Greenpeace Employs Flashmob Stratregy For Anti-Nuclear Campaign


Greenpeace Switzerland launched a national campaign against nuclear plants.Part of the campaign includes posters and direct. The other part was well-staged, nationwide flashmobs which illustrated how a nuclear cloud could affect a country if there were a problem.

Summing up the whole nuclear issue, one commenter wrote, "Save the planet, punch a NIMBY. Coal plants pump out poisons by nature of their design throughout their entire operational lifetime. Nuclear power plants pump out poisons only when something goes very wrong or Russian standards of safety are involved. Oh and the Chernoybyl site, is basically a nature preserve now, the "environment" is doing fine. The areas affected by oil spills will never fully recover."

So is nuclear energy really that bad? What is the perfect solution to the world's energy needs? Is it even possible to generate any form of energy without affecting the environment in some way?

by Steve Hall    May-28-10    
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Rape Campaign Just Makes Men Think More About Sex


Copyranter couldn't have said it better: "Call me confused, but showing a half-naked woman in a rape awareness ad being viewed by plastered horny pissing men is just bloody stupid, right?"

He's got a point. And this long-running bathroom stall British Home Office campaign does a poor job achieving its goal In fact, all it does is make men think more about sex. Because, as we all know, men don't need much in the way of motivation when it comes to wanting sex.

This is not to say men are just walking hard ons looking for a play but it's a well known fact sexual imagery makes men think about sex. Why a rape awareness campaign would go even remotely near the use of sexual imagery is a bit baffling

It seems something a bit more direct like, say, "Rape Will Get you Ass Fucked in Prison" minus the panty-clad image would have greater effect.

by Steve Hall    May-28-10    
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Lottery Determines Outcome of Babies' Lives


Akin to Logan's Run or The Island or Gattica, the babies' lives in this BBDO Guerrero/Proximity-created commercial for Philippines charity Child Hope are, in a way, predetermined. Some are destined to become lawyers. Others, doctors. And, sadly, others, drug addicts. And, at least in this commercial, it's all determined at birth by a lottery system.

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by Steve Hall    May-19-10    
Topic: Cause

Canadians Paint Country Pink While Waiting For Doctors


Hmm. If this is what universal health care is going to bring us, we're not sure it's as good as proponents claim. Apparently, there aren't enough skilled doctors in British Columbia to handle patient demand. Which seems to be causing a rash of exploding pink ejaculate all over the province's cubicles.

The effort, for Stop the Wait, comes from Spring.

by Steve Hall    May-18-10    
Topic: Cause, Strange

Two Guys, One Cup. OK, Not Really.


Truly disgusting. But a powerful message. View at your own risk. Feces are involved. But it's all in the name of the need for clean water in parts of the world where clean water isn't the norm.

You can thank WaterAid for this message.

by Steve Hall    May-17-10    
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PETA Warns PR Firms to Steer Clear of Ringling Brothers


Using a photo from former Ringling Brothers elephant trainer Sam Haddock, PETA ran an ad in this week's edition of PR News urging public relations agencies to stay away. The photo in the ad shows a baby elephant at Ringling's Center for Elephant Conservation training center with ropes around its legs and body. The headline reads, "Represent Ringling: Lose your reputation." And copy reads, "No amount of PR can make beating babies sound good."

The campaign aims to call attention to the alleged mistreatment of elephants by Ringling Brothers trainers.

Of the campaign, PETA EVP Tracey Reiman said, "Ringling Bros. is a public relations nightmare waiting to happen. There's not a PR team in the world that is slick enough to sell the beating of baby elephants, the whipping of tigers, and the use of chains, bullhooks, and electric prods on animals - all for the sake of a few cheap tricks."

So...whose up for the challenge?

by Steve Hall    May-13-10    
Topic: Brands, Cause

Candie's Borrows e*Trade Baby For Bristol Palin PSA


Continuing her work for the Candie's pro-abstinence Pause Before You Play campaign, Bristol Palin offers commentary after we see a young mother get all hotted up to go out only to be confronted by her talking baby who says, "You're not going anywhere. You've got diapers to change, bottles to fill and I've got a nasty rash on my butt."

And you never believed them when they said having a baby will change your life forever.

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by Steve Hall    May-12-10    
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Pedigree Wants You Save This Poor Pooch


How one can determine the number of abandoned dogs in a given nation is beyond us. But, that's besides the point. UK-based Hyper Happen wants us to know there are 108,000 abandoned dogs in the UK.

To do that, they've created Charlie's Story, a multi-part story of an abandoned dog sponsored by Pedigree Adoption Drive. Apparently the outcome of each video can be changed after 25,000 views. Way to get the view count up guys.

Also, Pedigree will donate £1 for every view. So go watch, people! And watch a lot!

by Steve Hall    May- 6-10    
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Chimp Returns to Planet of the Humans


Leo Burnett is out with some stunning new work for the World Wildlife Fund. It's a four minute video that tells the story of a chimp who is sent into space in 1961 and who excitedly - at least initially - returns 65 years later only to sadly shed a tear for what the world had become in his absence; a place ravaged by the carelessness of human beings.

Leo Burnett worked with Ben Lee who provided the soundtrack, Song for the Divine Mother of the Universe.

It's not a new message but it's a powerful message. It pulls all the right strings. It's got an animal. It's got perfect music. It makes you think. It makes you wonder if Charlton Heston is wandering around somewhere in the middle of all that devastation. Well, OK. Maybe not that But it does make you ask yourself. Just what will this place look like 65 years from now?

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by Steve Hall    May- 3-10    
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It Takes Skill to Smoke


Steering clear of the usual ill health imagery so commonly seen in anti-smoking ads, Michael Krivicka has created a commercial called Smoking Skills he hopes won't be seen as an anti-smoking commercial...until the end.

Taking the form of a beatbox video with artist Kenny Muhammad, Krivicka, along with producer James L. Percelay, hope the video will be seen as entertainment and not be immediately dissuaded because it isn't a blatant anti-smoking message.

Of course, as soon as you see the appearance of the first cigarette, you know exactly what it is. Nice work though. We especially love the word play at the end.

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by Steve Hall    May- 3-10    
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