How Brand Advocacy Can Fuel Your Social Business


If you're reading this, it's quite likely you understand the power of social media and what it can do for your brand or the brands you work on. But what about everyone else outside marketing? Do they understand what social media can do for a business? Do they really get it? Do you know how to explain it to them?

Advocate marketing company (don't you love the buzzwords wee in this business invent?) SocialChorus (and how about the company names?) is out with a whitepaper entitled Transforming Employees Into Advocates that will help you explain how to use social media to turn your brand into a social business and how every employee can advocate for the brand.

Download this whitepaper now to learn how to empower everyone in your company to become a stellar brand advocate

by Steve Hall    Jul-16-13    
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Study Claims Humor May No Longer be the Ticket to Viral Success


Here's some interesting news from video technology company Unruly. A recent study the firm conducted found humor just might not be the ticket to viral success any longer as consumers have become numb to the many attempts by brands to employ humor in their video and social media efforts. That is not to say that humor does not work. According to Unruly, "brands need to be extremely funny" to succeed virally.

The study, entitled Science of Sharing, limited its research to 12 commercials which aired during this year's Super Bowl.

Other findings from the study include:

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by Steve Hall    Jul-10-13    
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How to Get Real ROI From Social in FIve Steps


If you're like the majority of marketers worldwide struggling to prove ROI from your social efforts, we have good nes for you. Check out this five-step plan to make proving ROI a breeze.

Taking into account the collective insights of over 2000 of the world's leading brands, this Bazaarvoice report, Real ROI from Social in 5 Steps, will show you how successful brands and retailers capture results and prove social ROI. In this whitepaper, part of the Adrants Whitepaper Series, you'll learn how to:

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 9-13    
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Tweens Have Significant Influence Over Household Spending


A Cassandra Report infographic sheds some light on the characteristics of tweens. Unsurprisingly, 74% of the little brats would rather not work for "them man," 56% are impatient and want instant gratification and 59% want a product customized to their needs.

But of most importance to marketers is the fact they have influence of household spending. Make no mistake, parents are still the boss but 55% of tweens influence what movie to see, 29% influence what's purchased at the grocery store, 26% express preference for personal care products, 27% voice their desires regarding family vacations and 23% influence what technology is purchased for the household.

Now if only 100% washed their hands before they ate, didn't sulk every time a member of the opposite sex decides choose different friends, emptied the dishwasher on command and hung the towel up after taking a shower, life would be grand.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-26-13    
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Nik Wallenda Grand Canyon Crossing the Week's Most Tweeted TV Event


Nielsen's SocialGuide has launched a new weekly analysis of Twitter-related social media activity in relationship to 240 TV channels. Topping the charts this past week with over one million tweets was, of course, the Nik Wallenda Grand Canyon crossing. Rounding out the top ten were Pretty Little Liars, The Voice, Love&Hip Hop:Atlanta, Teen Wolf, WWE, The Voice Final Performances, The Wanted Life, Girl Code Compliments and Gril Code Public Displays of Affection.

by Steve Hall    Jun-25-13    
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So This is What 60 CMOs Did in Cannes Last Week


Well it wasn't all glamour and glitz last week in Cannes. It seems some actual work was completed, at least among 60 CMOs who participated in the Adobe-chaired Marketing2020 round table which examined the role and creation of purposeful brands, the structure, role and capabilities of marketing, how to analyze big data in marketing, the role of the CMO and collaboration with agencies. The group also discussed findings from the Marketing2020 Study which found:

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by Steve Hall    Jun-25-13    
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Women Make Up Just 22% of Cannes Lions Jurers


Hollie Rapello who pens the Why Moms Rule blog took it upon herself to examine female representation on Cannes Lions Juries. Overall, there are just 70 women serving on juries as compared to 248 men, a 22% representation.

Only one jury, Creative Effectiveness, has equal representation with 8 men and 8 woman.

The juries with the least number of women include Mobile with just one women to 12 and both Innovation and Film Craft with just one woman to nine men each.

While women have certainly made inroads in the marketing and advertising space, it would seem this is not fairly represented in jury make up. When upwards of 70% of household spending in controlled by women, according to The Boston Consulting Group, it would seem all that more important to have women included in the judging of work that is developed to reach them.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-21-13    
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How This Explainer Video Increased Conversion 20%


In this case study from SwitchVideo, a company that develops explainer videos for barnds, the company shares how the creation and use of an explainer video increased online conversions 20% for social metrics company Rypple.

In the whitepaper, part of the Adrants Whitepaper Series, SwitchVideo takes you through the process of how it goes about creating a video including brand messaging, character development and animation.

Download this whitepaper now and find out how your brand can increase conversion with video.

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-13    
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Creatives' Twisted Psyches Revealed Infographic-Style


iStockphoto, you know...that service you pour over hoping to find the perfect imagery for your creative machinations, is out with an infographic that reveals the inners working of designers' minds.

Findings include the fact* designers have the attention span of a goldfish, equate finding the perfect image to finding $1 million, have a thing for unicorn deathmatches and have a really, really intense propensity for the color blue.

Check it all out below.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-13-13    
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The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation


Marketo calls it marketing automation. HubSpot calls it inbound marketing. Others call it other names. There are grey areas but what we're talking about here is marketing software that makes it easy for your customers to find information about your brand, easy for you to manage the content you share with your customers, easy for you to capture leads and easy for you to nurture those leads into customers.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-13-13    
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