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Tom Ford and Vulva Create New Trend: Vaginads


Two make a trend and we're dubbing it Vaginads. Yup, vagina ads. Last week, Tom Ford debuted a new campaign which prominently featured his fragrance product directly between the legs of a naked woman. Now, we are tipped to German company Vivaeros which has a product called Vulva.

And yes, as the name indicates, it has everything to do with that particular female body part and the (good) smells that emanate from within. While the whole thing reads like one big spoof (an email to the company confirms it's the real deal, though), there seems to be some seriousness to it. The company, reacting to the predominance of erotic products which makes a person more attractive to another, has bottled the smell of sex (in the form of a "beguiling vaginal scent") and is selling it as a fragrance for men to wear seemingly to bring them pleasure in the absence of the real thing.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-16-07    
Topic: Racy, Strange

Ever Want to Be a Lab Rat?


We love a good hoodia ad. Here's one in which a woman goes from fat to skinny, then gets fat again before your eyes. Guess it can't be pegged false advertising if she balloons back to original size, and if the company shrouds a very clear promise under the guise of a study, rather than overtly promoting "the new magic bullet" of weight loss.

Did we ever work out what the old magic bullet was?

by Angela Natividad    Sep-16-07    
Topic: Online, Worst

P. Diddy's 'Unforgivable' is Unforgivable


Every once in a while a piece of work comes along that clearly looks like it's trying way too hard to accomplish what it set out to do. Courtesy of P. Diddy's Unforgivable fragrance, this is such a piece of work. For 2:58, we are subjected to repetitive images of Diddy mentally drooling for hottie Jessica Gomez, whom he ultimately beds in the final seconds of the video. It's styled like a quick cut video from the eighties and the music swells as if the creators of the video are circle jerking themselves to mutual orgasm.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-15-07    
Topic: Bad, Celebrity, Commercials, Video

Survey: Should Hardee's Have Edited Flat Buns After Complaints?


Last week, Hardee's received complaints about their Flat Buns ad in which a class full of students rapped about a sexy teacher who danced in front of the class. Hardee's reacted the the complaints and modified the ad to remove the teacher.

Should Hardee's have listened to complaints and changed the ad? Give us your answer here.

by Steve Hall    Sep-14-07    
Topic: Brands

iQdoU? Billboards Proliferate NYC, Have Roots in Canada?


Adrants reader Amy sent us a shot of these iQdoU? billboards and asked if we knew what this is all about.

After some intelligent sleuthing (read: consulting Google), we found a cliffhanger-style website that invites the inquisitive to "unwrap the secret" on September 23rd.

Dissatisfied with that, and with the crappy think-tank music, we checked the meta tags, where we found terms like "celebrity shopping" and "seen on celebrities."

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by Angela Natividad    Sep-14-07    
Topic: Outdoor, Strange

Kittery Outfits Hunters with Adequate Animal Calls

kittery trading hunters.png

It's probably every hunter's conceit that he's outfitted with a 'horse whisperer' gene that draws the animals near, like mice (or was it children?) to the Pied Piper.

Kittery Trading Post exploits that sad delusion with this ad by Rattle, which promises to outfit wilderness buffs with both gear and the right kinds of nature calls, so they won't embarrass their dogs.

Thanks for thinking about the dogs, Kittery. But is there any way you can help save the women?

by Angela Natividad    Sep-14-07    
Topic: Commercials, Good

Jerry Della Femina Calls Bullshit on Bob Bly


Mothers of Invention Founder Robert Rosenthal points us to Bob Bly's blog on which he takes to task Jerry Della Femina for comments he made in a New York Post article. Della Femina said of the advertising business, "It went from being a business of fun to being a business of money, and that changes everything."

Bly agrees advertising should be fun but it should also be considered work and their should be any fun-having with the client's money.

Della Femina himself puts the whole thing to rest, commenting, "What bullshit. I took Isuzu, Becks Beer, Blue Nun Wine, Meow Mix,Zip Lock bags, Dow Bathroom Cleaner, Air Wick stickups from tiny accounts or startups to giant profitable companies. That made all their stockholders a ton of money [and] I did it while I was drunk and having fun. Imagine if I was sober."

Touche, Jerry. Bring back the Mad Men and the three martini lunch!

by Steve Hall    Sep-14-07    
Topic: Agencies

Week Whacker: Spears, Vagina, Hardee's, Adsturbation, Della Femina


- The world was horrified by Britney Spears' MTV Video Music Awards performance but you can't help feeling sorry for the girl who's just trying to hold her shit together.

- Tennessee Education Association President dubs Hardee's bootylicious Flat Bun commercial "unbelievably demeaning" to teachers. Hardee's edits it to remove the bootylicious teacher.

- Michael Mann directs a masterful commercial for Nike featuring theme music from The Last of the Mohicans.

- OMG! Facebook places ads in newsfeeds.

- CNN's Mike Galanos takes offense to Clearasil's new, supposedly racy ad campaign.

- Tom Ford cuts through the bullshit and goes vaginal in new fragrance campaign.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-14-07    

DC Ad Club Promotes Its Ad Week With Stupid Ads


For your pre-Advertising Week enjoyment, check out these super cheesy ads from the Washington DC Ad Club which is having its own advertising week and is running the most idiotic commercials to promote it. The really sad thing about this is that there are actual ads from actual companies that are as bad or worse than these airing on TV and the creators think they're actually good. Anyway, more pointlessness to amuse you on a Friday afternoon.

by Steve Hall    Sep-14-07    
Topic: Industry Events

KFC Sponsors Mystery Meat Macrophotography Photo Series


So there's this Mystery Meat macrophotography thing floating around. It consists of people taking close up pictures of processed meat products. Next to one of the images, courtesy of contextual advertising fuckery, we have a text ad for KFC talking about their nutrition guide. Mmm, mmm, good.

by Steve Hall    Sep-14-07    
Topic: Strange, Worst

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