Hanes Gets a Little Racier, but Not by Much


Maybe Hanes is a little sexier than we thought. The company has enlisted the aid of four relatively cute girls (dubbed The Comfort Force) to ask strange men to change their underpants. Clever. We do that all the time to no positive result, but then again we've never organized ourselves into a coalition.

See campaign site here.

Push the envelope further, Hanes - have said Comfort Force test the aerodynamics of your product at a local concert. We're sure small-time band geeks would appreciate having (clean) panties thrown at them.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-27-07    
Topic: Brands, Guerilla, Promotions

Dear Denver Water: Guerilla Stunts Aren't 'Stunts' if You Tell Everyone Beforehand


This Sunday in Colorado, director David LaFrance of Denver Water is going to put on a toilet costume and go racing across the Rapids' field when Beckham appears. He'll be wearing a cheesy sign that says "Running toilets waste water." Then he'll be tackled by a dude wearing a sign that says, "Stop running toilets."

This is for a campaign called Use Only What You Need, launched with the help of Sukle Advertising and Design. Sukle calls it "witty." We're sure there are other words for it but we're too lazy to come up with any. We might just put on a sign with something patently insulting printed on it and go running across a field ass-naked.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-24-07    
Topic: Guerilla

Hawaiian Coffee Gets Parachute Treatment


Starbucks has done it. Microsoft has done it. Why not Coffees of Hawaii? Guerrilla Communications created a "fall from the sky" (sort of) campaign for the coffee maker which draped parachute-wearing packages of coffee throughout neighborhoods, shopping plazas and tourist attractions in and around Atlanta and Chattanooga. Free coffee? What's not to love?

by Steve Hall    Aug- 3-07    
Topic: Good, Guerilla

Supernatural Effects Draw Wandering Eyes to Promo Book


This guerilla campaign, in which a cup of coffee is stirred by an invisible hand or clairvoyant effort, drew eyes to the book sitting alongside it. We'll let you guess which it was for.

Beware: the quality of the video is grainy, and the content itself is very long and very boring. And we don't know why it is that people, drawn to the stirring cup, touch the book and not the spoon. Is this psychological? Do they imagine there's some recipe locked deep in the hundreds of pages that will help them create their own vicarious stirring effects?

Because if we were curious enough to stop, we would have reached for the spoon (it would be cool if, for those reasons, the spoon also had a bit of an electrical charge - like, you know, a disembodied wrist-slap).

Thanks disruption for the lead.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-30-07    
Topic: Guerilla

Sisley Pulls Coke-White Wool Over Our Eyes


Some time ago we got word that Sisley released this racy ad featuring allusions to coke, the unofficial talc of the modeling world.

Later Benetton Group, the parent company, left us a comment stating this work is not formally associated with the Sisley brand. The statement included a push for Sisley's latest campaign featuring Stephanie Seymour, "worldwide recognized as an icon of fashion and beauty."

An image from said campaign is at left. It's so much less racy (and infinitely more creative) than the coke-whore glamazon variation. < /sarcasm >

Inspired by these curious events, MyItThings wrote a post on fakedvertising that pretty much states Sisley (or someone who loves the company enough to throw together some pretty well-made creative) pulled a clever one with this effort.

Way to go.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-25-07    
Topic: Guerilla, Online, Viral, Word of Mouth

SalADvertising Launched With Lettuce-Bikinied Girls


OK. So what do you get when you ask a few hot agency interns to come up with a new business and then create a campaign to promote it? Well, SalADvertising, of course. After all, assvertising was already taken. Today, according Night Agency interns, is National Salad Day as well as the birth of their company, SalADvertise.

Noting 35.9 percent of American eat salad three to six times a week, the interns figured, hey, that's a captive audience so they've created branded plastic take out salad containers as a saleable medium. Being interns the team isn't yet jaded by too many fresh idea-crushing years in the industry so they skipped past all the marketing crap we create just so people will pay us lots of money for something they could have done themselves and went right to the Holy Grail of advertising: sex sells.

more »

by Steve Hall    Jul-25-07    
Topic: Guerilla

Folgers: The Best Part of Waking Up is Sewage in Your Cup


Usually we think it's really cool when an ad appropriates some every day object to deliver its message, but in the case of coffee and steaming manholes, the collaboration is less than savory.

The text on this one-year-old Folger's ad reads, "Hey, City That Never Sleeps. Wake up. Folgers."

Dude, can you imagine walking over that manhole and going, "WTF is that damp dirty mist that's just accosted me? Oh wow, it is a giant cup of Folger's coffee." The very thought drives us straight into the arms of Starbucks.

Well, no, not even. Maybe Jamba Juice. The thought of coffee a la manhole just puts us off the whole idea.

[Ed: Pardon this story. Our co-Editor just woke up from a year long nap and forgot to restart her RSS reader. She was roundly chastised in our daily coffee klatch this morning and she promises not to nap so long ever again.]

by Angela Natividad    Jul-19-07    
Topic: Guerilla, Outdoor, Packaging

Inflatable Push Pins Mark Seattle Hot Spots For Microsoft Maps


Created by Wexley School for Girls to promote its Live Search Maps, Microsoft has launched the Pushpin Project, a program that recognizes favorite bars, restaurants, and local businesses by affixing an 8 foot by four foot inflatable push pin to the location. We're guessing it's all to make the online search service a bit more real world useful. Of course, any push pinned location is then added to a Live Search Map where Seattle residents can keep tabs on what's supposedly cool.

by Steve Hall    Jul-10-07    
Topic: Brands, Good, Guerilla, Outdoor

11 Seven Elevens Get Kwik-E Mart Treatment


For some, a dream has been realized: a slew of Seven Elevens have evolved into Kwik-E Marts for a month to promote The Simpsons Movie. The evolution has improved business for one Burbank, CA store by about 300 to 400 percent, according to AdCritic.

The metamorphosis includes changes to the exterior, interior and employee uniforms. The stores are also littered with myriad opportunities to snap a shot of yourself with a character from The Simpsons.

After years of less-than-tactful trashing on the show, we think it's a nod in the right direction for Seven Eleven to embrace its alter ego with such abandon.

by Angela Natividad    Jul- 9-07    
Topic: Good, Guerilla, Outdoor, Promotions

Hawaiian Caffeine Contenders May Get More than Just a Good Lei


In an effort to convert coffee-drinking loyalists, Coffees of Hawaii recently left some free coffee samples pinned to car windshields in front of a few Starbucks. The samples promoted the frequency and variety in their coffee delivery service.

Apparently the Hawaiian tradition of getting visitors leid is a kindly euphemism for what they prefer to do with local competition. Here's to hoping the coffee is just as hard - er, strong.

by Angela Natividad    Jul- 6-07    
Topic: Guerilla

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