Unilever Dispenses Ice Cream for Smiles


Following up on the Coke Zero Happiness machines imagineered for Cannes in '09, this year SapientNitro plugs Unilever's ice cream brands - with a machine that dispenses the frozen desserts when a person smiles at it.

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by Angela Natividad    Jun-24-10    
Topic: Brands, Good, Industry Events, Specialty

Cancer-Stricken Man Sells Ads on Urn to Pay For Cremation


We missed this one last week. Springfield Oregon man, Aaron Jamison was diagnosed with colon cancer a year ago and has recently been given three months to live. As a means to cover the cost of his cremation and avoid leaving his wife with the bill, Jamison sold ad space on the three urns in which his ashes will be placed, joking, "I'm 400 pounds, so there's enough ashes to go around."

Sixteen companies have paid for space with PETA being the last. One PETA ad will read, "People who buy purebred dogs really burn me up. Always adopt." Another from PETA will read, "I've kicked the bucket - have you? Boycott KFC."

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by Steve Hall    Apr-29-10    
Topic: Specialty

YouTube Overlays, Foursquare Plays, American Apparel Displays


- Foursquare was all the rage at SXSW this year. And they had a killer party with Ashton Kutcher in attendance. Now a new, location-based app, CauseWorld, allows you to check in to a box of Tampax. And other products. For charity. So it's all OK.

- YouTube now offers something else to distract us from the video we are viewing: ad overlays.

- In partnership with LookBook, American Apparel has figured out how to pimp itself without resorting to near naked teens in underwear.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-18-10    
Topic: Industry Events, Publishing, Social, Specialty, Video

Wait, What? Who Did I Meet Last Night?


Ever wake up in the morning and have no idea where you were the night before? Or worse, find a phone number in your pocket and wonder whether it belongs to the hot girl or guy you met or the number of your bookie to whom you owe money?

Arlington-based 3 Bar and Grill, with help from Bill Santry Design, hopes to alleviate those concerns with it's napkins. They are helpfully branded with the name of the location and a space to fill in the name and number of that hot girl/guy...or that annoying bookie.

by Steve Hall    Jan-13-10    
Topic: Specialty

If You're Luggage Looks Like Leg, Make Sure You Claim It


So you just got off the plane from a long flight and you're heading to baggage claim. It's the most boring, mundane aspect of leaving the airport. Everyone stands around for what seems forever waiting for the carousel to start turning. There's nothing to do except wait and wait and wait.

But wait! Not anymore. Now you can watch ads tumble onto the carousel while you wait for your own bags to arrive. Dutch Customs Authority created several packages with messages on them urging people to make sure they properly declare their wares. Especially if it appears to be a body part.

Yet another surface defaced by advertising. What next? People's foreheads? Oh wait.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 7-10    
Topic: Guerilla, Specialty

Oh Look! Threesome Marketing Snuggie-Style!


Look. It's like a Snuggie for booth babe marketing. How long before we see this at the next ad:tech, Blogworld or Affiliate Summit? We'd love to see it simply for the hilarity of watching three girls try to maneuver an exhibit hall floor without causing a traffic disaster.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 5-10    
Topic: Specialty, Strange

The Red Cross Pops The Salvation Army


Now here's a store you don't expect to see at the mall. Like a steamroller crushing old-school Salvation Army bell ringers, The Red Cross has popped up a store in an upscale shopping center in Madrid. Created by Leo Burnett Madrid, the store contains pseudo books that contain bookmarks that remind people their contributions help make the story a happy one.

Many Spanish celebrities from Real Madrid's Álvaro Arbeloa and Ruben de la Red to gymnast Rafa Martinez to actor Miguel Hermoso showed up for the store opening. The store took in record breaking donations over its first weekend. It'll be up through the month of December.

by Steve Hall    Dec-21-09    
Topic: Cause, Outdoor, Point of Purchase, Specialty

Cherish Christmas 'Blue Velvet'-Style With Elf Ears


Looking for that perfect Christmas gift for someone special? Something they will treasure for the rest of their life? A gift so special it will just ooze with love and adoration? This isn't it.

This is the sort of gift you'd give your co-worker to get a "Dude, that's disgusting!" Or make the cute intern scream like she's watching a Saw movie.

Yes, thanks to Nail, this little piece of Christmas will keep you in the spirit year round. That or a cause group will label you disrespectful of "little people" with deformities.

by Steve Hall    Dec-21-09    
Topic: Agencies, Specialty, Strange

Dude, Where Are the Holes?


So you're out with your friends and you find yourself at the bowling alley. You go to pick up a ball and...WTF...there's no holes on the ball for your fingers. Surely, you must be mistaken and you turn the ball around in your hands until you realize there are words where the holes are supposed to be. The read, "Helps Prevent" and "Cavities and "Elmex." You shake your head and realized you've been adver-balled.

You then read on Adrants that this is the work of Israeli agency Shalomar Avnon Amichy and realize yet another surface has been usurped for commercial purposes. Then you ask yourself. Should you be angered or should you slap SAA on the back for furthering the adver-anywhere trend?

by Steve Hall    Dec-14-09    
Topic: Specialty

Meet 50 Cent, Strippers on Wheels, NBC's Olympic Ad Hopefuls

- 50 Cent and vitaminwater in the lab working on free iPhone apps and a chance to meet Fiddy, I said Fiddy.

- Swing by NBC and pick up a 2010 Winter Olympics slot or three.

- Move over People of Walmart, People of Public Transit. (Via.)

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by Bill Green    Nov-17-09    
Topic: Product Placement, Specialty, Television

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