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KFC Bribes Viewership of Crappy Spot With Secret Code


We chose not to make a big deal about the DVR-friendly KFC spot that encourage viewers to replay the commercial to locate a special code word that can be used to get a $1 off coupon for its Buffalo Snacker sandwich because, well, we don't see what the big deal is. We're guessing all the advance publicity KFC is generating for the spot which debuts tonight isn't to force viewers to rewind to view the code but because the spot sucks and they are doing anything they can to get people to view it. Don't bother. AdFreak already did the viewing for you at the KFC site and found the secret code word to be, surprise, "Buffalo." If you really really absolutely must have this deep fried nightmare of a sandwich, forget the spot and just enter the code at the site.

by Steve Hall    Feb-23-06    
Topic: Bad, Brands, Commercials

Andys Judges Suggest Award Categories to Avoid


What with awards season upon us, some useful information comes to us from Andy Berlin and Tony Davidson after having judged the Andys in Florence. For the help of future award entrants, they compiled a list of categories which he hopes your entries will avoid such as the "gag with the product you don't remember stuck on the end" or the "Let's come back to a not so funny joke after the pack shot" which they lovingly refers to as "the reach around." Take heed fellow creatives. Do not let your hard work become an excuse for the creation of a another category.

by Steve Hall    Feb-23-06    
Topic: Industry Events

Nike Launches Interactive Video for Nike Women


Nike announced today the release of an interactive music video featuring moves from the Nike Rockstar Workout - Hip Hop™ by celebrity director/choreographer Jamie King and music from Def Jam singer Rihanna. Ad Age Interactive Agency of the Year R/GA worked alongside Nike to create this interactive music video for NikeWomen.com. The video, part of a larger branding campaign to launch the Spring '06 fitness dance collection, allows users to step behind the scenes and learn the dance moves seen in the video, straight from celebrity director/choreographer Jamie King. Hey, we just like watching Rihanna. The interactive portions are actually quite hilarious if you like watching choreographers "break it down" for you.

by Steve Hall    Feb-23-06    
Topic: Online

HP Commercial Explains Where Deleted Images Go


Advertising for Peanuts points us to an insightful commercial from HP which openly wonders where delted images go once they leave the camera. This commercial answers the question. View it here.

by Steve Hall    Feb-23-06    
Topic: Commercials, Good

Australia Asks 'Where the Hell Are You?'


AdFreak tips us to a new tourism campaign from Australia in which the country has done everything it possibly can to prepare itself for an onslaught of American tourists and tops the whole thing off by asking and only an Australian can, Where the bloody hell are you? Two things we love about this campaign. It's spot on selling of the "brand" and it's use of, as many other Australian advertisers have, the Vividas video player which brings fast, full resolution, full screen glory to online video. Why every other advertiser in the world trying to highlight their work online hasn't dumped Windows Media Player, Quicktime, Real and all those other tiny-screened players in favor of Vividas simply makes no sense to us.

by Steve Hall    Feb-23-06    
Topic: Commercials, Good

Staples Easy Button Conjures Great Wall


Launching Sunday, a new spot from Staples will place the Easy Button in a not so office like situation. The 30-second "The Wall" commercial created by McCann Erickson, opens on an Emperor in ancient China, standing on a grassy rolling hill, staring off into the distance with a small group of consorts behind him. Galloping towards the Emperor is a large army of fierce warriors. As they approach, a consort pulls out an ornate lacquer box. One of the Emperor's men opens it and inside is an Easy Button. With the warriors dangerously close, the Emperor steps forward with his arms crossed and his has one of his warriors confidently pushes the Easy Button.

more »

by Steve Hall    Feb-23-06    
Topic: Commercials

Reader Searchers For Long Lost Mentos Commercial


In the interest of serving the needs of our readers, we'd like to enlist the help of all of you to help find a Mentos commercial a girl was in 13 years ago who was never able to view herself in the spot. Here's the story from Adrants reader Brian Sack:

"Many years ago, during the extremely awkward-yet-memorable Mentos campaign there was one spot in particular called "The Car Movers" wherein a young lady has her car boxed in by an executive meanie. She eats a Mentos, and four burly guys in overalls move her car for her. All is well.

Just as many years ago, I wrote a facetious piece comparing that commercial with the Bolshevik revolution of 1917.

Well, that young lady found the piece and just emailed me. She lives in South Africa, where the spot was shot, and she's never seen her cult classic commercial. She's spent THIRTEEN YEARS trying to find a copy, poor girl. Or woman now.

I have made it my mission to find her that spot as she's almost like a celebrity to me, and I can also relate to trying to track down a copy of a TV spot, though not for 13 years.

If you have any leads, I'd love you in the thankful way."

Have a heart. Help a girl out.

by Steve Hall    Feb-23-06    
Topic: Commercials

News Corp. Launches My Network TV, Will Leverage MySpace


News Corp. which owns MySpace is launching My Network TV, a sixth television network to rise from the ashes of the WB/UPN merger. The network will offer local stations nine minute versus The CW's three to sell locally and launch with a couple English language telenovelas. My Network TV also hopes to tap into the 50 plus million MySpace users who will, no doubt, be subjected to relentless promotion for the network.

Now if they could just do something interesting other than throw more boring TV programming choices at us. Perhaps News Corp. should talk to the owner of the domain name they will, no doubt, want to buy. Hopefully, they already have.

by Steve Hall    Feb-23-06    
Topic: Television

LA Weekly Campaign Does More Than Skewer Bush


This campaign for LA Weekly's been running a bit and we've all seen the image of Vampire Bush but we thought we'd pull it together for you and show the other images from the campaign that endeavor to "provoke thought, stir controversy and encourage conversation." The images, which range from global to local, are running in the paper, have been affixed to the paper's sidewalk dispenser and have been wild posted around the city. See four of the images here.

by Steve Hall    Feb-23-06    
Topic: Guerilla, Newspaper, Outdoor, Poster

Moving Billboard, Stationary Sticker Demonstrate Easy Money Transfer


For its Portugal client Credito Agricola, Leo Burnett Lisboa made interesting use of a moving billboard to promote the client's online money transfer service. The board alternates between images of a woman in Italy and a man in Paris but an image of a money transfer receipt remains immovable, glued to the front of the board, illustrating how easy it is to transfer money. See it in action here.

by Steve Hall    Feb-23-06    
Topic: Good, Outdoor

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