultimate Dorm Room" tech makeover

by Steve Hall    Aug-29-05    
Topic: Specialty

Regular Bank Launches Regular Campaign


Here's a couple of ads from Austin's Frost Bank which have been running for a while and have put a spin on typical bank marketing language. The first is a spin of bank interest rates and carries the headline, "An Interest Rate on Customer Service Should be Long Term and Fixed." The second, which speaks to the now quaint notion of common courtesy carries the headline, "1868: Common Courtesy. 2005: Uncommon Courtesy." Both print ads, created by Austin's McGarrah/Jessee, are set to an old west motif with billowing clouds. TV spots Yea, it's just a little bank campaign but an uncommon bank campaign and sometimes it's nice to see what's going on outside the world of multi-million dollar TV campaigns, the latest CP + B creation and the ceaseless explosion of "viral" ads. See the other ad here.

by Steve Hall    Aug-29-05    

Godzilla Has A Hummer


In a new Modernista commercial for Hummer's H3, a rampaging, Godzilla-like creative tears through a city until she meets up with a robot-like creature. The two fall in love, Godzilla gets pregnant and pumps out a Hummer H3. Sweet. Other commercials in this week's Ad Age TV Spots of the Week include a long form commercial for Bon Jovi's new album, "Have A Nice Day," a Champ Sports/Adidas commercial that promotes the "flight control" of a sneaker with an in-sneaker pilot crew, Fat Joe becomes a pet psychologist for Boost Mobile, a Cadbury Schweppes commercial that portray Dr. Pepper as addictive as drugs, a NASCAR Nextel commercial that doesn't say much, Elmer's Glue "empowers creativity" similar to the way the current Windows campaign, humorously, "empowers" your life, an HP commercial that appears to glorify goofing off over paying attention in class and a Target commercial that, well, sells a lot of stuff Target-style.

by Steve Hall    Aug-29-05    
Topic: Commercials

Ad Legend Neil French Gets Interviewed


Ad industry advocacy group ihaveanidea is hosting an event October 6 at Toronto's John Bassett Theater where advertising legend Neil French will be interviewed by creative superstars Rick Boyko and Mark Fenske. French came to advertising by way of bullfighting, Judas Priest band manager and a career in pornography. No doubt, the event, called "a night with Neil French," will be quite interesting.

by Steve Hall    Aug-27-05    
Topic: Industry Events

Time Inc. Tightens T&E Expenses


The clearing house for internal media conglomerate memos, otherwise known as Gawker, reports Time Inc is tightening the old Travel & Entertainment budget across all properties. This intercepted memo to Sports Illustrated employees urges them to "adopt a heightened awareness with regard to spending and be as frugal with the company's money as you would with your own." Staffers are urged to take Yellow cabs versus, we assume, limos; to fly only in cattle-class; to limit submitted entertainment expenses to story subjects and source - as opposed to, oh, friends, aunts, girlfriends; and staff meeting may not be catered. Oh, the horror of it all!

by Steve Hall    Aug-26-05    
Topic: Magazine, Policy, Publishing

Old Navy And 'Cry Wolf' Do Horror Viral Thing


OK, there's just way too many things to do during our day to play check out every little viral campaign that comes our way so we're leaving it to you, Adrants readers, to tell us whether this new make-your-own-horror-movie viral for Old Navy is any good. In a similar vein, the upcoming movie, Cry Wolf, a horror flick, is also doing the viral thing. Treat it as a contest. Which one is better?

by Steve Hall    Aug-26-05    
Topic: Viral

Glamorous, High Cost TV Commercial Production to End


Sullivan Higdon & Sink VP Creative Director and one half of the American Copywriter podcast team John January has weighed in on the recent Project Wannamaker study by The PreTesting Company which found creative effectiveness burns out after two to three weeks on the air.

In response to a blog post by Business Week's David Kiley which, in part, predicted a trend towards increasing offshore commercial production, January wrote, "Outsourcing production to India? Come on, kids. We can figure this out. Can't we? All it takes is open minds. Open-minded creatives, open-minded producers, open-minded production partners. So simple in pixels. So not simple in real life. But we'd better get our collective heads around this."

Kiley also mentions one agency is exploring how MTV produces so many high quality promotions and videos at low cost and how media shops, with their number crunching efficiencies are about to take on the bloated world of advertising production. Forget weblogs. That shift, if it sees light of day, is something to seriously ponder.

by Steve Hall    Aug-26-05    
Topic: Opinion, Research, Television

Ben Affleck New Mug For Lynx


Actor Ben Affleck has signed a $1.8 million deal to become the new face of British deodorant Lynx - known as Axe in America. Affleck will appear a campaign airing early next year which is said to maintain the tongue-in-cheek tone of current campaigns. Oh, he just quite smoking, just got married to Jennifer Garner and is expecting a child. Bennifer who?

by Steve Hall    Aug-26-05    
Topic: Celebrity

Serena Williams to Launch Cosmetics Line


Cosmetics company Flirt! has signed a deal with tennis pro Serena Williams under which she will become the company's new Guest Creator, a position offered to celebrities that provides them input into new product lines. Williams (or more likely the person writing her press releases) says she is a beauty junkie. "Now I am able to create makeup that works with what is in style. Creating cosmetics allows me to be glamorous and adventurous plus show off my flirtatious side, a fun contrast to my life on the court." Williams' creation, whatever it may be, will debut at Kohl's Department store in February 2006.

by Steve Hall    Aug-26-05    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity

Mena Suvari Fronts Anti-Smoking Campaign


American Beauty, American Pie and Six Feet Under actor Mena Suvari will become the new face for non-profit, anti-smoking group Circle of Friends. Suvari, a former smoker and whose aunt died from smoking, will appear in ads for the group.

Explaining her decision, Suvari said, "One of the things you learn being in the public eye is that you have the ability to raise awareness about serious issues, and, in the process, really help people. I've chosen to get the word out to women, especially young women that tobacco is not glamorous - it's addictive and smoking takes a serious toll on your health."

by Steve Hall    Aug-26-05    
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity

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