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Nike Gets Fly With Jus Fly Dunk Shot


Fresh from Conscious Minds comes this video, part of Nike's #gameonworld campaign, that touts the brand's in-shoe training system and app that tracks a person's quickness, vertical jump height and "fuel" points. In the video, we see dunker Jus Fly from Toronto make a stellar shot complete with a cartwheel ball pick up. Impressive.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-25-12    
Topic: Video

Playboy Explains Men's Hairstyles


This Y&R South Africa commercial for Playboy has some fun with men's changing hairstyles over the years. And it isn't shy about implying how women's hairstyles (down there) have influenced men's hairstyles (atop their head).

The spot was directed by Egg Films' Jason Fialkov.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-25-12    
Topic: Commercials, Racy

How the Geeks Will Inherit Cannes Lions


Advertising Age just published a round up of last week's Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and took a look at five of the hottest topics discussed. There was controversy surrounding the judging of the Media Lions. There was the acknowledgement of technology's increasingly important role in advertising. There was the growing debate over the relevance of effectiveness in judging work. There was the shifting viewpoint among giants P&G and Unilever over the importance of copy testing. And there was a bit of hang wringing over the increase in the number of clients (as compared to agencies) attending the festival and whether or not Cannes will transform itself from a festival of creativity into a global marketing event.

And it is this last point that, in our mind, is worth further exploration. It appears Cannes is undergoing the same seismic shift our U.S.-based SXSW has experienced over the last few years. Just as Cannes was once a small conclave of agency types, SXSW was once a small conclave of early adopter widget heads. Now, both events have, rightly so in our opinion, expanded to include other elements of their respective domains.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-25-12    
Topic: Industry Events, Opinion

Internship King Ranks Ad Agency Internship Programs


In an effort to determine which agency has the best internship program, Internship King has gathered together a list of 40 advertising agency internship programs as determined by their own industry panel. They are now seeking input from students, employees and teachers to vote for the best programs based on experience.

Though we're not quite sure why, visitors can vote for up to 25 companies per day. If you ask us, there can be only one best. Maybe a top three. But why would anyone for for 25 companies? That said, perhaps the effort will result in a useful guide to those seeking agency internships in the future.

by Steve Hall    Jun-25-12    
Topic: Agencies

Pinterest Board Captures Cannes Lions Big Ideas and Overheards


SapientNitro has been busy this week. Along with having a presence at Cannes Lions, they have been creating infographics that graphically represents each day of the week. One more is due that will cover Friday.

If that weren't enough, they've also put together a Pinterest board collecting the biggest and best ideas expressed during the week along with interesting overheards.

From former President Clinton wishing he was 20 again so he could experience the exciting changes happening in our world to day to Leo Burnett CCO Mark Tutssell saying, "Data is really important but an idea rooted in insight is worth its weight in gold" to Twitter CEO Dicl Costolo saying, We're moving from a world where we plan campaigns for the future to one where we adapt campaigns to the moment," the Pinterest board gives a good overview of the week's sentiment.

by Steve Hall    Jun-23-12    
Topic: Industry Events, Social

Cannes Lions Thursday Captured Infographic Style


In its continuing mission to quantify all the goings on this week at Cannes Lions in France this week, SapientNitro is out with its fourth of five infographics. This version, called Social, takes a look at the number of Cannes Lions Twitter impressions (61,400,000), the number of #canneslions photos on Instagram (4,043), the number of Twitter mentions (71,799), top Twitter influencers of the week, top Tweeting companies, a summary of the important topics getting traction, top celebrities on Twitter who are at Cannes and more. Check it all out below.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-22-12    
Topic: Industry Events, Social

Cannes Lions Friday: Levy Probes Levinsohn


As Cannes Lions week winds down (there are no seminars tomorrow but the final Lions will be awarded Saturday night), we take a look at what happened today. A seminar with Yahoo CEO Ross Levinsohn had Maurice Levy humorous prodding Levinsohn on just what it's going to take to right Yahoo! Levinsohn, while comparing business to boxing said it's the right people and the right partners who will help the company succeed.

See below for more snippets from Friday at Cannes Lions.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-22-12    
Topic: Industry Events

Razorfish Behind Response to Smart Car Bird Poop Tweet


By now you've probably seen the humorous response Smart Car made to a tweet from KK Bold Creative Director Clayton Hove which read, "Saw a bird had crapped on a Smart Car. Totaled it." Smart Car responded saying "Couldn't have been one bird, @adtothebone. Sounds more like 4.5 million. (Seriously, we did the math.)"

Included with the tweet was a hilarious graphic that detailed just how many pigeon, turkey or emu craps it would actually take to damage the vehicle's "tridion safety cell."

What you may not have known is that it was Razorfish who was behind the response and the creation of the hilarious graphic. Nice work guys.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-22-12    
Topic: Agencies, Social

McDonald's Explains Why Food Looks So Much Better in Ads


We've never really wondered why food in advertising always look better than the real thing. Because we've been in the advertising business for, well, ever, we learned early on nothing in advertising looks like its real-world self, especially food. But not everyone has this knowledge so it is without surprise people always wonder why there food always looks so much better in an ad than it does in real life.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-22-12    
Topic: Brands

Cannes Lions Thursday Night: The Parties


There wasn't an awards ceremony Thursday night in Cannes so all the delagates had to do was party. Which, of course, for advertising people, isn't difficult and comes quite naturally. With big expense budgets and planty of hosted parties there's always something for everyone to do on Le Croisette.

An addition to the too-numerous-to-mention pool parties, rooftop parties, yacht parties and countless other smaller, more private soirées which took place, there were several large parties last night. Ogilvy took over Martinez Beach and gave attendees Zulu WInter to listen to. Google hosted a party at which Groove Armada played. Mindshare and Havas had parties too. And, of course, there was the infamous Shots party at which one delegate tweeted, "Girl at Shots party wearing sunglasses. It's 2AM. Twat." Gotta love late night tweets.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-22-12    
Topic: Industry Events

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