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Footlockers 'Endorser' Proves NBAer Blake Griffin Really Does Love His Jordans


We've all become very used to celebrities and sports figures endorsing everything under the sun. We've also become very used to the fact these celebrities and sports figures get paid millions to say great things about the brands they endorse. But when so much money is at stake, how do we really know if any of these celebrities or sports figures actually mean what they say? After all, most people would say anything you told them to if you gave them a few million dollars, right?

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 7-13    
Topic: Celebrity

AOL Buys Adap.tv, Mag Circ Down Again, Guinness Does NFC

A Happy Tim Armstrong

- AOL has agreed to buy Adap.tv for $405 million allowing AOL to expand its video advertising offerings.

- Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen -- whose company has 35-plus broadcast stations off the air in a fee dispute -- expects more blackouts, with programmers continuing to raise prices for carriage rights.

- According to the Alliance for Audited Media, formerly the Audit Bureau of Circulations, total magazine circulation fell 1% from 292.9 million in the six-month period ending June 2012 to 289.9 million in the six-month period ending June 2013.

- OMG! L'Oreal model Cheryl Cole is appearing in a skincare campaign...wait for it...without wearing foundation

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 7-13    
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Celebrity, Magazine, Policy, Social

Yahoo! to Release 30 New Logos in Advance of Rebrand


In advance of its planned September 4 rebrand, Yahoo! will release 30 versions of a new logo over the course of the next month. Called "30 Days of Change," the brand will release one new logo each day. Of the move, Yahoo! CMO Kathy Savitt said, " It's our way of having some fun while honoring the legacy of our present logo."

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 7-13    
Topic: Brands

Yawn. Yet Another Brand Does the Vine Video Thing


It would seem brands are tripping over themselves to launch Vine campaigns despite the fact Instagram video seems to be crushing Vine. Well, brands won't let that minor detail deter them from having their day with Vine.

Just today, Honda has returned with its Live Vine Day promotion in which the brand responds to people who use particular hashtags. And now we have Jack in the Box unleashing 101 Vine videos that illustrate the brand's Go Big or Go Hungry approach to dining.

While the brand, working with Struck, is urging people to create their own Go Bog or Go Gome Vines, we're not sure we really need more than 101 videos illustrating just how insane people are when it comes to consuming -- or playing with -- food.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 6-13    
Topic: Social

Honda Returns With Another Live Vine Day


To promote its annual summer clearance sale, Honda, today, will do another Live Vine Day in which the brand will respond directly to consumers who use the #HondaLove hashtag on Twitter with live Vine videos encouraging them to share their personal stories of #HondaLove.

The brand's initial effort on July 15 responded to tweets with the #wantnewcar hashtag with live Vine videos encouraging users to ditch their old cars and purchase a new Honda through the Summer Clearance Sales Event. On Twitter, the hashtag #wantnewcar received more than 100 million impressions and nearly 10,000 #wantnewcar mentions.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 6-13    
Topic: Social

Coke Brings Personalization to Israel's Billboards


Expanding upon Coke's personalization campaign, Israel's Gefen Team created interactive billboards which invited people to enter their names using a Coca Cola-branded smartphone app.

The location-based app was able to identify the consumers as they approached the billboard and transmitted their names automatically to the billboards. Using geo-fence technology, whenever a consumer approached the billboard, they received a message notifying them that their name was on the billboard.

The app ranked #1 in Israel's app store on the first day of the campaign and maintained that position throughout the campaign period with a total of 100,000 downloads.

Check out the case study video below.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 6-13    
Topic: Outdoor

Watch This Phallic Tiger Convince A Guy to Get Laid


Maybe it's just us. Maybe were just really easy. If you're a guy and you're at a party and a hot woman sits down next to you and gives you the "do me" look, do you really need to consult a talking phallic tiger for motivation? No. We didn't think so.

But, apparently, the guy in this Tiger energy drink commercial needs a bit of convincing.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 6-13    
Topic: Racy, Strange

Samsung Does Survivor With 'SOS Island'


It's not the first time Survivor has been copied nor will it be the last. After all, who doesn't love watching a collection of hot and not, smart and dumb, strong and weak compete with one another for our own vicarious pleasure?

TV star and "survival expert" Les Stroud will train 16 contestants to compete in SOS Island: Survival of the Smartest, an online video series sponsored by Samsung. It will be shot and live-streamed from the remote SOS Island in the Caribbean. Viewers will vote for a winner with the last remaining contestant winning the grand prize: their own island.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 6-13    
Topic: Online, Social

Loving Mother Smothers Son in Taco Bell's Smothered Burrito Ad


Who doesn't love the attention of a doting mother every once in a while? And the loving attention of a doting mother becomes ever more important when you're one of the 24% or so of 20-34 year olds living at home.

Deutsch LA gives nod to this statistic in a new Taco Bell commercial -- perfectly titled Smothering Mother -- which promotes the brand's Smothered Burrito. In the ad, mom buzzes about tending to her son's every need with rapid fire questions and commentary.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 6-13    
Topic: Commercials

Push-Up Bra Model Strips to Reveal...OMG!!!


Not nearly as elegant as androgynous model Andrej Pejic selling push-up bras for Dutch retailer Hema and -- let's be honest -- not really trying to, Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal employs a bit of a curve ball in this commercial for its own line of push-up bras.

Buzzfeeds' Copyranter feels the ad is a bit too long and drawn out. We think it works. It keeps you wondering...or not wondering until, well, you do begin to wonder what's happening. And that intrigue is what makes it, and any good ad, interesting.

Almost 3 million YouTube viewers seem to agree.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 6-13    
Topic: Racy

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