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Reynolds Touts Smokeless Cigs, Country Tricked, Tweets Power Mercedes Benz


- With the recent expansion of anti-smoking laws in New York City, Reynolds is out with a new print campaign touting the smokeless Camel Snus.

- Prague agency Loosers tricked an entire country with a fake campaign just to call attention to the prevalence of website hijacking.

- Oakland A's make the argument peripheral vision is key to playing great baseball

- Mercedes Benz...powered by Tweets.

- T-Mobile seeks social media shop.

by Steve Hall    May-23-11    
Topic: Commercials, Guerilla, Policy, Social

Hot Wheels Come to Life at Secret Test Facility


In conjunction with the upcoming Hot Wheels Indy 500 promotion, here's the first of several global brand commercials from Mistress Creative and the Bandito Brothers which will tell the story of a secret Hot Wheels test facility where supposedly life sized representations of the childhood toy will be built.

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by Steve Hall    May-23-11    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials

Canon, Ron Howard Partner to Inspire Imagination


Canon just launched a new campaign, Long Live Imagination, in collaboration with Ron Howard. On May 22nd, Ron Howard and Canon invited photographers to submit their "most imaginative" photographs based on movie themes for Project Imagin8ion, a user-generated photo contest aimed at inspiring a Hollywood short film. The Long Live Imagination site hopes to foster dialogue within the community and with Canon.

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by Steve Hall    May-23-11    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity

Once Again, Sense of Humor Takes a Blow


We're getting sick of writing headlines like this one. With increasing frequency, the ability of the human race to appreciate humor is dwindling and will soon be very much like the planet Vulcan crossed with some kind of politically correct self-esteem club; emotionless. overly logical and devoid of the ability to rib or poke fun at one another.

The Postal Service has reached a settlement with Burger King over an ad that depicted a mail carrier becoming distracted by Burger King breakfast food. The Post Office didn't take kindly to the ad and, in particular, copy with read, "With pancakes and eggs on my plate, the mail has to wait."

The Postal Service claimed Burger King used the brand's logo and uniform without permission and portrayed the mail carries in a less than positive light. while Burger King admits no wrong doing, it has agreed to revise the ad so that the uniform is generic and does not use the Postal Service logo.

It's amazing comedians are still employed.

by Steve Hall    May-23-11    
Topic: Brands, Commercials, Opinion, Policy

Man Emaciated to Sell Insurance


As with any significant purchase, it always pays to shop around a bit before committing. That's the key message in this French commercial for JeChange insurance. However, the way they go about making the shop around analogy is, shall we say, a bit out of the norm for an insurance agency. But, this is France we're talking about and if stereotypical legends are to be believed, they are keenly attuned to the importance of sex...even if it doesn't end up being a deciding factor.

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by Steve Hall    May-23-11    
Topic: Commercials, Strange

Zahia Dehar Shifts from Underage Call Girl to Lingerie Model


We're not sure this new video featuring Zahia Dehar qualifies as a commercial but last year, Dehar became well known as a then underage call girl who slept with French footballer Frank Ribery who, at the time, was fronting a Nike campaign. Nike stood by their man and Dehar went on to become a lingerie model. Seems sex with a minor isn't always such a bad thing in some people's minds.

And if you just can't get enough of Dehar after watching the video, feel free to stare at this animated gif all day long or her image galleries on Google. And don't worry. She's over 18 now.

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by Steve Hall    May-23-11    
Topic: Racy

Blogworld Offers 20 Percent Discount to Adrants Readers


If you haven't yet attended the Blogworld conference and you live in new York, now's your chance. In the past, the event has always been held in Las Vegas. Now it's moved to two locations; New York and Los Angeles. Next week, May 24-26, Blogworld hits New York's Javits Center.

BlogWorld focuses on blogging and social media and offers up internet luminaries, popular and knowledgeable bloggers, podcasters and social media thought leaders. Here's an overview of what you can expect at the conference. And here's an argument as to why you should attend.

The kind folks at Blogworld have offered up a "Thanks for joining us" discount to Adrants readers. There's a discount code for 20 percent off any pass. The discount code is Adrants 20. Register online at http://www.blogworldexpo.com

That Discount Code is good for 20 percent off any pass all the way up through the event. We'll be there. Will you?

by Steve Hall    May-22-11    
Topic: Industry Events

Live Streamed Goldfish Tanks Calls Attention to Ocean Garbage


Cohn & Wolfe and non-profit group Project Kaisei partnered to create an Eco-reality show campaign on Facebook starring a goldfish named Kai. The efforts aims to call attention to the impact of plastic pollution in the world's oceans. A live streaming video shows Kai in a habitat full of plastic - a representation of dirty areas of the Pacific ocean..

Every donation made to Project Kaisei removes a piece of plastic from Kai's home and helps fund the organization's third cleanup expedition in the North Pacific Gyre.

by Steve Hall    May-20-11    
Topic: Cause

A Look at A Few Cannes 48 Hour Film Festival Entries


Here's a few entries to the Cannes Young Lions Save the Children contest. The rules called for creators to keep it between 30 seconds and 1 minute, do not use any music, and incorporate the provided final art card.

Of his project, Chris Leising said, "I was so busy shooting, there was barely ANY time to edit! That being said, there was no time to do any color correcting or perfecting the audio. Murphy's Law was in full swing, of course. I had 2 computers crash on me...and I couldn't get internet on the computer I was editing on, so my friend was seriously grabbing audio off freesound.org, throwing it on a flash drive and tossing it to me from across the room...that I'd then have to bring through compressor to change into an .aiff!! It was hectic!"

The first video is from Chris. The second two come from Andre Castilho. The fourth comes from Rodolfo Torres.

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by Steve Hall    May-20-11    
Topic: Industry Events

Ad Community Comes to the Aid of Japan


Following Japan's earthquake and tsunami, The One Club and the Art Directors Club, in along with with AKQA teamed to get the creative community to help Japan rebuild. The program, Creatives Unite for Japan, urges the creative community to band together to raise funds for Japan.

All collected contributions will fund The Ashinaga Foundation, a non-profit Foundation established in 1963 to provide aid to children who have lost their parents due to hardship, economic or natural disasters.

Of the effort, The One Club CEO Mary Warlick said, "The creative community has always had a strong connection to the design community in Japan. This is our way of helping to rebuild the future."

by Steve Hall    May-20-11    
Topic: Cause

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