The Word 'LOL' Occupies 27 Percent of Facebook Server Capacity


For years, marketers have used statistics to prop up questionable endeavors and agencies have done the same to pimp their lame ass, wicked cool ideas to clients. The beauty of statistics is that you can manipulate the numbers any way you see fit to support whatever it is you are trying to sell.

So it is without surprise that wunderkind of the moment, social media, is a treasure trove of less than reliable stats. UK site, The Poke has taken it upon themselves to have a little fun with all the bullshit statistics currently being slung about regarding social media.

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by Steve Hall    May-30-12    
Topic: Research, Spoofs, Video

Platini Guerilla Marketing Speech Gets Spoofed


Check out this speech given by Union of European Football Association President Michael Platini on the topic of guerrilla marketing during championship games. Bavaria beer is said to be behind the work. Check it out.

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by Steve Hall    May- 9-12    
Topic: Guerilla, Spoofs

Conan Has Fun With Commercials


Feeling they no longer get our due respect, last night Conan O'brien highlighted commercials from Yoplait, Mutual of Omaha, Kraft Milkbites It's not your typical ad review. Give it a look.

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by Steve Hall    May- 9-12    
Topic: Spoofs

Coke Happiness Machine Gets Naughty


We're pretty sure Coke isn't going to like this. We're pretty sure this video won't be up for long. We're pretty sure the people who created the video had a lot of fun making it. We're pretty sure all the girls hugging the machine need to go get a real man. And we're pretty sure we really, really like this spoof.

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by Steve Hall    May- 2-12    
Topic: Spoofs

Nose King of Miami Continues Old Spice Assault


Dr. Schnoz, the "Nose King of Miami," is at it again with another Old Spice spoof. This one features "the man standing next to the man who could make your man look more like me" reading romantic novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

Last week, the good doctor, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, came out with his initial Old Spice parody which, to date, has garnered 205,993 views. Can Salzhauer reclaim the glory this week? We aren't sure. We called the initial work the worst Old Spice parody we have ever seen. Then again Rebecca Black's Friday Friday has achieved over 30 million views to date.

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by Steve Hall    May- 2-12    
Topic: Spoofs, Strange

Girl Scouts Learn How to Penetrate Social Media


Aside from the assuredly unintended innuendo of the title, this guide from Captains of Industry entitled, Market Penetration Guide For Girl Scouts, offers up sure fire advice on how to sell Girl Scout cookies through social media.

by Steve Hall    Apr- 9-12    
Topic: Social, Spoofs

Not All Boobs Are As Nice As Kate Upton's


You know how dreams twist reality? Now imagine having a dream about Carl's Jr. One might assume it'd be a pretty hot dream complete with images of you motorboating Kate Upton's huge boobs or having sex with Paris Hilton sex tape-style. Got those images in your head now? OK, now stop reading unless you want to ruin everything.

Still here? OK. You asked for it. AdamRayTV decided to create a Carl's Jr. spoof...and put it inside a Nyquil ad. Twisted? Definitely. Funny? Pretty much. A little gross? Most certainly.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-20-12    
Topic: Spoofs

Woman Gives Birth to Giant Reeces Piece


Alright, alright. How can we not cover follow up work to that freakishly amazing Skittles ejaculation video from last July? Directing team Jordan Sharon and Keith Hamm are at it again, this time spoofing Reece's with a freakishly delicious take on child birth. One must simply watch to experience the delightful oddity of this wonder.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-15-12    
Topic: Spoofs, Strange, Video

Breckenridge Brewery Gives Us The Least Interesting Man


What took so long? After all, Dos Equis Most Interesting Man has been out there for quite some time. But it seems it's taken a couple of years for the campaign to get another brewer. Check out Breckenridge Brewery's Least Interesting Man created by Cultivator Advertising and Design. He will bore you to death. But he does drink good beer.

Will Dos Equis have anything to say about this homage?

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by Steve Hall    Feb-13-12    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Spoofs

Kids Toys Marketed on Liquor Bottles


Yes, this is a spoof. No self respecting company making stuff for kids would stoop to this tactic nor would any liquor brand stand for it. Nonetheless, it's a humorous brand mashup we can all chuckle over for a few minutes in between our Super Bowl obsessions.

Thanks George.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 2-12    
Topic: Spoofs

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