Why Your Emails Should Be Designed For Mobile [Infographic]


Did you know that 75% of the companies do not optimize email for mobiles yet? With 43% of the people now reading and responding emails through mobiles -- a figure that is expected to hit 50% in 2013 -- coupled with the fact 97% of the people view emails once, it becomes clear marketers should design emails to render properly on mobile devices.

Check out this infographic that's packed with charts and graphs that share how mobile is permeating the email experience.

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by Steve Hall    May-23-13    
Topic: Mobile/Wireless, Research

Tweets With Exclamation Points Get More Retweets!


Because these things actually matter and because there's a guy who love to dig into this stuff, we now know that tweets that include exclamation points get more retweets. However, thanks to Dan Zarrella's examination of 2 million link-containing tweets sent by accounts with at least 1,000 followers, tweets with exclamation points get fewer clicks.

Why is this data important when it's usually all about the click? Because sometimes it isn't. Sometimes all a brand wants to do is make it known something relevant to the brand and of interest to consumers is interesting. JCPenney hyping a sale. Southwest touting discount flights. Or CNN just trying to get a breaking story widely disseminated.

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by Steve Hall    May-17-13    
Topic: Research

Forget Likes. Learn How to Attract Paying Customers With Facebook


Did you know 67% of B2C companies and 41% of B2B companies have acquired customers from Facebook? That's a powerful statistic.

With over one billion people on Facebook, it's quite likely your brand can find customers too. Are you using Facebook as a customer acquisition tool yet?

In this HubSpot ebook, you will learn how to increase the ROI of your Facebook efforts and attract leads and customers through your campaigns. The ebook will walk you through the steps of planning, implementing, and measuring a successful organic and paid Facebook strategy.

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by Steve Hall    May-16-13    
Topic: Research

Content Marketing Costs 62% Less Than Traditional Marketing


Content marketing is all the rage these days, right? It's the shiny new object everyone thinks is the bomb yet the practice has been around for decades in various different iterations. Well we aren't going to quibble over the fact most every "new thing" in marketing is simply a re-invention of something else. Nope, we're just going to hop right on the bandwagon with the rest of the lemmings and hype this thing until the next shiny new object appears.

So content marketing. Demand Metric has put together a fact-filled infographic with information from multiple sources on how content marketing has shaped up over the course of its short life.

Currently 90% of organizations market with content and spend 25% or their marketing budget to do so. Seventy eight percent of CMOs see content marketing as the wave of the future. While 91% of B2B companies and 86% of B2C marketers engage in content marketing, 62% outsource their content marketing to others.

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by Steve Hall    May-16-13    
Topic: Research

Infographic Explores How Organizations Structure Social Media Teams


Web application and design company Go-Gulf has created an infographic which summarizes data from Ragan Communications on how organizations structure their social media teams. Sadly, it seems, social media is not yet seen as an integral component of an organization with 65% of companies reporting social media tasks being performed on top of current job responsibilities and 25% rely on interns to help with aspects of social media.

While 22% of companies plan to hire staff to handle social media, 78% do not. And of those companies that are hiring, 47% prefer 1-3 years of experience. As many companies haven't yet fully embraced social media and those that have do not appear to be giving much priority to it, it's not surprising just 5% of companies report being highly satisfied with their social media efforts.

In terms of social media success metrics, 86% of companies still measure ROI based on followers and likes. More encouraging, 40% base success on new leads and 31% attribute success based on sales.

Check out the infographic below for more details on how organizations are structuring social media teams

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by Steve Hall    May-15-13    
Topic: Research, Social

Native Ads Seen 53% More Than Banner Ads


A recent IPG Media Lab eye-tracking study of 4,770 consumers found native ads are seen 53% more frequently than banner ads -- 4.1 times per session as compared to 2.7 for banners. As well, the study found 26% of people looked at native ads as compared to 24% who looked at editorial content.

The study's co-author and IPG Media Labs VP of Consumer Research Strategy Kara Manatt notes native ads may be the happy medium marketers have been looking for saying, "Past research shows us that neither overly intrusive nor easily ignored ads are effective. This study validates that we are on the right path to finding that middle ground."

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by Steve Hall    May- 6-13    
Topic: Research

5 Iconic Ad Campaigns Reimagined


Oh have we got something fun for you! It's a little bit Mad Men and a little bit Google Glass. What would happen if iconic ad campaigns like VW's Think Small, Clairol's Does She or Doesn't She, Keep America Beautiful's Crying Indian, Wendy's Where's the Beef and Brooke Shield's sexually-suggestive Calvin Klein campaigns were to play out today?

Working with HubSpot's Shannon Johnson, I co-authored a report entitled Traditional Turned Inbound: Re-imagining 5 Iconic Ad Campaigns From the Past. But first, let's be honest. While I came up with the five campaigns, reached out to the industry for comment and took a stab and re-imagining the campaigns, it was the brilliant Shannon Johnson who brought this report to life with uber-intelligent insight on how these iconic campaigns from yesteryear would play out in today's very different media landscape.

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by Steve Hall    May- 6-13    
Topic: Brands, Research

Social Media, Email Deliver Lowest Cost-Per-Lead. Blogging, High ROI


Recently, HubSpot published its 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report. The report is a comprehensive look at , well, the state of inbound marketing. What's inbound marketing you ask? Inbound marketing is a data-driven strategy that attracts and converts visitors into customers through personalized, relevant information and content. It's less about interrupting the consumer during their media consumption and all about being there with informative content when they have a particular need.

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by Steve Hall    May- 6-13    
Topic: Research

How Marketing Automation Can Improve ROI (And Make You A Rock Star)


A multistate bank in the US saw a 55 percent increase in the profitability of its direct marketing program, repaying its system investments in only four months. A multinational telecommunications company increased response rates by 300 to 1,000 percent, improving campaign ROI 400 percent while reducing campaign costs by 30 percent. A multinational financial services provider with more than 1,000 branches improved campaign ROI by 50 percent.

A major US insurance company achieved a 12 percent increase in revenue, a 52 percent increase in earnings, and saved more than $4 million a year. A major US telecom service provider gained an incremental $6 million in lifetime value (net present value of the profit it expects from a customer) in the first month. A global telecom provider reduced call center contacts by 25 percent without decreasing effectiveness.

Want to hang with this crowd? Download this SAS whitepaper, Improving ROI With Marketing Automation, and market like a rock star!

by Steve Hall    May- 2-13    
Topic: Research

Why Conversion Optimization Is More Important Than Click-Through


Relying on clicks to drive conversions for display advertising is often a dead end. Consumers most likely to click on display ads are often vastly different from your best-performing customers. This Quantcast report, part of the Adrants whitepaper series, exames why optimizing display campaigns for clicks often means anti-optimizing for sales and why conversion optimization is what really matters for ad effectiveness.

Download the report now and learn how to optimize your display campains for conversions.

by Steve Hall    Apr-30-13    
Topic: Research

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