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Volkswagen Gets Gross With Clean Jetta Guy


No one loves their car this much. Oh wait, this is Volkswagen we're talking about. Those freaks are whack. Just witness how much this guy loves his Jetta and will do anything to keep it clean before he picks up his girlfriend. Even if she has to suffer from his cleaning technique.

by Steve Hall    Sep-21-07    
Topic: Commercials, Good, Strange

Giant Red Fish Roams Holland For GreenPeace


This is just awesome. We don't know why but it is. Maybe it's because anytime you place a cute, cuddly character on the street it attracts a lot of attention and makes everyone happy. That's what's happening in Holland with a fish named Guppie, a forlorn looking red fish who ambles about from town to town capturing the public eye.

While no one new at firts, Guppie's purpose was to call attention to a GreenPeace website called MaakSchoonSchap which makes people aware of endangered fish being sold in their supermarkets and asks that they stop buying them.

What's not to like about a cuddly, sad looking fish? It worked for Nemo.

by Steve Hall    Sep-21-07    
Topic: Good, Guerilla

Hugo Fragrances Hauls Out Mutual of Omaha Mating Ritual Dance


We're having a really, really tough time deciding whether this new video promoting the Hugo Fragrances XY for Men and XX for Women is insightfully witty or over-the-top horrific. Using the male stalks female in the wild analogy, the video lets us observe the mating rituals of a man and a woman in a museum. The video leads to a website which features Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Bette Franke sparring in a boxing ring. All to promote dueling fragrances.

by Steve Hall    Sep-21-07    
Topic: Bad, Campaigns, Celebrity, Good, Video

Filial Duo Says Games Hurt, Studying Helps, Academic Performance

orly bird.jpg

Here's a shocker. A revolutionary report, compiled by a father-son team on a college campus, has found that video games hurt grades, while studying improves them.


Does this mean Candystand hurts professional performance? How much does this actually scale?

by Angela Natividad    Sep-21-07    

QVC Insider Reveals Mystery Behind iQdoU


A QVC employee has risked life and limb to let us in on what's happening behind the iQdoU? campaign.

The source blithely reports QVC will be unveiling its new logo on the 23rd, a Q that represents a package being opened to reveal the QVC inside.

Sounds complex.

QVC employees were shown the new logo just yesterday.

by Angela Natividad    Sep-20-07    
Topic: Campaigns, Outdoor, Strange, Word of Mouth

Can Anyone Remember What Student Arrest Was Like Before Tasers?

don't tase me.png

After Andrew Meyer was arrested Monday and repeatedly Tased by police after verbally niggling John Kerry, his cry of "Don't tase me, bro!" has sparked an online phenomenon all its own.

Even YTMND got in on it: donttasemebro.ytmnd.com.

Vox notes that while the quote's been appropriated with a light-hearted veneer, it's being used as a tool to spark tense discussions about the ethics of cops, Tasers and unruly suburban university kids. Can't we all just get along?

by Angela Natividad    Sep-20-07    
Topic: Trends and Culture

OMG!! Agency.com Wins An Account!


We were sure we'd be receiving a press release sometime in the next few months announcing the demise of the ill-fated Agency.com but no. Far from it. Apparently the Subway fiasco is in the past and the mass exodus of management has slowed. And they've decided to win an account. A $100 million account, no less. LG Electronics has awarded creative duties to the shop which is said to consist of TV, interactive, print and guerrilla. Congrats, Agency.com. Break out the fist bumps!

by Steve Hall    Sep-20-07    
Topic: Agencies, Good

Dennis Told How to Catch Hepatitis C


Here's an odd little video calling attention to World Hepatitis Awarness Day on October 1. In the video, a stick figure character named Dennis is given advice on how to catch Hepatitis C. Hmm. Makes you want to wrap yourself with impervious plastic wrap and just separate yourself from the human race for the rest of your life. The video's message? Get tested.

by Steve Hall    Sep-20-07    
Topic: Good, Video

Westin Goes Zen, Adrants Gets Adstrubated

- Next week, Union Square Park in San Francisco will be transformed into a Zen garden with 25 tins of gravel, stepping stone and bamboo courtesy of the Westin Hotels & Resorts.

- I got my Adsturbation T-shirt (Thanks, Deutsch). Did you get yours?

by Steve Hall    Sep-20-07    
Topic: Guerilla, Specialty

This Commercial Break Sponsored by Cleveland's Brokaw


This is a year old but look what fun Cleveland-based agency Brokaw has with it's own. An unsuspecting Brokaw employee named Erin gets the shit (well,not exactly) scared out of her when her co-workers decide to set off one of those air horns in her office. Hey, it's not news but we all need a commercial break from that sometimes. Consider this that break.

by Steve Hall    Sep-20-07    
Topic: Agencies, Strange, Video

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