MSN 'The Wall' Gets Projection Promotion


To help promote MSN's The Wall, a project that allows people to create virtual grafitti, The Wexley School for Girls created a contest whereby entrants could submit their grafitti. Wexley then projected the winners' work tagged Atlanta using high-powered light projectors, throwing artwork on various buildings. There are plans in place to roll the promotion out to other cities. See the work here.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-05    
Topic: Guerilla

Banned 'Still Speaking' Church Ad Wins Award


Almost a year after their broadcast ad was rejected by all three major networks - ABC, NBC and CBS - as too controversial the United Church of Christ has won the Association of National Advertisers Annual Award for Multicultural Excellence for its gay and minority-inclusive "Bouncers" ad and The Initiative campaign. The ad was created by Gotham NY ad agency. The award "recognizes the efforts of a corporate marketer for an outstanding multicultural advertising campaign" among all major corporate advertisers, from Coca Cola to General Motors, nationally and internationally.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-05    
Topic: Campaigns, Online

Bank Targets Friends of the Dead


Sometimes Obituaries can be fun to read, especially if you don't know the person then you can either marvel at or snicker at the individual's life achievements crammed into a 250 word summery. With the recent intentional or unfortunate placement of a State Bank of The Lakes ad with the headline, "Dead End," directly next to the obits, reading about strangers life achievements just got, at least for a day, a bit more amusing.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-05    
Topic: Newspaper, Strange

Lubricated Electric Razor Spoofs Multi-Bladed Razor Wars


To promote its new electric razor that automatically dispenses Nivea cream while using the razor, Phillips, has launched an ad, created by Tribal DDB, in the UK which pokes fun at the razor wars with a freakish razor called the Quintippio, a 15-bladed razor that's so large it would be impossible to use. Funny. And not far off the mark. After all, if Gillette and Schick already have four blades, what's to stop them from one-upping to five, then six, then...well...insanity.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-05    
Topic: Commercials, Spoofs

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'American Chopper' Ruffles Europe's Dignified Feathers


The American Chopper guys are crossing the pond to Europe with their Discovery reality show, taking the dignity out of England and modifying it to suit their less than dignified style. In the spot, the three American Chopper guys basically rip the dignity out of England, in a humorous way, of course, and laugh at a tiny scooter as if to crush it with their loud, obnoxious Harley's. The spot was created by Convert of The Ebeling Group.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-05    
Topic: Television

'Jesus Juice' Wine Marketed With Michael Jackson Crucification Imagery


California business partners Dawn Westlake and Bruce Rheins have submitted a patent request for a wine label which reads "Jesus Juice" and contains a Jesus and Michael Jackson-like image in a crucification pose. the two hope to market wine under the label and are currently seeking business partners

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-05    
Topic: Celebrity, Policy

Maine Root Beer Saves Corporately Imprisoned Root Beer


Maine Root Beer has launched a site called Free Range Root Beer which pits itself against the big guys whom Maine Root Beer portrays as large, tasteless entities which add all kinds of filler to their product. The site contains humorous videos including one in which a stealth Free Range Root Beer team attempts to free cans of root beer which have been taken from the wild and placed in a corporate jail cell. There's a history of root beer, an area for kids, a photo contest for people to send in photos of Maine Root Beer placed in strange locations and a section where root beer lovers can express themselves through art therapy. Funny stuff.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-05    
Topic: Creative Commentary, Online, Strange

Nordtrom Gives 80's Go-Go's A Makeover


Bringing two decades of style together and highlighting a few products a long the way, Norstrom, with help from Fatboy Slim, has launched Norstrom Silverscreen a remixed version of the 80's G0-GO's video "Our Lips Are Sealed." Random Culture points out several products are featured in the video and the two decade groups cavort in typical music video style. Other similar video remixes are forthcoming. Visitors can opt to watch a basic version of the video or an enhanced version which requires a download but will automatically play each new video as it becomes available.

Unfortunately and stupidly on Nordtrom's or it's agency's part, the enhanced version only works with, you guessed it, Internet Explorer and not with the IE-killing and fast growing Firefox, the browser of choice for anyone that has a clue. Marketers and technology providers have got to stop sleeping with one bed partner and start playing the field. There's a lot of untapped Firefox hotties out there willing and waiting for the "enhanced experience." So, come on marketers and technology providers. Stop being so prejudice in your choice of bed partners.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-05    
Topic: Celebrity, Online, Opinion

PS2 Images Quirky


We think these PS2 images/ads have been around before but because they are so dynamic, they're worth sharing again. They really do negate the need for words.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-05    
Topic: Consumer Created, Strange

Art Directors Club Celebrates Brand Pimping


The Art Directors Club, to announce its 85th Call For Entries, has produced a promotional poster with the headline, "Pimp My Brand," and an image of a guy in a pimped out Ronald McDonald in, perhaps, a nod to Miss McDonald or to the manipulation brands receive from consumers.

Acknowledging the growing involvement of consumers with brands, ADC Executive Director Laurie Kratochvil said, "Our 'Pimp My Brand' call for entries acknowledges the trend of makeovers and the resurgence in innovative packaging, design and marketing. It also recognizes the powerful role that advertising and design play in today's media-centric life."

Of course, time will tell how willing marketers will be when it comes to brand pimping.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-05    
Topic: Industry Events

ad:tech Over, Ranting to Resume

A Happy ad:tech Couple

OK. We're back. It was fun. We learned a lot. We met a lot of new people and had great fun with friends. We cruised the exhibit hall floor. We attended and reported on tons of informative sessions. And we didn't sleep just so you could vicariously party hop with us.

You heard all about it here but there was a three day gap in our usual rantings so today, albeit a bit late, we're back at it. Stay tuned as we poor through all those tips you've sent us over the past few days and serve them up with our usual flair.

by Steve Hall    Nov-10-05    
Topic: Announcements