Fountains Across Europe Adorned With Schweppes Bottles


Duval Guillaume Antwerp has created an ambient (cool word for out of home) campaign that will transform fountains across European countries into Schweppes bottles illustrating the product's sparkling effervescence. Though we're not sure we'd like to enjoy beautiful fountains across Europe adorned as Schweppes bottles, we will say this is most certainly a show stopper in terms of garnering notice for the product.

by Steve Hall    Feb-13-06    
Topic: Best, Guerilla, Outdoor

HBO's 'Big Love' Gets Wedding Cake Love


To promote HBO's upcoming series, Big Love, a drama starring Bill Paxton which centers on polygamy, HBO online agency Deep Focus sends along a unique, in-house promotion HBO is doing that places little signs promoting the show atop wedding cakes in display windows of bakeries. Pretty nifty if you ask us. See a close up image here.

by Steve Hall    Feb-13-06    
Topic: Cable, Good, Outdoor, Specialty

Price is Perception in New VW Jetta Commercial


Advertising for Peanuts points to this beautiful commercial created by DDB London for the new VW Jetta in which not a word is spoken but the message is clearly delivered, even if in a misunderstood manner.

by Steve Hall    Feb-13-06    
Topic: Commercials, Good

BzzAgent Packages Word-of-Mouth Marketing For Agencies


In a same but different approach to its business model, buzz marketing firm BzzAgent has launched an Agency Partner program that packages BzzAgents services in a way that is easily packaged for ad agencies to implement word-of-mouth campaigns for their clients. The new service allows members of the company's Agency Partner Program to implement word-of-mouth campaigns for their clients' products and services on the BzzAgent network. Partner agencies maintain significant control over campaign strategy, creative and messaging with BzzAgent supplying the technology platform to implement, manage and measure the campaign.

While extending the service to agencies, making it easier for them to engage in word-of-mouth marketing, let's hope that the control afforded agencies doesn't turn buzz marketing campaigns into staged elevator speech message delivery. After all, though things are changing, we all know how us agency types like to "stay on message."

by Steve Hall    Feb-13-06    
Topic: Word of Mouth

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Rockvertising Reaches Those Living Under A Rock


Noting how a friend explained no one needs any more promotions reminding one Valentine's day is tomorrow unless that person lives under a rock, David Berkowitz wittily coined the term "rockvertising to reach those who have simply left the building and disconnected from society. Berkowitz states igneous rocks work best at reaching the elusive 18-35 year old male and he would be happy to craft a well-form rockvertising program for you.

by Steve Hall    Feb-13-06    
Topic: Specialty

Kids Watch More TV, Stupidity Follows


You know, it's always a bit disconcerting to arrived at the house of your daughter's friend and find her proverbial "playdate" glued to the television watching some trash talk show of some movie clearly made for adults so this stat does not surprise. What does surprise is parent's lack of control and judgment over what their children watch on television and how long they are allowed to watch. One "playdate" who spends time in this house can't even sit still in front of the television (on the two weekend nights it's allowed here) because his brain has been so ADD'd by constant television watching at his house since birth he doesn't know how to follow a plot.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-13-06    
Topic: Bad, Opinion, Research, Television, Trends and Culture