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Abe Books Draws Readers with Knife Throwing for Kids


For client Abe Books, the March Hares of Rethink, Vancouver literally rethink the notion of the stodgy rare-bookery. Tagline: "If you can't find it here, it doesn't exist." Imagery: highly unlikely works of fiction and non-fiction, including Everything You Wanted to Know About North Korea, But Were Afraid to Ask.

We dig Abe Books because we recently used the service to land first-eds of Don Marquis' impossible-to-find Archy and Mehitabel, a series of poems written by a sensitive cockroach who types at night (in low caps because he can't hit Shift and reach for another button at the same time!) and his moody feline friend Mehitabel, who believes she was once Cleopatra. Can you think of better lit? We didn't think so.

The fine Balendu has more images from the same campaign.

by Angela Natividad    Apr- 5-07    
Topic: Good, Magazine

Pillow Fight gets Toronto Blue Jays Spot Banned


Once again, ridiculous over reaction has occurred, this time over a Publicis-created Toronto Blue Jays spot that shows two kids having a pillow fight which designated hitter frank Thomas then joins and whacks one of the kids off the bed with a pillow. The Television Bureau of Canada, a watchdog for Canada's private broadcasters would not approve the spot to air. Blue Jays VP of Marketing sums it all up saying, "I think we are taking ourselves a little too seriously if we're saying a pillow fight cannot air because it's viewed as too aggressive, or Frank's too big versus a small child."

more »

by Steve Hall    Apr- 5-07    
Topic: Commercials, Good

10-Year-Old Susie Flynn Petitions for POTUS


Tired of lies, bored with Nader and irritated by the '08 POTUS-race-cum-Myspace-popularity-contest?

Vote for 10-year-old Susie Flynn who, in the still-pure well of her heart, promises "every child in America will get the health insurance he or she deserves" if she wins.

Campaign videos and petition available on-site. Little Susie is taking war chest funding from the spin-docs at Fallon, Minneapolis on behalf of the Children's Defense Fund, who want to build awareness about the child health care crisis in the US.

In a small but recent victory for the Susie party, Congressman Bobby Scott introduced HR 1688, The All Healthy Children Act, to provide all children and moms-to-be with health care access, including the 9 million uninsured kids out yonder. Brava. Government dosh is better spent pushing swings than picking cat-fights in the East.

by Angela Natividad    Apr- 5-07    
Topic: Agencies, Campaigns, Social

Clowns and Boxers Recruited for Chicago Exchange Campaign


Chicago's Flow Creative has whipped up a fun campaign for what sounds like a seriously mundane business, Chicago Board Options Exchange which has fun with clown surgeons who don't know how to operate and boxers who think oven mitts will do the trick. This is one of those campaigns that only makes sense if your in the financial industry. Otherwise, when you hear the close of the clown spot which says "when it comes to options, there's no substitute for CBOE." you'll just respond by asking, "Huh?"

by Steve Hall    Apr- 5-07    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Good, Magazine, Television

Coffee Intake Reduced With FedEx/Kinkos' Print Online


You've got to wonder about a person who would accept money to sleep on a desk...in public..all day long. On second thought, what's to wonder? It's a perfect gig. Get paid to sleep. That's what FedEx Kinko's did as part of its No More Allnighters promotion which promotes the company's Print Online service. There's also an "explore the cubicle" website and a video in which a guy consumes the necessary liquid to perform an allnighter. Good stuff.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 5-07    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Good, Online

Lexus Sponsors Digital Green Edition of 'The Week'


The New York Times' Stuart Elliott reports The Week will publish an issue that focuses on environmental issues and in true tree hugger fashion, the issue will only be published online. On April 20, the issue will be available to all, not just subscribers to the magazine. Lexus is sponsoring it and will use the site to promote its hybrid vehicles.

In true fashion, Stuart goes on endlessly so if you're interested in how this will affect the magazine's readership, what other print publications have taken to online either by choice or out of sheer economics, how Lexus is challenging other media to change their game, the pop up stores Lexus created last fall in tandem with Conde Nast and Hearst, the previous promotion The Week did with Philips and this gem: "Single sponsorships, in print and on TV, are becoming popular among marketers as they seek to stand out from the commercial clutter," be sure to read the article in its entirety.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 5-07    
Topic: Good, Magazine, Online, Sponsorship

Stephen Colbert Gets Kidnapped!


What started as an innocent Youtube lookalike contest has escalated to a hostage situation. Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report has been taken - to wild and crazy Canada! Read hostage letter and blog, which lists various against-my-will! atrocities being committed against Colbert at this very moment. These include getting eaten by the Oshawa General and meeting the mayor. Those Canadians don't mess around - Stockholm Syndrome, here he comes.

Release can be arranged if somebody grants his captors the rights to produce a legit Stephen Colbert Action Figure. We are fervently pro-action figure and would love it if all our media friends could stare encouragingly down at us with frozen smiles (kind of like in real life) from a way-high-up shelf over our desk.

Thank the creeptacular toy-loving folk at Happy Worker, and now let us take hands and pray.

by Angela Natividad    Apr- 5-07    
Topic: Agencies, Events, Strange

Criminals Featured on Anti-Gun Billboards


The Maryland EXILE program which aims to control gun use has launched a billboard campaign that features the names of actual convicted criminals. One board reads, "Solothal 'Itchy Man' Thomas got life in prison for carrying a gun. Wonder what his new nickname is?" and refers to Solothal Thomas who was convicted of shooting a man 15 times and is currently serving a life sentence. Want ad fame? Just go commit a crime. Oh wait, that's not what Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein says the message should be. According to him, "The purpose of the billboards is deterrence.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 5-07    
Topic: Outdoor

Prodigeous Pulchritude Required of Snorg Tees Models


To all you women who want a modeling job with Snorg Tees, one thing needs to be made clear. You must be at least a C, if not a D cup, and enjoy wearing tight t-shirts that stretch across your breasts and read, wittily, "I'm Kind of a Big Deal." OK, now that we've cleared that up, we can move on with our regularly scheduled news of the day. [Ed. Where the hell did this come from, dude?]

by Steve Hall    Apr- 5-07    
Topic: Online

Over-Achieving Viral Makes CD Look a Fool, All While Generating Zero Site Visits


This time last year Jonathan Schoenberg of TDA Advertising & Design conducted a guest lecture in Boulder, CO and smashed the disruptive cell phone of a student with hardly a pause in his sentence. Naturally, somebody recorded it.

The video is startling but not nearly as exciting as the one of the UCLA student getting repeatedly tased. Even so, in 12 months it's made multiple public TV and news cameos on ABC Nightly News, MSNBC, CNN and O'Reilly Factor, not even counting appearances in New Zealand and Canada. To date it straddles nearly 3 million views and is the 16th most-discussed video ever.

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by Angela Natividad    Apr- 4-07    
Topic: Agencies, Super Bowl 2007, Video, Viral

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