Guy Gets Locked in House For Six Days to Promote Schlage


To call attention to a brand category no one ever thinks of, door locks, Indianapolis-based ad agency Young & Laramore, from June 23 - 27 held the first-ever Schlage "Key to Strong Challenge," locking a man in a tiny house in downtown Seattle and sending residents on a physical and digital scavenger hunt to track down the key to unlock him for a chance to win a $5,000 Grand Prize.

The event, which is part of a larger campaign which includes TV that launched last month, garnered some hefty exposure for Schlage and, we are told, fueling double-digit sales growth in stores.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-31-12    
Topic: Guerilla, Social

AMC Fights DISH With NYC Zombie Infestation


As part of its ongoing negotiations with Dish Network which dumped the network from its lineup, AMC has unleashed real-life Walking Dead zombies in New York City posing as EMTs, street workers, cops, pedestrians and hot dog vendors. Needless to say, the stunt scared the crap out of people but also brought a few laughs.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-30-12    
Topic: Guerilla

Window Washer Invites Workaholics to Ultimat Vodka Party


Employing a unique strategy to pimp its vodka client, Ultimat, Amalgamated hired window washers, spruced them up a bit and sent them up and down the sides of high rises in New York and Chicago with placards urging workers to take a break, work less and join the brand atop the roof for a vodka-fueled party.

Ingenious if you ask us. And quite successful. In just four short days, the video, which as we all know is the meat of the campaign (not the actual stunt), already has over one million views.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-30-12    
Topic: Guerilla

Applebee's Inflatable Dolls Hide Lunch Breaks From Bosses


Following it's ironic effort to make it hip to eat at Applebee's, the brand is out with a less ironic but questionably practical approach to encouraging more people to lunch at their restaurants. Believing that every cube-caged worker in America deserves to get out of the office for lunch, the brand has launched a line of Lunch Decoy inflatable dolls workers can place in their cube to trick their bosses into thinking they are working through lunch.

The dolls are available for $6.99 and come in both genders and a variety of ethnicities. The effort aims to call attention to the chain's Pick 'N Pair lunch menu. We're not sure the Crispin Porter + Bogusky-created tactic will be as foolproof as the brand would like it to be but it's sure to get a few laughs from the bosses who still possess a sense of humor.

by Steve Hall    Jul-26-12    
Topic: Guerilla, Specialty, Strange

Cows Dance For Ben & Jerry's


OK so not real cows but a bunch of humans - dance troupe Boadicea, dressed as cows getting their groove on at London's King's Cross Station. Called Supporting Better Dairy, the campaign is a partnership between Ben & Jerry's, Compassion in World Farming and the World Society for the Protection of Animals.

Check out the video below and the accompanying website here. The work was created by Lee Washington.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-16-12    
Topic: Guerilla

No Blouses Rip Open in This Goodyear Stunt Driver Video


OK. So it's the old "flop them around in a stunt driver-driven car" scenario. Except this time, there's no bulging breasts bursting out of button down blouses. Just regular people experiencing what it's like to ride in a BMW with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric All-Season tires.

The work comes from GSD&M and was directed by Ben Conrad. In the video, passengers experience all manner of road hazard from oncoming vehicles to stuff faling out of a truck to rain-covered roads and even some winter weather thrown in.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-13-12    
Topic: Guerilla, Video

What Would You Do In Public For A Free Snack?


It's always amusing to see how far people will go to get something for free. Or, more accurately, what they're willing to do in public in response to a marketers guerrilla shenanigans.

Recently, BBDO Adelaide asked Australians to perform a few tasks - from pushing a button to dancing to kneeling and bowing to "the almighty one" - to receive some treats from a Fantastic Delites vending Machine.

Apparently, this is just the beginning. The video ends with the text, "Did they go far enough? To be continued..." Which basically guarantees we'll be seeing more shenanigans soon enough.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-10-12    
Topic: Guerilla

Bank's Real-Time Ad Campaign Thanks People For Honesty


Australian bank NAB is at it again with its ingenious stunts. This time its rewarding honesty by instantaneously launching real-time campaigns to thank people who found and returned objects in a mall. After returning the object, stunned shoppers begin to see their likeness pop up on posters, dioramas and even on the top of a cake. Check out the video.

It's all part of the bank's ongoing focus on honesty which kicked off a year or so ago when it set itself apart from other banks by hanging its hat on the notion of honesty. The campaign is the work of Clemenger BBDO Melbourne.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-28-12    
Topic: Campaigns, Guerilla

Mercedes Benz Sells Car...By Catching A Golf Ball


Call us stupid but advertising is, at least in some small way, supposed to show a relevant product benefit, right? So just what the hell does a car that catches a golf ball have to do with, well, anything? Nothing, actually. All UK agency Weapon7 and Mercedes Benz wanted to do here was get into Guinness World Records for the farthest golf shot caught in a moving car. Yea, that has a whole lot to do with how the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster performs in everyday life.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-25-12    
Topic: Guerilla

No, Seriously. An Underwater Nightclub is Really Cool!


Every time we hear that some amazing new nightclub is opening somewhere in some city and that it's destined to be the next biggest, best thing the nightclub the scene has ever seen, we can't help but envision all the hipsterific idiots and their bitchy girlfriends shouting at the bouncer demanding to be let in as if their life is going to somehow be change by the experience.

We chuckle at the, well, chuckleheads who somehow think they need sunglasses to see at night. We witness all the not so subtly self-conscious girls checking each other out to see who's wearing the tightest, shortest minidress that shows the most amount of cleavage. And we especially get a kick out of the photographers who are more concerned with how the gymnastically twirl their camera around while taking pictures rather than actually knowing how to properly use it.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-11-12    
Topic: Guerilla

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