East London Decapitator May Be Girl-Targeting Killer-in-the-Make


Sometimes an innocent instance of "sticking it to the man" is not just sticking it to the man. It might be sticking it to women. Literally. Blood and all.

Words & Pictures takes a closer look at the activities of the East London Decapitator and observes the lauded ad-manipulator targets women five-to-one.

Considering the female half of Adrants is the Queen's Country right now, that's a ratio that literally hurts our necks.

Read the analysis, if only for the accompanying "DIE, BITCH" comic.

What do you think? Is this all in good fun, or the makings of a carte blanche psycho?

Advertisers Beware: The Decapitator is After Your Little Pretties


On the streets of East London, plastic heads are rolling. Blame the Decapitator, who is mutating ads for his/her own statement-making ends.

That image at left? It once was a cavity-sweet spot for High School Musical 2. And we can't even talk about what happened to that little bee from Bee Movie.

Headless bloody variants of smiling ad protagonists are applied to public posters with wheat paste, wethinks. Wired compares the work to that of New York's Splasher, who was eventually suspected of working under contract for American Apparel.

There's something romantic about street appropriations of ad messages. But marketer-on-marketer violence? That's just bitchy.

by Angela Natividad    Jan- 4-08    
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Robed Women Trek to Times Square For New Lifetime Series


To promote Carson Kressley's new Lifetime series How to Look Good Naked, 160 women will parade their way to New York's Times Square today via taxi and subway wearing bathrobes while conspicuously carrying their bras in one hand. One assumes, they ladies won't really be naked under their robes. One also wonders what idiot decided to stage this stunt in the middle of winter. With chilly temperatures, 360 320 (all those erect nipples distracted us from our math calculations) erect nipples are likely to knock a building or two down.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 3-08    
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Next Time, Think Twice Before Taking on a Seven-Foot Beer!


Continuing the current fetish for encasing humans in glass to make some sort of point (child slaves, sex trafficking, cell phones), Lime designed this effort called "Trapped" for DfT Drink Drive. It appeared in Paddington Station and will be touring the UK from the 13th to the 23rd.

As you can see, a giant pint glass is separating this forlorn man from his holiday celebrations. This dramatic symbolism represents how drinking and driving can screw up all your fun and games.

We dig that grimacing old man in the background.

Lime is part of UK-based Leo Burnett Group. Photo provided by ImageWise.

by Angela Natividad    Dec-17-07    
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Yes, a Giant Google Pin Constitutes as an Outdoor Campaign


To celebrate the debut of Google Transit, which helps commuters plan their itineraries, the Google pin took to the streets of Vancouver, which was the first Canadian city to get the Google Transit treatment.

Grey, Vancouver was responsible for the pinnage. Gawk stupidly, as we did, at this montage.

Any chance of the pin blowing up?

by Angela Natividad    Dec-10-07    
Topic: Guerilla, Outdoor

Target Learns the Hard Way: Astroturf Evangelism Gets Yo' Ass Skinned


To try building hype, Target started a secret society called Target Rounders. The group is comprised of college kids who earn discounts, CDs and other goodies if they sing the praises of Target to friends and family.

We heard about the group from Rosie Siman, a 21-year-old member of the group and a senior at the University of Georgia. Apparently shit really hit the fan when Target circulated a Rounders newsletter in early October, saying the company would be launching a Facebook group.

Oh, Facebook. All roads, good and ill, lead to you, don't they?

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by Angela Natividad    Dec- 5-07    
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ING Direct To Turn Philadelphia City Blocks Into Board Game


AdFreak just received an email which claimed ING Direct this Friday would, "take over two city blocks with a life sized board game. 'Road to Saving' is designed to teach Philadelphians how to save their money, in a fun, innovative way." Apparently, local celebrities (they have them) will be there to instruct people on how to play the game as well as compete with the $5,000 first prize going to charity. The average Joe, three of which will compete after the celebs, not being so rich will get to keep the prize money for themselves.

So if you live in Philadelphia, don't be surprised if your favorite block suddenly resembles Monopoly...or something.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-07    
Topic: Games, Guerilla

Washington Monument Sports A Condom. Just Wait. It'll Happen


Just when you think every last bit of space has been commandeered by ads, another pops up. We know someday someone's going to offer to paint our house for free in exchange for placing a giant logo on the front of our house. And Kevin Dugan, in an article on his blog posits we may soon see the Washington Monument sheathed in a Durex condom, ads embedded in one's bodies so they appear on x-rays, ads painted in the bowl of a toilet (this one's a no brainer), ads on baby scales and ads on headstones in graveyards.

Think it won't happen? Did you ever think you'd see ads on the paper that covers the exam table in a doctor's office or on the front of snow plows?

by Steve Hall    Dec- 4-07    
Topic: Guerilla, Strange, Trends and Culture

Elf Adaptation Takes to Streets of Manhattan


In our minds, OfficeMax has got the psychological monopoly on holiday elf exploitation, but this year TJ Maxx is swiping the idea and bringing it to the streets of Manhattan.

In red.

Where's a bull when you need one?

The big holiday march, led by Carson Kressley of Queer Eye, was dubbed "Discover Your Inner Elf." Which is just a wordier way of saying "Elf Yourself." Niiiiice.

by Angela Natividad    Nov-30-07    
Topic: Guerilla, Promotions

Doe-Eyed Child Slaves Stare Bleakly Out of South African Shop Windows


To add a personal face to human trafficking, Leo Burnett, South Africa put young children on the auction block in shop windows for its client, The Salvation Army. See variation here.

The children do not look amused.

This isn't the first time kids have been put in windows, but we've previously seen the idea in cheerier settings.

by Angela Natividad    Nov-30-07    
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