Account Exec Starts Charity For India's Orphans


Todd Copelvitz, formerly with The Richards Group in Dallas tells the story of an account person with whom he worked while at the agency named Tanya Pinto who's launched a charity called Baal Dan which she set up to aid orphans in India. She's done it one her own time, with her own money and while still working at The Richards Group.

Having grown up in India until the age of 13, Pinto was motivated to start Baal Dan after a sabbatical to India to help orphans. Now, back at The Richards Group, she is receiving help from co-workers on the charity. Why not get behind one of our own and, as Todd writes, "...take a moment from reading about the latest viral campaign and check out Tanya's work. Then do something that will really matter, and donate." Indeed.

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-06    
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'I Fell Down Some Stairs' Abuse Excuse Used In Ambient Campaign


Abuse seems to be a theme lately. First, it was last week' boxer-themed One Man Fight video for Amnesty International. This week it's ambient (OK, OK, we'll start using that term) placements near the top of Boston T (subway) station stairways that read, "I fell down some stairs" for

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Staring During Poker - OK, Staring While At Urinal - Not


There are just certain situations where staring is simply not advised: at the urinal, in the elevator at someone's disgusting facial blemish or if you are an overweight, wife beater-wearing, ice cream licking slob looking at two teens making out in a convertible. It is, however, OK to stare during poker as indicated in these Fallsview Casini Resort/World Poker Tour commercials by BBDO Toronto.

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Find the Best Jobs And the Best Employees on Adrants


You might have noticed this "Marketing Jobs" section floating around from place to place here on the site. Well, we think we've found a permanent home for it both here and in the newsletter version of Adrants. So what is it? In partnership with iMediaConnection, we've launched a job board here on Adrants on which you can both find a job and post a job. That's it. It's that simple. Plus, for the benefit of hiring companies, the listings also appear on iMedia Connection, MarketingVOX and MediaBuyerPlanner. All the jobs are related to our industry so it should make it a whole lot easier than slogging through Monster or CareerBuilder. Find hundreds of jobs. Reach thousands of talented readers with a listing. Check it out.

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Relative of Talking Horse Mr. Ed Shills For Drug Company


Taking the phrase, "straight from the horses mouth," literally, Merial, a drug company for horses, has launched a promotion for its ulcer prevention medicine UlceGard and employed a talking horse to do it. On the site, visitors can pick their horse or upload any image of their choice, type in a phrase and have the horse speak it. Who knew horse ulcers could be so much fun?

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-06    
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Samsung Gets Your SexyBack With Justin TImberlake


Samsung has hooked up with Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction participant Justin Timberlake to promote its new a930 phone. Fifty people will win a free autographed phone from the one time Britney boy as well as his new CD FutureSex/LoveSounds. Not sure we want to hear Justin make love sounds but we're sure there are those who do. People who don't win or don't want to play can simply join the Samsung Fun Club and get Justin's SexyBack ringtone for free. Check it all out here.

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-06    
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College Students to Create Chevrolet Super Bowl Commercial


Chevy is amping up its obsession with consumer generated media and has launched a contest for college students to enter competition, create an ad for the company, get it produced and have it air during the Super Bowl in 2007. With teams of three students, the focus will be on the automaker's Aveo, Cobalt, HHR and Equinox. Students will submit their concepts to Chevy and five will be chosen to present to Chevy and its ad agency in the Fall. The winner will participate in production. No mention was made regarding just how much creative control students will maintain once the idea is handed over but we're pretty confident Chevy will be honorable in this area.

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-06    
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Agencies Make Plans to Face Diversity Issues


In a move to avoid embarrassment during Advertising Week, several Interpublic and WPP agencies, have promised to set goals for increasing black representation at their firms and signed agreements with the City of New York that call for the agencies to provide reports on hiring, promotion and retention and to develop recruitment programs. The City's Human Rights Commission has plans to hold hearings beginning September 25 at which agency executives would have to testify to their company's position in the area of diversity.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-11-06    
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Little Man Introduces A Little German For Little German Wine Company


In the absolutely whacked category, Copyranter sends us this ad for German wine company Schmitt Stone Wines. The healine is "Introduce yourself to a little German." The image is of a little German sitting on the servers tray. It certainly gets the point across but as Copyranter mentions, it's so truly whacked, how many people will actually remember the product versus the image of the little man on the tray?

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-06    
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9/11 Five Years Later. Never Forget


I wasn't in the city on September 11, 2001. I was unemployed, sitting at home, looking for a job. A bit past 9 AM that day, I received a call from a former co-worker who said, "Did you hear what happened?" Of course I had not since I had pretty much tuned the world out after having been laid off following the dot com orgasm. I spent the next four days on the couch, glued to the television, suffering sensory overload as the event unfolded over and over and over.

I knew Karen Martin, a flight attendant who was aboard the ill fated American Airlines Flight 11 that day. I used to work with her years ago when we both worked at a Friday's restaurant. We didn't know each other well. Just about as well as any two close knit restaurant workers know each other but I think of her every time I see a 911 retrospective as I did Sunday night on CBS which re-aired that documentary about the New York Fire Department rookie. And just under five years ago when her name scrolled up the list on the banner behind Bono as he sung during half time at the Super Bowl in 2002. That was chilling.

When 9/11 rolls around each year, I often think of Jeff Jarvis who was right in the midst of it all that day and chronicled his experience of the tragedy in several audio tapes. He revisits the day five years later in a recent post on his blog.


While the day is etched into my mind as a very painful one, it's nothing compared to the indescribable pain and suffering those more directly involved went though and will continue to go through for the rest of their lives: the families of those who lost their lives in the towers, of the firefighters and police who died attempting to save those in the buildings, of the passengers and crew on the two planes that hit the towers, of the passengers and crew of the planes that hit the Pentagon and crashed in Pennsylvania. And the innumerable others who were affected because of their involvement.

Five years later, ground zero is still ground zero though documentary host Robert Deniro tells us plans are underway for the beginnings of Freedom Tower, accompanying buildings and a large, permanent memorial. As part of the new World Trade Center design, the imprint of the towers will remain intact.

by Steve Hall    Sep-11-06    
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