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The Cans Come Out For Cannes


While Cannes Lions is a month away (by the way we will be there in force this year in a soon to be announced partnership of sorts), the Cannes Film Festival began yesterday. And in celebration of the festival's kick off, COED is out with its Festival de Cans. Yes, It's exactly what you think and some of it is NSFW so be forewarned. Otherwise, enjoy.

by Steve Hall    May-12-11    
Topic: Industry Events, Racy

Energy Groups Wants You to Blow Your Computer


- Young & Laramore is out with a continuation of its work for Stanley Steemer which focuses on the heroic aspect of a carpet cleaner.

- Another blow your computer campaign. This time it's for Zorlu Energy Group in Turkey which makes wind farms.

- Cheil North America CEO Buz Sawyer has hired veteran strategist Dave Weaver to lead Cheil-owned One Agency.

- To make the most of a trip to Stockholm to visit ad agencies, 23-year-old Russian copywriter Stepa Mitaki created a site on which the agencies can request items only available in Russia which Mitaki will deliver when he visits the agencies on his trip.

- Coldwell Banker leverages fame of house Home Alone was filmed in to sell the property.

- San Francisco-based ATTIK has launched an interactive in-app game for Scion which will appear within the new iPad edition of The Onion. The game now appears as an interstitial ad in the June iPad edition of The Onion through Scion's month-long sponsorship program.

by Steve Hall    May-11-11    
Topic: Commercials

Celebrity Entitlement Leveraged in New York Bike Safety Campaign


Leverage the long standing notion celebrities can sometimes behave like entitled jerks, New York's Department of Transportation is out with a public service campaign featuring Mario Batali, John Leguizamo, and Paulina Porizkova who...act like jerks on bikes all in the name of convincing bikers not to act like jerks when biking in the city.

Now, if only we could get motorcyclists to stop being jerks and treating cars in a traffic jam like a slalom course.

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by Steve Hall    May-11-11    
Topic: Cause

Child Gets 'Beaten' in Children's Rights PSA


You have to wonder what sort of direction the child in this Ogilvy Dublin-created PSA for Ireland's children's rights group the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children was given prior to the shoot. To be pushed and shoved and hot - albeit stunt-style safe - must have been difficult. But we suppose children in these situation have to build up certain immunities and defense mechanisms to live in a world where their parents beat them.

It's certainly attention grabbing work.

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by Steve Hall    May-11-11    
Topic: Cause

Firefox Extension Blocks 'Bad' Brazilian Soccer Club YouTube Videos


We all know people the world over go crazy for soccer. But what's a parent to do when their child begins to show appreciating for the "wrong" team? That's where BandSports comes in. Created by Ogily Brazil, BandSport is a Firefox extension parents can add to their browser and set to block the viewing any Brazilian soccer team a parent doesn't want their child to view. In other words, parents can brainwash their children into becoming fans of teams only their parents approve. Now that's just devious!

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by Steve Hall    May-11-11    
Topic: Tools

Indian Actor Bares Chest For PETA


Here's another one for the ladies. Indian actor Sonu Snood is appearing bare chested in a new print ad for PETA's Go Vegetarian campaign. The actor, himself, is a vegetarian, hs appeared in Indian films since 1999 and most recently appeared in Dabangg playing a role which garnered him an Apsara award for best actor in a negative role.

by Steve Hall    May-11-11    
Topic: Cause, Celebrity

Branded Toast Urges Moms to Feed Kids Danone Dairy Drink


To convince mothers in Brazil that feeding their children Actimel from Danone for breakfast was a healthy choice, the brand created a line of toasters that would cook personalized messages into toast and gave these toasters to influential moms around the country along with a package of Actimel.

To encourage those moms to spread the words on social networks, the brand promised to send additional packages of the product if the moms posted pictures of their specially messaged pieces of toast on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Did the effort work? Danone claims the messaging reached 1.2 million mothers. Here's a video overview of the campaign:

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by Steve Hall    May-11-11    
Topic: Campaigns, Social, Specialty

#@%& Stupid People! And Diesel Jeans Too!


The Angry Aussie, and man with many opinions about meany topics, has an opinion about the Diesel Jeans Be Stupid campaign. And it's far from a positive one. Check out his profanity-laden video in which he trashes anyone who has anything at all to do with Diesel Jeans. It's manufacturers. It's marketers. The people who wear them. And the people who think the campaign was on to something. Guess we're on his list.

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by Steve Hall    May-11-11    
Topic: Opinion, Video

Audi Packs Oomp Into A1


There's really only one thing that needs to be said about this new Bartle Bogle Hegarty-created, Sam Brown- directed commercial for the Audi A1. It wasn't filmed on a winding mountain road.

And that makes it awesome in our book. That and the cool music. And the rabbits. And the acoustically-launched styrofoam. And the tiny parachutes. And, yea, the rabbits.

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by Steve Hall    May-11-11    
Topic: Commercials

Wieden + Kennedy Nabs Two Black Cubes at ADC Awards


At tonight's Art Director's Club 90th Annual Award Gala, Wieden + Kennedy took home two ADC Black Cubes. W+K Amsterdam won the ADC Black Cube in Advertising for its Write the Future Nike work and W+K Portland won the AC Black Cube in Interactive for its Old Spice Response Campaign. In addition, the agency won three ADC Gold Cubes, two for Nike and the ADC Hybrib Award for Old Spice. And if that weren't enough the agency was named Agency of the Year as well. Other top honors included:

- ADC Network of the Year: Young & Rubicam (second year in a row)
- ADC Interactive Agency of the Year: BBH, New York, NY, USA
- ADC Design Team of the Year: The New York Times Magazine, New York, NY USA (second in a row)
- ADC School of the Year: School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, USA (second year in a row)

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by Steve Hall    May-10-11    
Topic: Industry Events

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