After 14 Years, 'ER' Still Delivers Solid Drama


14 years ago I started watching NBC's ER. 14 years later I'm still watching. Despite Marc Berman's continual trashing of the show in his MediaWeek column and his urging NBC to cancel, the show continues to shine. It's had its ups and downs but it continues to deliver solid, entertaining drama.

Last night's episode really stood out. After a nine-year absence, Gloria Reuben's Jeannie Boulet character made an appearance with her son who, as she did many years ago, suffers from HIV and was treated by Dr. Pratt who was undergoing difficulty maintaining his status as chief of the ER.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 3-08    
Topic: Good, Opinion, Television

Booty Baring Babes Give UPS Brand Love


What is it about UPS that causes hot women to dress in sexy versions of the delivery company's uniforms and pose alluringly for the camera. The famed "UPS Girl" has been floating around the web for years dressed in high heeled boots, booty-baring, thong-like hot pants, a halter top and the signature cap. She's beautiful. She's girl-next-door cute and she's hot.

Apparently, UPS is just fine with this hottie sporting the company's brand. That is unless we've missed the cease and desists...which, of course would be stupid. What brand wouldn't want to have their face in front of every girl-obsessed person in the world? You can see all of her in all her glory here. To say she is fine would be an understatement.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 3-08    
Topic: Brands, Consumer Created, Racy

Wieden Offers Up Lame Duck (Not Lame) Nike Work


It definitely sucks being a lame duck agency knowing you're doing work for a client that will soon (partially) be out the door. We're guessing that's the sentiment over at Weiden + Kennedy regarding this recent outdoor campaign for the brand's "No Excuses" Just Do It campaign. Lame duck sadness aside, we really like the simplicity of this campaign. It carries nicely the simplicity of the brand's key message, Just Do It.

We wish Wieden + Kennedy well in its (sort of) post-Nike days and look forward to seeing great running work from Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

by Steve Hall    Jan- 3-08    

How Badly Do You Wanna Chat with a Marketing Great? $225 Badly? $2100 Badly?


On February 6, Advertising Age will be holding its Marketing 50 awards gala. Rub elbows with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jeremy Stoppelman of Yelp and even the great Steve Jobs (among others!), all while nibbling cocktail shrimp. Individual rates are $225, or $2100 for 10 (a $15 discount per person!).

Even if you don't end up talking to anybody, Jim Adams of Chipotle might sneeze in your direction. That's something for the scrapbook, right?

by Angela Natividad    Jan- 3-08    
Topic: Industry Events

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Facebook Ads Push 30+ Women at Happily Married Men

facebook 30 women.jpg

Yet another contextual (or badly demo-segmented) ad fart. Here's a funny little Flickr discussion sparked by a guy bamboozled by Facebook's poke at his fidelity.

Where is that $15 billion going? (It's not us asking. But we're sure the users are starting to.)

by Angela Natividad    Jan- 3-08    
Topic: Online Continues Attack on Homophobic eHarmony

chemistry_premarital_smal.jpg has launched a follow up to its Hanft Raboy and Partners-created Come as you Are campaign with two new print ads attacking eHarmony's apparent refusal to allow gays and those who choose to have premarital sex to match using its dating service. It's long been reported eHarmony Founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren is a fairly evangelical Christian who has made his beliefs known regarding gays, lesbian and other things not "perfectly Christian."

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 3-08    
Topic: Campaigns, Good, Opinion, Trends and Culture

AMC Breaks 'Breaking Bad' with New Site, and that's About All We Know

breaking bad.png

Right now AMC TV is pushing Breaking Bad, an online campaign to help promote a new series by the same name. It debuts on January 20 and has something to do with a chemistry teacher who "breaks bad," raises hell and changes the equation.

You can do your part in changing the equation by downloading all sorts of show swag from the site. Granted, we have no idea what equation they're referring to, and most of the time you'll be staring at a cube with symbols of the elements on it because the site lags so much, but hey. Neat site. Hope it generates tons of viewers.

by Angela Natividad    Jan- 3-08    
Topic: Online, Promotions

Robed Women Trek to Times Square For New Lifetime Series


To promote Carson Kressley's new Lifetime series How to Look Good Naked, 160 women will parade their way to New York's Times Square today via taxi and subway wearing bathrobes while conspicuously carrying their bras in one hand. One assumes, they ladies won't really be naked under their robes. One also wonders what idiot decided to stage this stunt in the middle of winter. With chilly temperatures, 360 320 (all those erect nipples distracted us from our math calculations) erect nipples are likely to knock a building or two down.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 3-08    
Topic: Good, Guerilla

Model Claims Filmed Orgasm Tarnished Wholesome Image


Now here's something pretty stupid. AdFreak has the story of a woman that performed a faux orgasm in a video ad for an online jeweler She's now suing Szul and its production company, Q2 Entertainment, for $5 million because she claims the ad looks pornographic and has harmed her wholesome image. As always, there's two sides to every story. What? You think Adrants is heavily biased and only reports stories with a one-sided viewpoint? OK, maybe that's true but not this time.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 3-08    
Topic: Policy, Racy, Video

Ian Fernando Docs Tool Helps PPC Marketers Determine Keyword Quality


For you so-called PPC "marketers" who write "intuitive" ad text and bid just as intuitively (read: wastefully), a thoughtful guy named Ian Fernando put together a Google Docs tool to (quantitatively!!!!) determine who clicks on what keywords, and how keywords convert.

It is useful. So use it.

Read his explanation.

by Angela Natividad    Jan- 3-08    
Topic: Online, Tools

Tourism Dept Positions Philly as Land of Pleasures Untold


To drive people into the arms of Philly, the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation gives us a print campaign called uwishunu ("You wish you knew" in ... hipster-language?) which, from what we can tell, is all about people trying to infiltrate Philadelphia entryways.

See variations one and two.

The tagline: "Let curiosity get the best of you."

Our curiosity is going, "What's the heroin quotient in Philly?"

by Angela Natividad    Jan- 3-08    
Topic: Campaigns, Magazine, Packaging, Poster

Mark Timms Tries Improving on Indy Super Bowl Ad Idea


Mark Timms is creating what he calls "the first independent Super Bowl Commercial." He is appealing to the world at large for creative ideas and sponsorships. Check out the stars of the ad. (Don't worry, you won't know any.)

Timms is one of the three guys who put together the "first" consumer-generated Super Bowl ad effort some months ago. He explained that his partners weren't behaving like professionals, so he's doing it all by his lonesome this time around.

Gotta love CGA.

UPDATE: Commenters are calling Timms out as a spammer and scammer. (Yes, we checked the IPs, and yes, they're all different.)

Extra-extra, read all about it.

by Angela Natividad    Jan- 3-08    
Topic: Consumer Created, Super Bowl 2008

Cracked Posts List of Seductive Ads for Crap Items

magnescribe-pens.jpg posted a list of the 10 Most Laughably Misleading Ads. It's scored 3439 diggs so far. The description:

"So you're an inventor, and you've just created a product that actually sucks quite a bit more than the ones people are already using. How do you sell it?

"Why, by creating a cornball TV ad that portrays everyday tasks as being next to impossible without your product. As we'll see, the results range from ridiculous to downright sad."

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by Angela Natividad    Jan- 3-08    
Topic: Online, Opinion, Packaging, Trends and Culture