Modernista Promotes Own Layoffs, Continental Advertises Crash


- Oops. Modernista!'s crazy website which isn't really a site but an application that points people to other sites that have written something about the agency is now finding it's "site" touting the agency's recent layoffs.

- Oops. Continental Airlines plane crashes. CNN writes story. Continental Airlines ad shows up right beside story. Classic contextual advertising fuckery. When will someone figure this shit out?

- Oops. The fake Denny's Nannerpus ad is better than the real...uh...originally fake Nannerpus ad. Confused?

- Oops. is selling Illusion's rape simulation video game.

- Oops. The economy sucks. Everyone's drinking. Everyone's having sex. But ads still suck.

by Steve Hall    Feb-13-09    
Topic: Bad

Cannes Wants Young Lions to Walk With Real Lions


Well, at least the lions aren't humping Draft/FCB-style in this new Cannes Young Lions campaign. Like a lion in the wild who is the master of his domain, the Young Lions are a force to be reckoned with.

They ain't taking no shit but they do use chop sticks to eat their prey.

It's Time to Rule, young creatives. Don't Settle For Scraps. Show everyone what you've got. But do it before February 25 which is the deadline to register for the competition.

The campaign was created by Chicago-based Bagby.

by Steve Hall    Feb-13-09    
Topic: Industry Events

Diet Coke Grabs Hilary Duff For 'Style Series'


Hilary who? Oh right. Hilary Duff. Remember her? The child starlet everyone was flipping out over a few years ago for losing so much weight she turned into a skeleton? Well, she's hooked up with Diet Coke (hmm, not a good sign?) and will appear during the brand's third Diet Coke Style Series February 17 at the Reuters Studio in Times Square.

Along with fashion designer Christian Siriano, supermodel Heidi Klum and former Glamour West Coast Editor Rachel Zalis, Style Series will follow Duff, who we dubbed "the new ad babe in town" six years ago," as she makes her way through Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and interview her about her music, fashion and upcoming role as Bonnie in Bonnie & Clyde

Siriano will share his latest fashion with a runway show. Klum will talk about her Heart Truth Red Dress Collection Fashion Show. And Zalis will interview the pair prior to the show.

And here we thought it was Pepsi which was obsessed with celebrities.

by Steve Hall    Feb-13-09    
Topic: Celebrity, Events

Iron Maiden Lands in Austin For SXSW


Are you an Iron Maiden fan? Who the hell is Iron Maiden you ask? Well, do your homework or just move on to the next story. For those who care, you can get another glimpse of the heavy metal band in action in Iron Maiden: Flight 666, a documentary premiering next month at the SXSW Film Festival.

Wait, what? Adrants writes about advertising, right? Not movies. Well yea but since a lot of you are going to be in Austin for the Interactive portion of SXSW, we thought we'd give you something else to do once you tire of panel babble, keynote pontification and too much free booze.

by Steve Hall    Feb-13-09    
Topic: Celebrity, Industry Events

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Influencers Ads Bring Social Networking to the Tired Ad Banner


So you know who Facebook's ad program lets people recommend/endorse various product to their friends? Wouldn't it be great if that were possible across the entire web instead of just within Facebook? Well, as a DR ad would scream, "Yes! Now you too can get social! And you don't need Facebook to so it! Call now!"

OK, so how does it all work? PopularMedia has introduced Influencer Ads. Similar to rich media banners from the likes of Pointroll, Influencer Ads are large format ads but with social networking functionality added.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-13-09    
Topic: Online, Tools

Barbarian Group A Fast 50 Company


Boston and New York-based Barbarian Group is number 29 on Fast Company's Fast 50 list for 2009. The agency, which launched in 2001 with the four founders; Benjamin Palmer, Rick Webb, Keith Butters and Robert Hodgin, has now grown to 80.

The agency first came to notoriety for their work developing Burger King's Subservient Chicken. Yes, it's Crispin's account but Barbarian Group did most the work truth be told.

Recently, the agency did the CNN T-shirt thing which made it possible for people to choose a favorite headline from the site and have it affixed to a customized t-shirt.

The agency was also named digital agency of the year for 2008 by Creativity Magazine. Clearly the agency is on a roll and it's well deserved.

They are well positioned for the path advertising is on. Much better positioned that most traditional agencies and even other interactive shops.

by Steve Hall    Feb-13-09    
Topic: Agencies

...and Would You Like Sprinkles on that Star-Spangled Animal Fat?

"Muscovites have been puzzling over a series of vaguely Warhollian posters appearing in subway stations. The 'product' being presented is called Amerikanskoye Salo, which translates to 'American Lard' or 'American Fat.'

Judging from the poster, it has several culinary uses, including chocolate-covered lard and lard drizzled with borscht."

According to Read Russia (linked above), Russian business newspaper Kommersant claims this American Lard thing is a propaganda effort by political party A Just Russia, which wants to draw attention to the sick, unhealthy interior beneath the US's tasty veneer (edible or otherwise). Others claim it might be a viral effort to promote a book, and at least one civilian believes this really is just a new food product.

"Sigh. Propaganda here used to be so simple," the author laments. Yeah, we know the feeling.

by Angela Natividad    Feb-13-09    
Topic: Guerilla, Packaging, Political, Poster, Strange

Real Tax Payers of Genius Don't Squander on Ad Divas.


It isn't immediately clear whether the Maryland Comptroller has an ingenious sense of humor or just really low standards, but "Real Tax Payers of Genius" -- a video effort to get taxpayers to e-file -- definitely left us with a queasy "What hath YouTube wrought" sensation.

Word from a colleague: "I love how the screen says ifile ... and the voice says efile." But it was the papercut scene, and the digitally-enhanced voiceover, that stole our appetites.

We can't hate on something we so deeply pity. So hey, MD, here's some help. (And warm clammy thanks to Jack for molesting us with this audiovisual gem.)

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by Angela Natividad    Feb-13-09    
Topic: Campaigns, Cause, Online, Strange

FirstBank Makes Ski Mask Joke. Oh, How Gauche!


Colorado's FirstBank hopes to nail younger customers by pushing its mobile banking product.

"Its simple goal is to demonstrate a commitment to the youth market, by going to them where they are," the pressie explained. But we suspect the choice of media buy -- just Colorado ski resorts -- had as much to do with TDA Advertising's one-hit wonder of a slogan as the demo did.

"Bank in your ski mask without getting arrested," the ads deadpan. Yeah, that's not gonna work in a shopping mall.

by Angela Natividad    Feb-13-09    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Outdoor

Man and Robot Have Earnest but Unconvincing Pizza Debate


Not completely sure what to make of this one. For pizza franchise Mr. Jim's, AdWise put together this weird ad where founder Mr. Jim goes head-to-head with "Doughby," his dough-making robot.

In the space of :30 they start randomly arguing about whether it's dough, or "the toppings and the crust!", that makes a pizza great.

But given that crust is composed of dough, and the company slogan is "It's the crust!", I guess Doughby wins. Or both win. Or maybe it doesn't matter, and we should all hit Pizza Hut for some stuffed-crust action, because that's really more our speed.

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by Angela Natividad    Feb-13-09    
Topic: Brands, Commercials, Strange, Television

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