Billboards Offer Lubricated Entry


Racy is not a strong enough word to describe these two billboards created by Grey Worldwide for some kind of lubricated cream. And that's a good thing. This ad is daring. This ad is great. This ad is a cacophony of euphemisms and sexual innuendo. It's also brilliant at capturing attention. No wonder there's a traffic jam.

by Steve Hall    Jul-12-06    
Topic: Good, Outdoor

Advergirl Skewers Coke's Move Into Consumer Generated Media


Advergirl, fast becoming my new favorite ad blog (if she keeps writing things like this), has offered up, in reaction to reading a Church of the Customer post about Coke's apparent knee jerk foray into consumer generated media, a hilarious but ever so realistic meeting scenario between Big Agency and Big Client on New Media. Give it a read and it will sound like every meeting you've ever been.

by Steve Hall    Jul-12-06    
Topic: Brands, Consumer Created, Good

Agency Offers Internship to Best Head Butt Subtitle Writer


Quickly capitalizing on that whole World Cup head butt thing, Belgian communications agency Mortierbrigade has created a site where people can subtitle the video of what Materazzi said to Zidane prior to the head butt. The agency will offer a copywriting internship to the person who they think writes the best subs.

by Steve Hall    Jul-12-06    
Topic: Agencies, Strange

Stupid Questions Work in McDonald's Campaign


I don't know. There's just something funny about these Canadian McDonald's spots created by Cossette Communication Marketing. The spots raise the interesting sort of questions most of us wouldn't ask out loud but would love to if given the chance. These spots offer the chance. The "I wonder why" scenario is not a new one, it's just done fairly well here.

by Steve Hall    Jul-12-06    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Good

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PC Guy Puts Mac Dude In His Place


It's a rule in the advertising industry that All Apple Ads Must Be Parodied so it is without surprise that our friends over at Gizmodo have created several spoofs of their ow. This time, though, the spoofs aren't all warm and fuzzy for Apple but a bit more bluntly honest about those "dudes" who use a Mac.

by Steve Hall    Jul-12-06    
Topic: Good, Spoofs

Bluelithium Named Top Innovator of the Year by Always On


Two year old ad network Bluelithium has received a Top Innovator of the Year Award from technology publisher AlwaysOn as well as being named for the second year a Top Private Company Innovator. Bluelithiums's claim to fame is its network of 100 million people reached through 1,200 sites and its ability to target those people through demographics, geographics, behavior and context. Recently, Bluelithium added the ability to deliver targeted video ads either within banner or pre-roll.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-12-06    

Holiday Inn Campaign Highlights Strange Behavior


Every once in a while a campaign comes around that's so good you don't notice you're watching a commercial while at the same time you do. Yes, I know that's weird but this Holiday Inn campaign fits that description. The eight spots feature a group of guys on a business trip at a Holiday Inn and touches on all the odd, weird, embarrassing, squirmy things that can happen when a bunch of guys get together on a business trip. From awkward hot tub moments to odd fanboy moments to no one's here so we can be weird moments to moments mistakenly observed to be homosexual. View the whole campaign here.

by Steve Hall    Jul-12-06    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Good

Youth Encouraged to Vote With Purposefully Stupid Ads


We all know no one pays attention to political ads and so does WestWayne and the Ad Council which, together, have launched a PSA campaign to encourage young voters to get out and vote during the midterm elections. Maximizing the over usage of pointless political platitudes, the ads call attention to the very thing many political ads generate: apathy. At the same time, the ads point out the downside of apathy with the tagline, "If you're not voting then who are you electing?" See them all here.

The television PSAs are accompanied by radio ads as well as a website which will host all sorts of goodies such as ringtones, podcasts, e-cards and blogs for each of the mock candidates.

by Steve Hall    Jul-12-06    
Topic: Campaigns, Good, Online, Podcast, Radio, Television, Weblogs

Ad Bloggers Wanted, Ad Blog Launched, FCC Goes Crazy


- Visual Thesaurus, a company that visualizes words and their relationship with others like a thesaurus on steroids, is looking for bloggers who'd like to contribute to the company's online magazine. Check it out here.

- Lisbon guerrilla marketing agency Torke has launched a blog and they want you all to read it.

- Adobe will be holding its MAX 2006 Conference and Fourth Annual MAX Awards October 23-26 in Las Vegas. Check it out here.

- According to the Hollywood Reporter, the FCC has asked the networks for 30 tapes of live sporting event broadcasts to review them for naughty word. We agree with the TV exec who said, "It looks like they want to end live broadcast TV." A certain level of censorship for family friendly cleanliness is fine. Scraping this deep, after the fact, is just plain nuts.

- That hottie Rachael is still at it over at 88Slide, a daily trivia show/contest and Jeremy Pepper wants you to know about it.

- The Canary Project which brings attentions to global warming through photography is running a transit campaign in Denver as part of the city's Museum of Contemporary Art Creative Acts That Matter exhibit.

- It's a given that most high tech advertising isn't very good. Unfortunately, we can't say if this new site, called The Davinci Coder, is any good since it riffs off, the book and the movie, neither of which we have read/seen so you'll have to find out for yourself.

- Some people don't like gay rights campaign the Denver-based Gill Foundation is running in Colorado Springs called Born Different an features a dog that moos.

- to promote interest in a store opening in Portugal, IKEA placed hundreds of beds outside the store and asked shoppers to spend the night so they could be first in line for the opening.

by Steve Hall    Jul-12-06    

McDonald's Billboard Tells Time With Sun Dial


Just when we thought there were no new ideas, Leo Burnett, with the help of an engineer, designed a billboard in Chicago for McDonald's which acts as a sun dial to create a shadow of the McDonald's arches over a different breakfast food for each hour of the morning. Of course, someone will now leave a comment saying this has been done somewhere else before unfairly labeling Leo Burnett a copy cat.

by Steve Hall    Jul-12-06    
Topic: Brands, Good, Outdoor

Charmin Takes A Dump, Pinches A Loaf, Lays Cable


Those people who were offended by those cute Charmin bears doing their business are gonna go nuts when they see this newish Publicis UK-created Charmin clip called A Little Bit Rude which has great fun highlighting the many names we give to a certain bodily function. To accompany the video, Charmin has made, perhaps, the best use of a blog to date: encouraging people to submit their favorite euphemism for taking a dump. Believe me, there's some you've definitely never heard before such as "Backing the big brown motor home out of the garage" and "Releasing the chocolate hostages." Have fun. Add your own. And please. Please make sure you forward this to all those people you know will be offended so we can all pretend we're in elementary/grammar/primary school again. Come on. Just for today. Then we can leave the bathroom humor behind and go back to our boring lives.

by Steve Hall    Jul-12-06    
Topic: Good, Online, Viral